The Challenge: Care for the Different Children


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  • All activities were performed simultaneously at the library training centers by the established coalition for the target groups of the respective municipality
  • Objectives
    To support the process of integrated education and improve the supporting environment of children with special education needs
    To improve the standards of their education through ICT
    To improve access of pedagogues and users of specialized literature to updated information environment via the information resources of the District Library
    To establish effective partnerships
    1. Conduct interviews with children, parents and pedagogues.
    2. Training of library specialists to work with children with special education needs
    3. Education courses for initial and upgrading computer literacy for:
    children with special education needs
    parents, foster parents, personal assistants
    4. Development of information resources (bibliographic lists, electronic exercises)
    5. Provision of individual consultancy
    6. All planned activities are performed simultaneously at the training centers of the libraries-partners following a previously designed program with the direct involvement of teachers from the Resource center
  • All were trainees and trainers at the same time, giving and receiving information
  • Quantitative and qualitative results of the project
  • Dyslexia, problems with the phonetic-phonologic reproduction and perception of words, quick loss of attention, memorizing much information, problems related to writing.
  • The Challenge: Care for the Different Children

    1. 1. The Challenge: Care for the Different Children
    2. 2. Problem Identified Gr t sc an d ide tive p v Pro nova ity tun ing in r ppo fund O or f me he ts jec ro
    3. 3. available resources Equipped Training Centres Motivated: Library specialists Pedagogues –resource teachers
    4. 4. partnerships  Emil Popdimitrov District Library  Zora Chitalishte library – Dupnitsa  Probuda Chitalishte Library – Kocherinovo  Resource Center for Assistance and Integrated Training of Children with Special Education Needs
    5. 5. Integration through ICT– The Library in Support of Children with Special Education Needs
    6. 6. 70 Children with special education needs 24 parents More than 300 school hours 6 trained library specialists 6 bibliographic lists More than 300 quoted sources 1 section on the site Children associated to education of better quality through ITC Better attitude of students to learning Positive change in behaviour Better supporting environment Improved capacity and motivation of library specialists Improved capacity of the libraries as centers of education Increased awareness of pedagogues Improved capacity for applying technologies as an effective pedagogic tool
    7. 7. Educational Difficulties  Dyslexia  Hyperactivity  Mild mental retardation  Attention Deficit
    8. 8. Nicky
    9. 9. Nicky
    10. 10. What we learned together... We wrote texts in Word We painted with Paint We travelled with Googlе Maps We searched for information and pictures online We visited educational sites for children We had time for our favourite computer games too.
    11. 11. Conclusions and Recommendations  Children with special education needs require this type of informal training and education  ICT – a powerful tool for their education and intellectual development  To train library specialists at national level for the acquisition of skills to work with children with special education needs  Libraries – part of the supporting and educational environment of the children with special education needs