Biotech Fundraising in a Downturn

Volker Hirsch
Volker HirschCCO, VC, angel, founder at Medicines Discovery Catapult, Amadeus Capital, Blue Beck, Tech North Advocates
Volker Hirsch
CCO Medicines Discovery Catapult / Venture Partner Amadeus Capital
Fundraising in a downturn
Biotech Fundraising in a Downturn
Biotech Fundraising in a Downturn
Grim Reading
The macro-economic situation affects the whole value chain
Fund investors
Venture Capital Funds
Alternatives in high-interest environment with less risk
Tougher fundraising environment, protection of portfolio, capital preservation
Less available and more risk-averse capital, inflation reduces runway
Focus On What
You Can control
Back to study!
You need to come prepared!
Exhibit 1: a typical biotech pitch deck
Biotech Fundraising in a Downturn
Biotech Fundraising in a Downturn
Main ingredient 1
Who do you speak to?
(Preferably not to a room of AI-generated “business people”)
Main ingredient 2
What do you tell them?
Identifying Value inflection points
Sign-posting exit ramps
Thank You!
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Biotech Fundraising in a Downturn