Partnerships: for True Friends and Searching Readers


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  • In the period1924–1926,two courses were organized in the local café: the first one in the popular at the time Esperanto international language conducted by Boris Peshev and attended by 35 people for six months; and the second one in bookkeeping conducted by Georgi L. Markov and Alexander Tsonev, Accountant at Bulgarian National Bank, and attended by 15 participants for three months.
  • One of the implemented methods for increasing the number of readers is the book delivery to readers, especially to children. In 1954,230 books were delivered and in the following year – 310 books; these numberswere reported insufficient. Other approaches to increasing the number of readers included repeated posting of a recommended list of newly purchased books in a visible location and a radio lecture broadcast “The Meaning of Progressive Books”. Other initiatives along these lines, like book discussions and readers’ conferences, were not implemented.
  • Partnerships: for True Friends and Searching Readers

    1. 1. The practices of the Chitalishte Library in Zlatograd 1
    2. 2.  Bulgaria’s southernmost city; The birthplace of Delyo Voivode; One of the 100 national tourist sites – a living architectural reserve; The biggest sanctuary dedicated to the Sun God; The oldest church in Mid Rhodope Mountains. 2
    3. 3. Glob@l Libraries: Why in Zlatograd? The oldest written monument of the Rhodope Revival was created here; More than 120 architectural and archeological monuments of culture; The only museum of communications in Bulgaria; Chitalishte with traditions of more than 100 years. 3
    4. 4. Glob@l Libraries in Zlatogradbecause: (2) librarians are strongly motivated; local authorities are open to projects; citizens stimulate local initiatives; program opportunities allow for it; i.e. a PARTNERSHIP has “ripened”. 4
    5. 5. In 1924, the library organized two courses in a local café: The first one in the popular at the time Esperanto international language, attended by 35 people for six months; The second one in bookkeeping, attended by 15 participants for three months and conducted by a Bulgarian National Bank accountant. (chitalishte history) 5
    6. 6. OUR CHITALISHTE– the evolution 1934 2012 The buildings of Prosveta 1908 Public Chitalishte in Zlatograd 6
    7. 7. OUR CHITALISHTE – the content 7
    8. 8. THE LIBRARY(prior to becoming a glob@l library) • Establishment of a reading room and a1920 library • Provision of newspapers and magazines –1931 26 titles • The librarian undergoes training1952 • Adoption of a new decimal classification 8
    9. 9. OUR LIBRARY in numbers(prior to becoming a glob@l library) 20000 15000 10000 5000 0 1948 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 2011 Налични книги посетители Прочетени книги 9
    10. 10. OUR LIBRARY in pictures 1956 Methods for increasing the number of unique users: • book delivery to readers, especially to children; • posting the list of newly purchased books in a visible location; • radio lecture “The Meaning of Progressive Books”.Summer reading 10
    11. 11. OUR LIBRARY in pictures 2000 Methods for increasing the number of unique users: • constant renovation of library stock; • periodicals; • thematic exhibitions; • meetings with authors.Thematic book exhibition 11
    12. 12. OUR LIBRARY in pictures 2011 Glob@l for 1 year:  Modern equipment;  Access to the internet and content;  Trained library staff;  Wide range of services.Library Information Center 12
    13. 13. OUR LIBRARY in…2022 ?... Matter of our dreams Product of our deeds 13
    14. 14. What has changed with GLOB@L LIBRARIES? … but also theNot only the building atmosphere and and equipment, content. 14
    15. 15. OUR GLOBAL LIBRARY:Is not just about …but also the numbers of about a change readers and in communityborrowed books, life. Is not just …but about trueabout visitors, PARTNERSHIPS. 15
    16. 16. 16
    17. 17. PARTNERS: TRUE FRIENDS AND SEARCHING READERS Forum theater - a youth initiative within the “Let’s Break Stereotypes Together” campaign, in partnership with the chitalishte library in Zlatograd 17
    18. 18. PARTNERS: TRUE FRIENDS AND SEARCHING READERSWith our friends from Zora Day Center and the Center for Public Support 18
    19. 19. Our Partners:Amateur art groups: Active readers; Artistic meetings; Book presentations. 19
    20. 20. Glob@l Library Partners:Computer trainingparticipants 60+ 20
    21. 21. Glob@l Library Partners:Vocational training centers andexternal training organizations Entrepreneurship courses; - Environmentalists; - Road construction; - Hairdressing, etc. 21
    22. 22. More Library Partners: Fiut Egmont BG Anubis Bulvest 2000 22
    23. 23. And those who can always be our partners and yet we often overlook:The other chitalishte/district libraries 23
    24. 24.  To overcome a problem of significance for us and the community; To diversify the provided services and areas of operations; To modify the image and the atmosphere; To share expenditures and common resources; For communication, control; For additional support; For the “fashionable” sustainability. 24
    25. 25.  Resource center for unemployed people; Access to e-government services and the information center in general; The book “100 Years Prosveta Chitalishte in Zlatograd”; Celebration of the World Book and Copyright Day. 25
    26. 26. Partnership Initiatives 26
    27. 27. Partnership Initiatives 27
    28. 28.  Participation of amateur performers in library events 28
    29. 29. Not just about building and equipment, but also about content, atmosphere and traditionsthat change our everyday lives. 29
    30. 30. Let’s share a moment of partnership 30
    31. 31. Instead of a conclusion – the role of partnership:Arguments from 1940 for the preservation of the chitalishte in Zlatograd: “The chitalishte and the library are a living monument of intrinsic agreement and tolerance… The chitalishte and the library are conducive to the elimination of personal selfishness. The chitalishte channels a spirit of close friendship, natural activities and a parched thirst for knowledge.” 31
    32. 32. Motives (2) from 1940 for the preservation of the chitalishte in Zlatograd (continued): “It excites citizens’ interest in reading. It is a center of spiritual life aiming to expand the acquired literacy. The chitalishte is and will be the center of every cultural and public initiative, a temple of Bulgarian thought and word, and a material expression of Bulgarian spiritual might.” 70 years later, this sounds topical and feasible through the Global Libraries. 32
    33. 33. 33
    34. 34. Prepared by: Plamen Chingarov, Zorka Hadzhieva Phone: 0307 14207 0894 744964 Library atProsveta 1908 Public Chitalishte, Zlatograd 34