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MNMI Digital Ad Sales Seminar


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MNMI Digital Ad Sales Seminar

  1. 1. QR Codes from Top to Bottom Instructor: Cy Cords July 29, 20111. Keep QR Code Size LargeQR codes can be printed in many different sizes. Ranges vary from business cards to giant billboards. Keep in mind, themore content that is contained inside the QR code, the more complicated the QR code will be. The more complicated theQR code, the harder it will be for smartphones to read.If your QR code links to contact info, only put whats absolutely necessary. If your QR code links to a website, make surethe URL is as short as possible. eg. I wouldnt use - thats too long.Use, itll be simple, the URL will be short, and its trackable. Read more on how to do this.2. Implement Twitter/Facebook Share IconsIf youre creating something awesome, you should make it easy to spread. The goal should be to make somethingengaging and to create a unique experience that people will want to share. Seth Godin might say to do somethingremarkable. Make sure that the Twitter/Facebook share icons are the mobile-friendly share icons. This will ensure thatyour users have the best experience.3. Set-up TrackingSince you can, why not set up tracking. You want to know how many people scanned your code. However, dont measureyour success solely based off the numbers. Keep in mind, the people that know about QR codes are likely early adoptersand/or up-to-date in tech. They are also likely to have an audience on Twitter and Facebook. If you give them somethingvaluable to share, they might spread it. People spread awesome, as Scott Stratten often says.4. Have a Call to ActionThis may sound simple, but it must be said. Dont just slap a QR code somewhere. Put a message next to the barcode thattells someone why they should scan it. Give them a reason to pull out their phone. Maybe offer a free song, a link to avideo or commercial, or maybe a coupon. Right now, everyone might scan QR codes because theyre curious what itcontains. In time, when more and more of them start invading the US, people will want a reason. Give it to them.5. Link to Something That Stays AroundSo you print a QR code on a sign inside your store or you put it on a flyer. A few weeks pass by and that code is no longerrelevant. So you kill the page it used to link to or you replace it with something else (that doesnt match up with whateverit was originally scanned on). Why? Just because your print campaign is dead, doesnt mean that the story wont live on. Ifyou do a great job, people will want to share their experience. This could be through Facebook, a photo on Flickr, ormaybe even a video. Allow the story and functionality to live on.6. Make the Landing Page Mobile-FriendlyQR codes are great, but they are only the door to more engaging content (eg. a website). Its important to make sure thatthe landing page of the QR code is mobile-friendly. That is, its optimized for smartphones. Images, navigation, content,and video should all be optimized for the small screen and mobile broadband constraints. Optimized content you couldlink to includes Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, to name a few. This is our specialty. Well be blogging more about whatgoes into a mobile website soon.
  2. 2. 7. Be CreativeAt the end of the day, be creative. QR codes are cutting edge. Create an experience that your guests will never forget.Show them how cool their smartphone is and what else they can do with it. Empower them. There is somethingpsychologically noteworthy when someone is able to scan something on their personal device and then walk away with it.Encourage this engagement. It will set you apart.
  3. 3. 39 Creative Ways For Newspapers to Use QR Codes – by Chris Snyder1. Ask a “question of the day” in print (a lot of sports sections do this already), and let readers see the answer byscanning the QR code. 2. Link to the correct answers to today’s crossword puzzle. 3. Link to expanded box scores in your sports agate. 4. Does your newspaper do a weekly video program? Run a QR code that links to the video. 5. Trying to cut back on newsprint cost? Run shorter stories and link to longer versions of your stories. 6. Allow readers to enter a contest. 7. Simply run a QR code in print that links to your mobile home page. That crazy-looking QR code will gettheir attention 8. Add QR codes to your staffers’ business cards. 9. Put a QR code on your website rotating into an ad position. It’s gotta be better than most of the filler adsyou’re running already. 10. Print out a giant QR code and place it in a window or on your building where the public can see. 11. Put one on the side of a bus. Or on an ad inside a bus (or subway). 12. Next time you’re printing t-shirts for a company event, add a QR code. 13. Put them on your newspaper racks – on street corners and in stores. 14. Have a local coffee shop put them on their coffee cups 0 or place one on their counter. 15. Put them on all of your marketing material – posters, pamphlets, etc. 16. Run a poll in print, and let users scan in the QR code that goes with their answer. Example: Ask who willwin the Super Bowl, and offer a QR code for each team. 17. Put QR codes in advertisements. 18. Run a QR code that links to movie times. 19. Newspapers have ads all over local sports arenas, use a QR code there to link to your coverage of thatteam. 20. Create a scavenger hunt in the paper using QR codes – with new segments every day (to encourage dailyreadership). 21. Create a scavenger hunt in your town using QR codes placed at your advertisers locations all around town. 22. Ask readers to scan in code to review the same restaurant your critic reviewed… 23. Or to see the menu… 24. Or go to a page that shows recent reviews near you (using location-based services). 25. Link to a how-to video with a cooking story. 26. Use QR codes with listings in your real estate section to see more photos of a house. 27. Put QR codes at historic/important places around town. Link them to articles where your local experts giveinfo on each place. 28. Have a QR code that users can scan in to send breaking news to the newsroom. 29. Do you have a booth at the state fair or other events? Give out QR code temporary tattoos. 30. Do your reporters or editors give presentations to the public? Put a QR code on one of your slides. 31. Put one next to your garage sales listings to see a map of sales. 32. Run one with a photo that links to a full photo gallery online. 33. People want weather news on their mobile. Link one to your mobile weather page. 34. Link to election results on your mobile site. 35. Allow readers to sign up for breaking news text alerts. 36. Get local cell phone stores to put up a QR code in-store. Potential phone-buyers can test them out whiletesting out phones. 37. Do some guerrilla marketing and put them on bulletin boards around town. 38. Put one with a story so readers can easily share the story with friends. 39. Do you have a story that will drive a lot of discussion online? Use a QR code to link to where thatdiscussion takes place.