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Mobile+social: the case for games
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Mobile+social: the case for games


Published on

Talk I gave at the Social Media World Forum in London on 15 March 2010.

Talk I gave at the Social Media World Forum in London on 15 March 2010.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Mobile + Social The Case for Games Social Media World Forum London - 15 March 2010 Volker Hirsch (@vhirsch)
  • 2. Mobile Games... ... can be a bit of a nightmare
  • 3. You do everything right...
  • 4. on the inside...
  • 5. ... on the outside...
  • 6. ... and on marketing
  • 7. Something is still missing...
  • 8. THe $ Dilemma (carrier model) after overheads after production after porting & QA after License after distributor after carrier after VAT total revenue
  • 9. THe $ Dilemma (app store model)
  • 10. What is Social?
  • 11. Social refers to the interaction of organisms with other organisms and to their collective co- existence [...] Source: Wikipedia
  • 12. A social network is not a community!
  • 13. You need Context!
  • 14. Concept: Object-Centered Sociality Prof Dr Karin Knorr-Cetina, Sociologist Jyrri Engestrom, Founder Jaiku
  • 15. A game is a Social Object?
  • 16. It always was!
  • 17. It’s about Engagement - Gamers Interact by the nature of the game. - Gamers can be Fanatics! - A game and the environment in which it is set matters to its fans. games are powerful social objects
  • 18. -Interact with players in context, i.e. in the game -Let players interact between them (they have a common object!)
  • 19. CwF + RtB = BM Mike Masnick, TechDirt
  • 20. WTF ?
  • 21. Trent Raznor WTF ?
  • 22. Nine Inch Nails - All Music free under CC license. CwF - All videos by fans aggregated on website. - Free iPhone app: Fan Finder. - Double Album for $10 RtB - Deluxe Edition (Double Album + Photo Book + BluRay + DVD) for $75 - 2,500 limited edition signed luxury sets (with Vinyl + prints) for $300 Limited Edition sold out in 30 hours !!! $750k revenue in 30 hours, $2.3m in week 1.
  • 23. Object Let’s recap: Social is interaction in context
  • 24. make sure that mobile levers the Social Object (that is: your game) towards Your Users...
  • 25. Mobile is the most powerful digital medium to date. Why? 1. It’s Big (numbers) 2.It’s Personal (nature) 3.It’s really personal (Identification of needs)
  • 26. 475,000,000 circulation of newspapers 825,000,000 registered cars 1,700,000,000 Internet users (PC, Mobile, Web Cafe) 1,800,000,000 unique credit card holders 2,250,000,000 tooth brushes in use 4,000,000,000 FM Radios 4,600,000,000 mobile phone subscriptions various sources
  • 27. Mobile is a 1st! • Personal mass media • Always carried • Always on • Built-in billing system • Always present at the point of creative impulse • Accurate audience identification • Captures social context • Enables Augmented Reality Tomi Ahonen, Mobile as 7th of Mass Media, 2008; Alan Moore & Jonathan MacDonald, The Glittering Allure of the Mobile Society, 2008
  • 28. It’s VERY personal... • 91% of people have their mobile within arm’s reach 24/7. Morgan Stanley 2007 • 64% of Americans are not willing to share their mobile with anyone. 60% of married people will not share their mobile with their spouse! Wired Magazine 2006 • It takes an average of 26 h for a user to report a lost wallet but only 68 minutes to report a lost mobile phone. Unisys Survey • 8 out of 10 German men would rather lose their wife than their mobile phone. Jonathan MacDonald; Survey of 10 German men at 1am in a bar...
  • 29. OK, it’s huge, I get it. But what do I do with it?
  • 30. Address the unique propositions only Mobile offers.
  • 31. Value Levers: the 6 M’s. Movement Me Moment Multi-User Money Machines Source: Tomi Ahonen
  • 32. Mobile is a 1st! • Personal mass media  • Always carried  • Always on  • Built-in billing system • Always present at the point of creative impulse • Accurate audience identification • Captures social context • Enables Augmented Reality 
  • 33. We need Tools
  • 34. What - Create Fanatics. - Provide avenues for players’ passion. - Incorporate players’ strongest community: his friends! - Allow Choice: if, when and where to share. Just offer the path. - Keep it in context, i.e. in the game.
  • 35. Examples of how - High-Scores (Reward) but make them customizable (context). - Connect to the community (Avenues of Passion). - Person-to-Person Challenges & Tournaments (Playful contextual interaction). - Awards / Rewards (Fanatics). - In-Game transactions & Virtual Currencies (Contextual Monetization).
  • 36. 74% of all buying decisions are made on a friend’s recommendation Source: Bain Consulting
  • 37. Real Cross-promotion - General ads disregard the power of context & relevance (“Spray- Can”). - Players = Fanatics = Ambassadors. - Promotions by friends in context are genuine cross-promotions.
  • 38. One last thing: 123,296,966,069,453 The Law of Big Numbers
  • 39. The Mass Market is here:
  • 40. don’t forget the “other” smartphones!
  • 41. Choose a tool that delivers all that. Scoreloop does... ;-)
  • 42. So... Where’s the Money?
  • 43. Where it always was: in your pocket... Catchy phrase nicked from Jonathan MacDonald
  • 44. Summing up: • Facilitate engagement. • Offer avenues to activate the player’s passion. • Deliver, and in big numbers. Got all that? You have a winner! And if the user wins, the rest (incl. $ $$) comes almost on its own...
  • 45. Image Credits julien-2048x1536.jpg
  • 46. +44 7843 599 678 (@scoreloop) @vhirsch