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15 Cool QR Code Things


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Here are 15 Cool QR Code Things that you can do to market your business with a two-dimensional collection of squares.

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15 Cool QR Code Things

  1. 1. QR codes are everywhere — on the sidesof buses, in newspaper ads, on signs, instores, on storefronts, in cereal boxes, andeven on rooftops — but are they reallyworth all the buzz? You bet.
  2. 2. Here are 15 Cool QR Code Things that yourcustomers can do to market their businesswith a two-dimension collection of squares
  3. 3. QR codes provide a way to capture a lot ofdata into a single symbol. The symbol, whenread by a QR code reader — typically aSmartPhone — is deciphered and theencrypted data displayed, such as with anSMS text message, or used to perform anaction, such as opening a web page.
  4. 4. In June 2011, 14 million Americans scanned QRcodes to redeem coupons, capture contactinformation, watch videos, and so much more.Scan the QR code on the next slide to see anAudi® video showing a QR code made in arather unconventional manner.
  5. 5. Audi[video]  
  6. 6. Mr. Popular.
  7. 7. The most common source of a scanned QRcode is a newspaper or magazine. This type ofoffline marketing can be tied to onlinemarketing when the QR code transports theuser to a page on your website where theycan print a coupon, fill out a form, or completea survey.Scan the QR code on the next page for a lookat how AXA® Insurance took the offline activityof a television ad and engaged the viewer at awhole new level.
  8. 8. AXAInsurance[video]
  9. 9. Masculine traits.
  10. 10. Probably not too surprising is that 60.5% of thepeople who scanned a QR code are male. Thatdoesn’t mean, however, that unless you’retargeting the male audience you shouldn’t useQR codes. While the majority are men, 39.5%are women and they are just as eager forinteraction.Given the inclination for men to scan moreoften, it’s no wonder that Chivas Regal® foundways to integrate QR codes into theirmarketing efforts. Scan the QR code to seetheir ad.
  11. 11. ChivasRegal[image]
  12. 12. Scan of ages.
  13. 13. 18 to 34 year olds are the primary scanners,followed closely by 35 to 54 year olds.Kids are getting in on the action too, andcompanies such as Disney® are starting tocater directly to that market.In this video of a subway platform in Japan,Disney has rolled out a QR code campaigndirectly targeting the younger generation, andeven found a way to make the QR codesuniquely Disney.
  14. 14. Disney[video]
  15. 15. It’ll cost you.
  16. 16. In the same study, 36.1% of those scanning QRcodes make $100k or more. That might seemlike a cue to target your marketing at theaffluent, but consider this, more than 50% ofthe time QR codes are scanned to access acoupon or discount.The next QR code will take you to a video thatshows how Home Depot® makes great use ofQR codes by placing them on product signswithin the store.
  17. 17. HomeDepot[video]
  18. 18. A workingscan.
  19. 19. Around 20% of the QR codes are scannedwhile the user is at work and certain QR codetypes certainly lend themselves toward amore business-to-business type use, includingshortcuts for accessing social media accounts,phone numbers, email addresses, andcomplete contact details — perfect for theback of your business card.Business-to-business use is stretched to thelimit by Philips & Co’s new product, BlueMarble. Scan the QR code to visit the onlinearticle.
  20. 20. RooftopQR codes[images & article]
  21. 21. Travel scans.
  22. 22. While a fifth of the scans were done at work,amazingly enough nearly 13% were scannedwhile outside or on public transit. This meansthat subway stations and bus stops providegreat backdrops for very large and hard-to-miss QR codes.While bigger sometimes means better, a bigcanvas may not be as noticeable as thewearable canvas you’ll find when you scanthe QR code and visit this unique onlinestorefront.
  23. 23. Zazzle[QR branded clothing]
  24. 24. Caloric content.
  25. 25. Restaurants have found dozens, if nothundreds of uses for QR codes and 7.6% ofthose scanned were done so at a restaurant.With QR codes, diners can access nutritioninformation, grab an online coupon, or evenaccess alternate online menus.Scan the QR code to check out this video ifyou’re looking for some ideas about how youcan use QR codes with food and menus.
  26. 26. Menus[video]
  27. 27. Fuzzydetails.
  28. 28. QR codes are actually quite forgiving withabout 30% tolerance. This enables you to becreative in ways you may not yet havediscovered. Some QR codes have pictures orlogos integrated into the design and othersare integrated into a design asMacy’s did with their backstage pass.QR codes have been made up of all sorts ofunusual bits as you can see here with FriskMints®. Scan the QR code to watch the video.
  29. 29. Frisk  Mints  [video]
  30. 30. Make me one.
  31. 31. There are dozens of free QR code applicationsonline where you can type in your informationand download the resulting graphic. These arecalled QR code is a great resource.Free QR code generation is built into lots ofapplications. The PrintSYS web-to-printapplication is a great example where sixdifferent types of QR codes can be created byB2C and B2B users and placed within businessand marketing materials. Scan the next QRcode to learn about this integration.
  32. 32. It’s allbusiness.[article]
  33. 33. A numbers game.
  34. 34. Understanding who scans what QR codes cangive marketers a whole new suite of tools touncover their customers’ buying behaviors.With tracking, you can see how many times acoupon was accessed, for instance, comparedto the number of times the coupon wasactually redeemed.Trade shows provide many opportunities forintegrating QR codes into a traditionally offlineactivity and where analytics would beinvaluable. Scan the next QR code to visit aspecial site for a few ideas.
  35. 35. TradeShows[images & article]
  36. 36. QR codes enable marketers with the uniqueability to use online tools to track offlineactivities. Add QR codes to in-store receipts toengage those customers at your website, orfollow the examples set by Home Depot andothers and help by providing decision-makinginformation in your store.You might have a bit more difficulty trackingthe next example of a QR code. It tends todisappear quickly. Scan to see why.
  37. 37. M&Ms  [video]
  38. 38. Spell that.
  39. 39. When you’re choosing what data to store in aQR code, beware of putting too much in toosmall a space. The more data you have, themore little squares you’ll generate. Long,difficult-to-type URLs are the perfect candidatefor keystroke reduction — not too much data,but enough that it benefits from the singleeasy-to-use symbol.Realtors have been very creative in theirimplementation of QR codes. Scan the nextQR code for a few ideas.
  40. 40. Realtors[images & article]
  41. 41. Squares squared.
  42. 42. The more data you have, the more complexand dense the code. These complex QR codesdont work well on business cards as theybecome impossible for most SmartPhones toscan. There is too much data in a small area.Some QR codes are easier to scan than othersas shown at this web site. Scan the QR codefor some very interesting examples.
  43. 43. Graffiti[images & article]
  44. 44. I need my glasses.
  45. 45. If you have a lot of data to capture, don’t shyaway from QR codes, just be sure you have abig enough canvas to display the detail.Scan the QR code to see the video of TimesSquare where Calvin Klein® has clearly foundthe right-sized canvas for their QR code.
  46. 46. CalvinKlein[video]
  47. 47. QR codes are a great marketing vehicle with awide variety of uses already in place andunlimited opportunities we’ve yet to discover.If you’re creating marketing events for yourcompany or someone else’s dont miss achance to test these tools for your campaigns.Remember, 14 million of us scanned QR codeslast June and that’s a marketshare that simplycannot be ignored.
  48. 48. Where good ideas are put to great