QR Codes and Their Destinations


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Actual QR codes seen around the U.S. and where they lead with some commentary on the quality of the destination. Part of a TechWithAliza.com teleseminar about sensible QR code marketing.

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  • Good one, Aliza. Would directing users from the QR code to a specific destination be a bit practical when measuring traffic from the QR reference? They may read in analytics as direct links, what's your experience with that?
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QR Codes and Their Destinations

  1. 1. QR codes and where they leadPresenter: Aliza Sherman TechWithAliza.com  
  2. 2. On a potted plant TechWithAliza.com  
  3. 3. Destination:Web page, but not con guredfor a smartphone.Ideas:Care and feeding of the plantPotting tipsDecorative pot ideasGift ideasCoupon for recipient TechWithAliza.com  
  4. 4. Promotional jewelry TechWithAliza.com  
  5. 5. Destination:Example of a QR code leadingto text. e more text, thedenser the code. is is prettysimple. It’s the thought thatcounts, right?Ideas:Be a little more…original? TechWithAliza.com  
  6. 6. Ad poster at airport TechWithAliza.com  
  7. 7. Destination:Web page – not optimized formobile and scrolling needed toview all the offers, but elementsare simple enough to be legible.Ideas:Create a destination for thispromotion or set of promotionsversus linking to a page within asite that isn’t mobile-ready. TechWithAliza.com  
  8. 8. On a store window TechWithAliza.com  
  9. 9. Destination:Web page, but not con guredfor a smartphone.Ideas:Don’t send to your site. Instead,pull out one or two key actionsyou would like them to take.Sign up for your newsletter? Gettheir email address! Call for anappointment? Make it easy. TechWithAliza.com  
  10. 10. Toy packaging TechWithAliza.com  
  11. 11. Destination:A rare destination that isactually mobile-optimized.Images, more info, link toWorld of Halo.Surprisingly, not as exciting asone might expect for HALO,but easy to navigate.
  12. 12. TV show ad in magazine
  13. 13. Destination:Web page. Not mobile-optimized but fairly legible.Instead of getting toinformation that enhances thead, however, you have so manychoices and places to click.Idea:Create product or show speci cdestination vs. home page.
  14. 14. Poster at Mall
  15. 15. Destination:Web page. Not mobile-optimized but a prominentvideo that can be played.Idea:Link straight to the video forinstant and easy play. Includeadditional promotional info invideo. If you are a YouTubepartner, you can include a livelink in the video.
  16. 16. Ketchup bottle
  17. 17. Destination:Sweepstakes, trivia game,packaging facts. Really?Ideas:What about healthy recipeswith ketchup? How about aneasy way to trigger a donation toa relevant charity?
  18. 18. TSA poster
  19. 19. Destination:Web page, but not con guredfor a smartphone.Ideas:Make the hints easier to read.Less wordy. Mobile friendly.How about a pop quiz? Or asimple game for kids? Keepthem busy while in the securityline at the airport.
  20. 20. Book cover
  21. 21. Destination:Web page on publisher’s site.Not mobile-friendly but simpleenough to be relativelyaccessible including easy accessto clicking to watch the video.
  22. 22. Destination:Video plays and is viewable on asmartphone.Ideas:Like the previous videoexample, link directly to thevideo on YouTube and leveragethat with an in-video link.
  23. 23. Real estate listings
  24. 24. Destination:Web page, but not con guredfor a smartphone.Ideas:Highlight key data of interestto a commercial buyer andmake it easier to read.
  25. 25. A holiday promotion
  26. 26. Destination:Paperlinks.com modular mobilelanding page. Can be editedeasily any time.Includes metrics.
  27. 27. A Valentine promotion
  28. 28. Destination:Paperlinks.com modular mobilelanding page. Can be editedeasily any time.Includes metrics.
  29. 29. Paperlinks metrics
  30. 30. Paperlinks metrics
  31. 31. Paperlinks metrics
  32. 32. QR code mantra: Goals Actions Destination Experience Measurement
  33. 33. QR code resources Articles: QR codes are the roller skating horses of advertising by Alexis Madrigal Mobile marketing isn’t a QR code by Chris Brogan Readers: For iPhone - http://bit.ly/tzuztw or http://bit.ly/vXvBpN or http://bit.ly/vK8Luy or http://bit.ly/uvgyMY For Android - http://bit.ly/vXvBpN or http://bit.ly/s0VYJr or http://bit.ly/voWA8B For Blackberry - http://bit.ly/rNVfB6 or http://bit.ly/tPZXxx QR Code and 2D Code Generators:http://t.co/hS5S89C adjust size & color, output (PNG, EPS, PDF, TIFF) http://qrcode.kaywa.com/ convert a URL, text, phone number or SMShttp://paperlinks.com editable modular mobile destinations with analytics
  34. 34.  Aliza    TechWithAliza.com  @alizasherman