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Imagine Libraries...: beyond a future that is already here. Glòria Pérez- Salmerón


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Presentada en la Cumbre Internacional del Libro, "The Culture of the Book. The First International Summit of the Book", celebrada en The Library of Congress (Washington, D.C.), los días 6 y 7 de diciembre de 2012, y donde participó la Biblioteca Nacional de España (BNE).

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Imagine Libraries...: beyond a future that is already here. Glòria Pérez- Salmerón

  1. 1. THE CULTURE OF THE BOOKTHE FIRST INTERNATIONAL SUMMIT OF THE BOOKThe Library of Congress. Washington D.C.December 6-7, 2012National Library perspectives on the Past, Present and Future of the book IMAGINE LIBRARIES… Beyond a future that is already here Glòria Pérez-Salmerón Director of the National Library of Spain
  2. 2. A change of perspective
  3. 3. From the origins to the XXICenturyLibraries are institutions with a long history
  4. 4. Different libraries fordifferent usersPublic libraries Specialized libraries National libraries
  5. 5. All that is changing:
  6. 6. From paper
  7. 7. …to the screen
  8. 8. New players like GoogleBooks or Wikipedia
  9. 9. The National Library of Spain
  10. 10. Its catalogue isincreasingly ubiquitous The European Library, TEL Online Computer Libraries Center, OCLC Manuscripts in REBIUN (Red de Bibliotecas Universitarias) Authorities in VIAF (Virtual International Authorities File)
  11. 11. Core functionsDigital legal deposit and Web Archive National repository project In collaboration with (ITC Cº infrastructure) and the Spanish Autonomous Governments , CCAA Web Archive 3 mass harvesting + 3 complementary mass harvesting 2 selective harvesting 85 TB 1,700 + millions of URLs
  12. 12. Biblioteca Digital HispánicaPublic-private partnership with Telefónica: Digitization of 30,000 pages/day Nowadays there are around 100,000 titles available in Biblioteca Digital Hispánica, including 1,066 titles of serials collection in Hemeroteca Digital Around 23,000,000 pages
  13. 13. International digital cooperation The European Library /Europeana World Digital Library OCLC, participation in WorldCat and CONTENTdm (work in progress) Biblioteca Digital del Patrimonio Iberoamericano (BDPI)
  14. 14. The Biblioteca Digital delPatrimonio Iberoamericano (BDPI)
  15. 15. BDPI: A success story It was born in October 2012 under the auspices of the Association of Ibero-American National Libraries, ABINIA Access to digitized works Dublin Core metadata
  16. 16. Participating libraries BDPI National Library of Brazil National Library of Chile National Library of Colombia National Library of Panama National Library of Portugal National Library of Spain 157.207 titles
  17. 17. The Library disseminates its contents
  18. 18. • Facebook: 126,000 + followers• Twitter followers : • Library 12,700 + • Museum 2,800 + • Director 1,100 +• Youtube: 138 videos and + 440,000 reproductions• Flickr: 233,425 visits in 2012• Wikipedia: improvement of the BNE contents• Slideshare: 90 presentations• RSS: blog, news, events and exhibitions
  19. 19. Interactive online booksUniversal access to our masterpieces with richadded contextual value: Original and transliterated text Music, maps, games, quizzes, videos, 3D models, ephemera, engraves, drawings Quijote Interactivo , October 2010 (2,300,000 consultations in 2011) Leonardo Interactivo, October 2012
  20. 20. Leonardo Interactivo
  21. 21. Quijote interactivo
  22. 22. Austerity’s strategiesSociety is requiring more and better servicesfrom librariesMonitor actions to achieve our goals withlimited resourcesThe key lies in cooperation (Public-privatepartnerships, PPPs) and in an exquisitemanagement of resourcesDo more with less!
  23. 23. Libraries recover their old rolesin a society that needs to turn information into knowledge
  24. 24. The future of the bookFrom The book as a physical container of informationto “The book as a … “
  25. 25. online multimedia contents
  26. 26. “The book as …” A BNE`s exhibition to show the beginning of a new age also for the printed book
  27. 27. The printed book, a precious art object Joan Miró, [et. al.]. Paroles peintes V, 1975 BNE INVENT/82623
  28. 28. The book as a hunter of momentsAna de Matos. Cuento de Hadas. Barcelona: Raiña Lupa Eds., 2006 BNE INVENT/83065
  29. 29. The book as a visual poetry Eduardo Escala. Libro Infinito. 1996 BNE ER/5825/5
  30. 30. The book as a delicacyMaureen Lucía Booth. Mis dulces miércoles. Granada: Mararo Moreno Villalonga, 1999 BNE INVENT/79397
  31. 31. The book as a desireJuan Carlos Mestre. La mujer abstracta. Velliza (Valladolid): El Gato Gris,1996 BNE ER/5854/5
  32. 32. The book as a woundLuís Buñuel y José Hernández. Bacanal. Madrid: Grupo Quince,1975 BNE INVENT/51086
  33. 33. The book as musicVicente Huidobro. SALLEXIV. Madrid: Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía,2001 BNE INVENT/82078
  34. 34. The book as a journeyLucía García Corrales. Bacanal. Madrid: Lucía García Corrales, 2010 BNE INVENT/83871
  35. 35. The future of the book FROM the book as a physical container of information TO online multimedia contents AND “The book as a … “
  36. 36. So … What must we change in order to accomplish our mission? Is still our mission valid? How do we do it? Interesting and challenging times ahead
  37. 37. We have a very, veryinteresting but challengingtime ahead of us!
  38. 38. Web BNE: www.bne.esCatalog: http://catalogo.bne.esBiblioteca Digital Híspánica :http://bdh.bne.esFacebook BNE: BNE: BNE: BNE: BNE:!/bne_bibliotecaTwitter Museo:!/BNE_museoWikipedia BNE: