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  1. 1. QR CODES INMARKETINGBy: Brian, Amandeep,Terrence, and Adam
  2. 2. What is a QR Code?
  3. 3. The history of QR Codes• Started in the auto industry by Toyota• Used for finding items in storage• Also to keep track for goods #QRCodesMarketing
  4. 4. QR Codes in Retail • Started in 2011 • Related to the us of smart phones • Smarts phones allowed people to scan codes anywhere anytime #QRCodesMarketing
  5. 5. New QR/ Future Codes• Can put pictures into the• Easy access to info bar codes • Coupons/sale information• Company logos • Simple and quick• Brand awareness
  6. 6. Uses in Marketing • Flyers, Posters, Brochures • Business Cards • Postcards • Event Displays • Etc. #QRCodesMarketing
  7. 7. Why shouldorganizations use QR? • Convenient • Cost effective • Measurable • Environmentally friendly #QRCodesMarketing
  8. 8. Effective uses of QRCodes ∀ Tracking & Reporting ∀ Mobile Landing Page ∀ Instruction/Call to Action ∀ Context and Content #QRCodesMarketing
  9. 9. Statistics14 million mobile users in the USA have scanneda QR code on their mobile deviceOnly 6.2% of the total mobile consumers in USAThat leaves 93.8% of mobile users in the USAthat have not even scanned or used QR codes. #QRCodesMarketing
  10. 10. QR Codes QR codes are mostly used when a person is stationary. Scanning a code is quite time consuming People may be turned off into even scanning a code if time and effort is a big factor. QR codes have the ability to be such a great marketing tool yet many companies are misusing it. Question, if it’s everywhere, why are they deteriorating in our society? #QRCodesMarketing
  11. 11. Whats to gain?When a person scans it, it takes the user to thebrand’s website where they can browse theircatalog.overload them with unimportant information.interact with its customers more by offering anadded value.By giving consumers an additional incentive,regular clients and even new-comers to thebrand would be interested #QRCodesMarketing
  12. 12. #QRCodesMarketing
  13. 13. Worlds First Animated Tattoo #QRCodesMarketing
  14. 14. Thank You (@bribritheflyguy)• tags/ holds/ #QRCodesMarketing