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Mobile Marketing PodCampWM#4 Presentation


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PDF copy of my slide show presentation at PodCampWM#4 on Mobile Marketing

Published in: Design, Business, Technology
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Mobile Marketing PodCampWM#4 Presentation

  1. 1. Mobile Marketing Mary Wiseman Welcoming: The Curious [and all others]!
  2. 2. Are you curious? About using mobile marketing to: • Grow your business? • Learn how-to use QR codes & mobile apps? • Investigate location-based options? • Connect with your customers?This session is for you if you:-want to increase sales and revenue.-enjoy learning and working with new technology.-want to create solid relationships with your customers.
  3. 3. Mobile Marketing Is for you!PresentationDialogue Q and AContest and prize
  4. 4. SmartphonesHow many people have one of these in their pocket or bag right now?
  5. 5. VS Globally: 4.8 Billion vs 3.5 Billion*According to statistics from Hubspot’s 60 Second Marketer
  6. 6. By 2013 primary Internet access will be via mobile devicesIt is also predicted that by 2013 the primary way people will access the internet is via mobilebrowsers
  7. 7. TV Mobile Desktops Radio Print 23% 22% 40% 9% 6% Where consumers spend their timeAccording to Hubspot survey here is where consumers are spending their time. Notice how mobilehas 23% of the share.
  8. 8. So, where are you marketing?I believe there is a huge opportunity to inexpensively market your product or service-using mobilemarketing.
  9. 9. Quick Response [QR] CodeIn your mobile marketing strategy, this is going to become one of your best friends.Did you know, QR codes originated in the automotive industry by Denso a subsidiary of Toyota in1994 to track vehicles during the manufacturing process.
  10. 10. QR codes are more robustQR codes hold more information than a barcode
  11. 11. How QR codes workQR codes are scanned and connect the mobile device which then connects to a website
  12. 12. What to do with a QR?
  13. 13. TV Mobile Desktops Radio Print 23% 22% 40% 9% 6% Remember our consumer is mobileLet’s remember that 23%
  14. 14. 800 Bottles of WineOne of my favorite places to shop is the local wine store. This is Provisions in Northampton.800 SKUs according to the Manager, who assisted me in looking at every bottle of wine on display.
  15. 15. 3 Bottles had QR codesCalifornian, Argentinean and an Italian wine bottle had QR codes.
  16. 16. Point of PurchaseTells a story
  17. 17. Tells us a story!This hang tag tells me about location of the vineyard, suggests foods to serve with the wine, acidityof the wine, tells me about the harvest, offers reviews, it even links me to a video showing thegrapes and speaks about the vineyard
  18. 18. Business cards Website Name tags Home for sale signs Historical site markers Restaurant menus Press releases Signage YouTube videos Link to Grocery shopping carts Bathroom door/urinal iTunes App storehere are some other uses for QR codes
  19. 19. Signage for a business-this is Logic Trail in Northampton
  20. 20. Signage linking the viewer to the website of this employment office.
  21. 21. How to start?So, now that you have the idea of what QR codes can do and how to use them, how do you startyour own mobile marketing campaign?
  22. 22. QR Reader Scan-iOS 4.0 Quick MarkDownload a QR Reader to your mobile devices
  23. 23. Generate a QR code Kaywa qurifyGenerate a QR code of your website
  24. 24. Mobilize Your Website WPtouchProYou don’t want your customers to have to scroll around the fiddle with reading your website on amobile device. Tablets obviously have more real estate for your customer to view your website.WPtouch Pro allows you to easily turn off the mobile view for tablet devices.
  25. 25. Study Others Fortune 500You might not have their marketing budget. However, I bet you can re-purpose some of the ideasthey are using to your own business.
  26. 26. Location-Based Services Foursquare WHERE SCVNGRRegister your business with these location based services. These location based services are mobilemarketing platforms that businesses [like you] can use to engage consumers and developpromotions.Claim your space, before someone else does.
  27. 27. Mobile Search CampaignAccording to a study by BIA/Kelsey Group found that once searchers on a smartphone find alocation based business: 61% call the establishment and 59%visit the location. Think about thosenumbers...
  28. 28. Run a Mobile Paid Search Campaign 1. Go local and remember your customer is mobile 2. Click through to optimized landing pages 3. Target your ads for immediate needs 4. Broaden keywords for your campaign • Location and UrgencyPaid search ads show up above organic searches: in Google, Bing or Yahoo.1.Does your ad appeal to people who are walking, shopping or in their cars?2. Do NOT frustrate your potential customer who might click thru and finds your landing page isNOT optimized for a smart phone.3. Mobile customers are looking to fill immediate needs-think about the wine hang tag4. Include words like Pizza Hut location or plumbing emergency repair, 24-hour-serviceIt really isn’t all that complex and your competition probably is not doing it yet.
  29. 29. Optimize your e-newsletterCheck with your email service provider to see if their platform is mobile optimized. Send yourself asample of your mobile emails and see how it renders on your smartphone. If it doesn’t render,work with your email provider or designer until this is fixed.
  30. 30. Add a QR Codeto Your Collateral
  31. 31. Link Mobile Display Ads to Viral email Campaigns mobclixThis really is the next level of engagement. Think about it this way: you can run a mobile display adcampaign that can forward an email to friends. Let’s say you are out headed and you see a mobiledisplay ad for a restaurant and you click. In this campaign, instead of driving the viewer to a webpage, an email pops up that the viewer can forward to friends. That email might say, “Meet me atEclipse restaurant and we’ll all get a10% off our tab.”
  32. 32. Run ContestsRun contests that can only be completed on mobile devices. Scavenger hunts, quizzes…whateveryou want, just remember the participant has to use their mobile device.
  33. 33. Analyze your resultsWatch your Google stats and adjust when and where needed.
  34. 34. Mobile Marketing Do’s• Get started• Watch others• Create your Mobile Marketing objectives
  35. 35. Mobile Marketing It’s here, get involved! This slideshow is available at my website I’ll open the floor to dialogue and Q&A and we will complete the contest