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Opener#7 power point


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Opener #7- Collaborate or Die

Published in: Technology, Education
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Opener#7 power point

  3. 3. From highly competitive focus towards a greater need forcollaboration & teamwork skills Management guru, Peter Drucker argues that society needed knowledge workers. He said "workers without skills might as well stay at home”. In his book “The World is Flat”- Thomas Friedman documented, with the emergence of Globalization3.0, individuals from all corners of the globe can participate in a world economy
  4. 4. Collaboration Tools -Enhances Work Productivity & Team Collaboration
  5. 5. Tools in Enhancing Team EffectivenessThose who have access to the above tools, can share knowledge and generate ideas faster!!
  6. 6. With online collaboration, any individual or organization candiscover new partners, procedures and problem solvingstrategies.• In their book, Wikinomics Tapscott & Williams describes how thousands or millions of connected individuals can work together on documents such as Wikipedia to create new products or enhance the value of existing ones.
  7. 7. INNOCENTIVE • Created network of over 120000 scientist & engineers • Solving complex problems and challenges that1 could develop into new products and services • Ultimate in collaborative systems for advancement of humankind • Involves humans meeting humans in an online2 collaboration and sharing environment with goals of creativity, innovation and problem solving ntive-commercial-winner-of-20_shortfilms
  8. 8. COLLABORATION POINTS BY TAPSCOTT & WILLIAMS Given the exponential growth in the number of connection points, the networks that TAPSCOTT and WILLIAMS point to can spawn innovation and perhaps even social movement. With Voice IP, for instance, the expression that someone is just a phone call away is now a reality for those who could not afford long distance calls Collaboration possibilities suck as Skype and Google Talk for free online peer to peer voice collaboration join people together for research, writing, thinking, training and education in ways nor previously possible. As mentioned earlier in the title of Tapscott and Williiam’s book, wikis are excellent tools for companies, schools and educational institutions to accumulate, store and reuse experts knowledge on different topics.
  10. 10. WHAT IS PENGUIN PALS? Club Penguin is one of many popular social networking sites where kids ages six to fourteen take on an avatar-Penguin of different colors in a virtual world! In this club they can interact with other kids, negotiate the etiquette of how to play games with people they have never met in real life Initial registration for this club is free which lacks certain features. Disney paid 350million to acquire Club Penguin as they realized half the kids on the internet may be members of one or more of these virtual worlds by 2012
  11. 11. JUST 1 KG MORE
  12. 12. WHAT IS “just 1 kg more” & how to participate? 1 kilogram more in your travel Travellers bring 1kg inexpensivepack. It is a cross between charity educational material to give away & travel along their travel pathTo participate, one follows three Stories and pictures are shared in easy steps: the 1KG website where we see - Carry online collaboration technology have a direct impact on learning in -Communicate rural communities that may lack -Share access
  13. 13. WHO IS THE FOUNDER OF 1 kg more”? Andrew Yu initiated this idea in April 2004 when he was touched by a story of two volunteer teachers who were teaching in Yunan province. Andrew was encouraged by the words of the volunteer teachers when they said “Material deprivation can be overcome. What we need is the chance to communicate to the outside world!”
  14. 14. What is innovative about 1KG? Creative combination of Internet technology & face to face communications The 1 KG website provides a wide array of resources & information for travelers The web helps 1kg travelers gather all the necessary information prior to their travel & to later share their stories with others who might be inspired to take part.
  15. 15. 1 KG’s TWIN PROJECT
  16. 16. What is 1KG’s twin project? In September 2007, 1kg started TwinBooks A child in as city buys one of the TwinBooks and the other book is donated to a kid in a remote village. With the twin books project, the 1kg people have found another innovative way of making a contribution to rural education in China with an influx of resources in the form of books
  18. 18. What is Raising Global ePals ? Projects related to environment such as Resources take the the GLOBE project, form “Ask the Expert” Kids as Global forums Scientist, and the Journey North. Students learn Individuals students that educational ask questions of Dr. resources, including Math. Dr. Universe or human ones, exist a Mad Scientist. beyond their classroom.
  19. 19. E PALSAccording to an article from Steve Lohr of The New YorkTimes, ePals is a great example of a socially responsiblecompany. Students in this unique program simultaneously upgrade their writing skillsand increase their sensitivity to different cultures and regions of the world.To help international exchange, ePals offers a means to instantly translateemail exchanges into different languages.Overall, ePals is easy to use, collaborative and safe.
  20. 20. ICE STORIES
  21. 21. What is Ice Stories? From January to March 2008, educators at the Exploratorium in San Francisco could access a series of Webcast from scientist at McMurdo Station near the South Pole as well as scientist in the South Shetland Islands and another remote southern locations. Students can read about experiments related to Antartica’s ice dynamics,climate change, penguin breeding behavior and the response of the polar marine ecosystem to the effects of global warming
  22. 22. CASSANDARA BROOKS She is a scientist involved in the Ice Stories. Her life focuses on the life history and population of Antartic tooth fish. She will posts information in her blog. Once she posted “ I stepped out on deck this morning to find the sea fog had finally lifted, revealing an immense ocean of ice: the world of Antarctica To help a reader better appreciate her situation, Cassandra will include pictures of Antartic ice and the coastline of Antarctica with he blog post. Cassandra will receive replies from her post from different countries and shares her knowledge and exchange ideas with different people from different people around the world. She says people living near each other first get to know of each other’s work from reading blog postings about their similar experiences in a far off land.
  23. 23. CASSANDARA BROOKS Her closing words as she heads to her master’s commencement, were quite poignant, "I cannot stress how important I think it is to educate the public, especially in today’s world when all or human actions are having such a growing impact on the world, including Antarctica. Cassandra is simultaneously a teacher and a student! She adventure learning projects not only expose students to the real world of science, but they also enable students to share in the scientists’ passion for their occupations.
  24. 24. ICE STORIES & COLLABORATION Web technology provides opportunities for kids to be mentored by adults and older students. Withthese resources young people around the world are collaborating with online technologies.
  26. 26. What is flat classrooms? Inspired by Friedman’s The World is Flat book, Davis & Lindsay collaboration is named the “Flat Classroom Project.” This projects creates unique curriculum projects, friendships and understanding. Pragmatic approach to technology is used in this project
  27. 27. DAVIS & LINDSAY SAYS Their students and teachers have used email;Skype,wikis shared online video and audio exchange Social networking tools such as Ning provide them with a means of creating educational networks For others who wish to attempt similar projects they have designed a seven step model for creating a flat classrooms that focuses on connections, communications, citizenship, contributions, collaboration, creations and celebrations. They are inspired by the potential for a global transformation of education brought about by the Web 2.0 and other learning technologies Taking a different approach to education, they did not allow a lecture and test philosophy but rather a collaborative, project orientated activities that would give students a taste of the work-related professionalism and teamwork needed later in life.
  28. 28. SISTER PROJECT to Flat Classroom Horizon Project is a new venture which involves senior high school students from Spain, the United States, Australia, Japan, Austria and Qatar who explore higher education technology trends that have been forecast for the next one to five years in the annual Horizon Report from Educause They have also initiated the Digiteen Project in which their ninth and tenth-grade students explore digital citizenship along with students from an international school in Vienna.
  29. 29. Flat Classroom futureDavid & Lindsay says perhapsFlat Classroom projects areone solution for the drop outcrisis highly evident in theUnited States and manyother countries today
  31. 31. Peer to peer teamwork Teamwork SharePoint Send instant messages & engage online Collanos Online way to keep track of Toolsdiscussions forums Workplace documents among members WE ALL LEARN framework-simple safe, practical and collaborative learning Online sticky Use able to work offline notes Enables work teams to collaborate Groove on a document where changes are Concept mapping & Project automatically synched to everyones calendar tools (document management tools workspace. sharing) Webrowsing
  32. 32. Microsoft Office Live Workspace Beta Live Workspace can tell students who has worked on a document, spreadsheet, contact list or database. This tool is embedded in Microsoft live@edu with free email and calendar tools All Microsoft word, Excel, and Power Point files can be opened, saved, shared and changed online Students now can collaborate with numerous people online in the wee hours and students who adapt this tool will be more employable and interpersonally aware
  33. 33. ONLINE COLLABORATION• If you want to talk to • Free online services • In educational settings someone in the 21st are increasingly this tools are used for Century you have a moving into fully online team host of options: functional collaboration and class collaborative interaction. exchanges or courses.Adobe Connect Pro, Dimdim allows sharing of Live Person tool is usedElluminate, pictures ,Power point tor students to talk toWebEx,Centra / online slides,PDF files ,videos someone message etc
  35. 35. Summary of Collaborate or Die- #Opener 7 Some synchronous tools, in particular cost more then educational institutionsand organizations typically have budgeted. But the costs are coming down andmany tools are being made open source. Collaboration are not highly acclaimed social phenomena but is a vitallearning principleIt is difficult to pin point what online collaboration is about because there is somany forms of itMany other openers directly or indirectly rely on collaboration andcollaborative tools.Collaborative tools are yet another indicator that the lockstep factory model ofeducation is out of sync with current learning possibilities and viewpoints.
  36. 36. Summary of Collaborate or Die- #Opener 7 WE ALL LEARN FROM:- our peers experts we have never met from resources generated from another country or culture Archival records of online learning activities completed recently or long agoOur learning futures rest not only on the realization that collaboration isnot simply an empowering engine for economic expansion madepossible by Globalization 3.0, but also the gains in education thatunderpin the economic ones.