ARG presentation PELeCON 2012


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Slides from my spotlight session from PELeCON 2012

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ARG presentation PELeCON 2012

  1. 1. Who Is Rufi Franzen? Helen Keegan @heloukee PELeCON 2012
  2. 2. Alternate Reality Games “an interactive narrative thatuses the real world as aplatform and uses transmediato deliver a story that takesplace in real time and evolvesaccording to participantsresponses. Players interactdirectly with characters in thegame, solve plot-basedchallenges and puzzles, andcollaborate as a communityto analyze the story andcoordinate activities - theinternet is the central bindingmedium.” WIKIPEDIA
  3. 3. Curiosity, Mystery, Intrigue – and Assessment VERSUS: “I’m paying X amount per year” “I just want a first” “What do I need to do to get a first?”
  4. 4. Hugh Garry
  5. 5. #PSVTAM BSc Professional Sound and Video Technology Advanced Multimedia module •  Digital identity •  Online Presence •  Remix culture •  Copyright, licensing, ethics •  Participatory media production •  Mobile phone filmmaking •  Transmedia storytelling •  Critical media literacies
  6. 6. The plan/design
  7. 7. The Game How  to  get  from    Week   TOPIC                  HERE  Week  1   Digital  Iden/ty/Online  Presence    Week  2   Remix  Culture/Par/cipatory  Culture    Week  3   Copyright,  licensing,  ethics    Week  4   Networks  and  Openness    Week  5   Huey  –  Guest  Lecture    Week  6   Transmedia/digital  storytelling    Week  7   Pocket  Cinema    Week  8   Mobile  Film  Project    Week  9   Mobile  Film  Project    Week  10   Mobile  Film  Project    Week  11   THE  REVEAL  (BBC  Big  Screen)    Week  12   BBC  Big  Screen  (2nd  showing)                          To  HERE?  
  8. 8. 91211
  9. 9. VIDEO:  Down  the  Rabbit-­‐hole  h_p://    
  10. 10. The Maze “The key thing about an ARG is the way it jumps off of all those platforms. It’s a game that’s social and comes at you across all the different ways that you connect to the world around you.” Sean Stewart – 42 Entertainment
  11. 11. Email (fire fighting) Hi  all,    Thanks  to  you  lot  and  your  detec/ve  work  (and  geeng  me  his  email  address  ;)  I’ve  just  made  contact  with  the  mysterious  Rufi  Franzen.    Firstly,  you’ll  be  relieved  to  know  that  you  have  nothing  to  worry  about  in  terms  of  data  security  –  there  have  been  no  breaches  of  security.  I  can’t  say  any  more  at  the  moment  as  I’ve  been  sworn  to  secrecy,  so  I  need  you  to  trust  me  on  this.    What  I  do  know  is  that  this  is  going  somewhere  good  –  amazing  in  fact.  I  don’t  know  much  more  at  this  stage,  and  I’m  not  sure  I’m  going  to  be  told.  Anyway,  let’s  chat  about  it  tomorrow  –  remember  the  feedback  session  3-­‐5  in  3.34!    See  you  tomorrow.  This  is  crazy  –  but  ace.  Helen    
  12. 12. Learners driving the curriculum
  13. 13. “The makers and the consumers are intango. It’s a dance, it’s passionate, andsometimes there are sinister overtones.It creates a unique dynamic.” Sean Stewart – 42 Entertainment
  14. 14. Solving puzzles, cracking codes
  15. 15. But WHY? … and WHO THE HELL IS RUFI FRANZEN?
  16. 16. On the eve of the reveal… •  Live Q+A “Best  TV  programme  I’ve  watched  in  ages!”  (James)  
  17. 17. Charles Leadbeater
  18. 18. 9.12.11
  19. 19. VIDEO:  The  run  up  to  the  reveal    h_p://    
  20. 20. The Reveal: Reactions
  21. 21. Transformations “I  will     always  remember  Rufi,  and   the  way  it  has  forced  me  to   think  about  certain  things.     “You  now  have  me  pouring  over   I’d  love  this  way  of  teaching   all  the  blogs.  The  subtlety  and   to  become  a  permanent   deliciousness  of  this  game  and   fixture  in  our  educa/on   how  you  all  dealt  with  each   system  (I’ve  just  wri_en   issue  on  a  day  to  day  basis  is   1200  words  on  a  Friday   staggering…  it  is  good  to  know   night  for  God’s  sake,  and   that  I  played  a  part  in  possibly   it’s  not  even  for  an   the  greatest  thing  I  have  ever   assignment!)”   been  exposed  to…”  
  22. 22. Pyramid of Participation h_p://  
  23. 23. Ethical issues ARGs necessarily involve a degreeof deception – can we justify this in the name of education?
  24. 24.  So was it worth the risk? “Just  so  pleased  to  have   been  involved  in  this  ARG,   “this  is  something  I’ll  never   Rufi  will  live  forever!”   forget”   “Today  I  realized  just  how     amazing  the  small  things   in  life  can  be.  Yes,  this  is  a   massive  cliché  but,  yes,  it   “It  was  incredible,  we  all   is  true!”   watched  in  the  rain  as   passers  by  watched  the   “This  was  a  fantas/c  learning   work  we  had  created,   experience;  The  intrigue,  the   broadcast  on  a  huge  screen   teamwork,  the  puzzle  solving;   in  one  of  the  most  famous   Everyone  who  has  taken  part  in   ci/es  in  the  world.   the  process  has  brought  their   own  theories  and  ideas,   everyone  has  helped  solve  a   li_le  bit  of  the  puzzle.”   “I  wanna  do  it  again!”  
  25. 25. That Was Rufi Franzen Special thanks to: Hugh Garry Amazing students from #psvtam Phil Chapman and the BBC
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