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Gramble - Slot Summit Talk


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Grambles talk at Slot Summit presented by CEO and Co-Founder of Gramble, Adam James

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Gramble - Slot Summit Talk

  1. 1. SMARTPHONES, GAMES, SOCIAL NETWORKS An overview: How are they relevant to you?
  2. 2. IntroductionGramble World:  GrambleJET (Joining everyone Changing the waytogether) people connect and Gramble play SOCIAL GAMES (Anrdoid, iOS, Unity, Flash, HTML5) i-GrambleSocially integratedRemote/mobile Gramblegambling platform – i-Grambleplay for real money Foundation  Grambleprizes (B2B / B2C) Foundation Playing for change Our Partners:
  3. 3. Agenda 1 What are social games and what are the platforms? 2 Smartphones are a key marketing tool: The facts Apps, social networks and casino games: An 3 introduction and analysis Why are casinos and suppliers targeting social 4 networks and platforms? How can casino marketers take advantage of 5 current trends?
  4. 4. 1 What are social games and what are the platforms?
  5. 5. What are social games?A social game is a game designed tointeract with other players on any level If the user chooses to play a social game all alone, they’ll limit their own game experience.
  6. 6. What are the platforms?
  7. 7. Global Internet Device Sales Smartphones and Tablets are becoming a much greater proportion of total device sales. Source: Business Insider, Gartner, Tech Crunch
  8. 8. Huge potential  419m phones sold in 2012 Q2  Apple & Samsung = 83% total smartphone sales  Smartphone penetration in France is at 38%  Estimated 665m tablets in use by 2016 Source: Business Insider, Gartner, Tech Crunch, Think Insights, TNS Infratest
  9. 9. 2 Smartphones are a key marketing tool: The facts
  10. 10. Why are smartphones so important? Want access to your current and future customers at any time? don’t leave Smartphones are always on, always with you 78% home without theirs Smartphone = penetration is More potential customers! rising Source: Think Insights, TNS Infratest
  11. 11. Smartphones are a multi-activityportal Source: Think Insights, TNS Infratest
  12. 12. Access a younger demographic:18-24 year olds spend 1-5 hours on their 89% smartphone spend 5-10 hours on 10% their smartphone would like brands to 34% send them promotions on their smartphone only want deals relevant 40% to them Source: mBlox
  13. 13. Source: Think Insights, TNS Infratest
  14. 14. Mobile ads make an impression Source: Think Insights, TNS Infratest
  15. 15. Relevance Mobile devices are becoming increasingly relevant to retailers to effectively communicate with customers, including casinos. Games = largest form of entertainment (second only to browsing the internet) Social networks are used by 80% of users There is a clear synergy between Smartphones + Games + Social networks
  16. 16. Apps, social networks and casino games: An3 introduction and analysis
  17. 17. What are the Stats for Apps?  Gartner projects 45.6bn Apps will be downloaded in 2012.  300bn App downloads per annum by 2016. Source: Madvertise, VentureBeat
  18. 18. Top Grossing Apps & Games Significant number of casino Apps in the Top Grossing charts…  40% of respondents in the social games industry have already a SOCIAL CASINO GAME – FACT!  Of those who haven’t, 50% are considering launching Source: AppData, Kontagent
  19. 19. EXCITING MARKET OPPORTUNITY  SOCIAL  MOBILE  CASINO Source: Experian-Hitwise, AppData, Kontagent
  20. 20. The casino suppliers  5.2m MAUs  1.2m MAUs  1.5m DAUs  0.3m DAUs Source: AppData
  21. 21. The Casinos - Caeser’s Harrah’s purchased Playtika last year for US $80m. • Slotomania – “Cutting-edge video slots, bringing Vegas to leading social networks” • Farkle (dice game) Facebook App Store Google + Yahoo Japan
  22. 22. Why are casinos and suppliers targeting social4 networks and platforms?
  23. 23. To access a significant and growingcommunication channel
  24. 24. The global social casino market is thought tohave doubled in value since 2011 to $1.6bn.Forecasted growth to $2.4bn by 2015. Source: VentureBeat
  25. 25.  Since 2010 the number of social gamersplaying social casino style games has doubled Source: VentureBeat
  26. 26.  Avg. revenue per user almost double for social-casino game players $43 $78 Social games ARPU Social casino games ARPU Source: VentureBeat
  27. 27. Better connect with a targeted demographicThe above is a typical split for social casino players Player demographics are the same as land based slots players Women over 43 years of age Of top spenders 70% are female Source: Information Solutions Group
  28. 28. A standalone business model  In July 2012, IGT said that revenues increased 13% largely due to the growth of the company’s interactive unit.  This includes Double Down. IGT’s first contribution to Double Down from its games library
  29. 29. No regulatory hurdles… yet! Calls by some including William Hill (UK) to regulate social casual casino games to create “a level playing field” It would be short sighted not to expect a degree of regulatory oversight at some point The Question is when….?
  30. 30. Huge potential pool of players Social RemoteFacebook App* DAU MAU Remote Active Players (in millions) (in millions) OperatorZynga Slingo 3.3 38.4 William Hill 1.4Texas Holdem 6.7 36.4 Ladbrokes 0.95PokerDouble Down 1.5 5.3 PaddyPower 0.88CasinoSlotomania 2.1 6.6 Victor Chandler 0.84Bingo Blitz 0.67 2.2 Bet Fair 0.7Best Casino 0.35 1.9 Bet 365 1.5Total 14.62 89.9 Total 6.27Clearly the huge numbers of players on social would beof great interest to gaming operators Source: AppData, Annual reports of relevant companies
  31. 31. How can casino marketers take advantage of5 current trends?
  32. 32. If you want to…  Engage with your existing customers  Acquire new customers for your casino  Provide a better service with more information  Distribute appropriate offers direct to customers who will respond positively  Access a younger demographic  Access a large untapped player base  Increase your casino revenue
  33. 33. You should consider 1 Building for MOBILE 2 Creating a MOBILE specific marketing strategy 3 Integrating your ad campaigns with MOBILE 4 Creating specific MOBILE focused promotions 5 Integrate your Casino with SOCIAL & MOBILE
  34. 34. But essentially you should embrace… Smartphones + Games + Social Networks
  35. 35. Most respondents (survey by Kontagent) believe there is still room for new entrants
  36. 36. SUCCESS!
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