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Znanie Association


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Znanie Association

  1. 1. Сдружение “Знание” ЛовечVolunteering and Partnership
  2. 2. Сдружение “Знание” Ловеч Why partnership?• Bigger number and diversity of resources• More ideas• Flexibility in work• Courage in decision making• Sharing responsibility
  3. 3. Сдружение “Знание” Ловеч CULTURE LABYRINTHFunded by the National Center for European Youth Programs and Initiativesunder the 2008 – 2010 Program for Youth ActivitiesImplementation period: December 2010 – May 2011Budget: BGN 8,075 (of which BGN 1,100 own contribution)Activities: Culture Labyrinth interactive game in 10 institutions, volunteeringtraining; voluntary work in 5 institutions; implementation of small initiatives;Youth Culture Labyrinth 2 game
  4. 4. Сдружение “Знание” ЛовечResults:Interaction between volunteers and institutions/organizations which requestedtheir involvement.Young people’s self-confidence enhanced through organization andimplementation of 3 initiatives.Young people’s cognizance of the institutions/organizations enhanced andbrought closer to the institutions.Young people’s volunteering knowledge and skills improved – training (16hours)Institution/organization representatives’ motivation for volunteering enhanced.Enhanced awareness and volunteering promotion and mobilization amongother young people – publications, flyers, brochures.
  5. 5. Сдружение “Знание” Ловеч
  6. 6. Сдружение “Знание” ЛовечYOUTH PUZZLE: FIND THE PIECE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR!Source of funding:Youth in Action Program, Action 5 “Support for European Cooperation in theYouth Field”, Action 5.1 “Meetings of Young People and Those Responsible forYouth Policy”Implementation period: May 2011 – August 2011Total project amount: 4,750 euroThe role of ZNANIE in project implementation: Lead partner
  7. 7. Сдружение “Знание” ЛовечYOUTH PUZZLE: FIND THE PIECE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR!MAIN ACTIVITIES:Mobile interactive youth trainingYoung people from four municipalities: Teteven, Letnitsa, Troyan and LovechThe project aims to promote EU goals and policies related to young peopleacross Lovech district.Project participants include young people from Lovech district aged 15 - 30years.The initiative was part of the European Youth Week15-21 May 2011
  8. 8. Сдружение “Знание” Ловеч
  9. 9. Сдружение “Знание” Ловеч VOLUNTEERS IN ACTIONSource of funding:Bulgarian Charities Aid Foundation with the support of the Trust for CivilSociety in Central and Eastern EuropeImplementation period: September – October 2011Total project amount: BGN 6,200
  10. 10. Сдружение “Знание” ЛовечVOLUNTEERS IN ACTIONOpen Space Initiative for Volunteer Ideas (1 October)•Presentation of institutions•Presentation of institutions’ volunteer activities•Volunteer ideasThe initiative took place in the open, in the town’s garden, and was attendedby more than 150 people.
  11. 11. Сдружение “Знание” ЛовечVOLUNTEERS IN ACTIONVolunteer Campaign, 15 October 2011Lovech, Doyrentsi, Bahovitsa, Lisets, GostinyaTotal number of participants: 115 people, of whom 40 young people Lovech: the eco-path above Bash Bunar alley cleaned and markedThe young people cleaned the yard and painted the alcove of the Day Center atZakrila Association together with Stratesh Tourist Association, Rugged RockCycling Club and citizens.Lisets: young people from the local center for work with volunteers at Prof.Benyu Tsonev District Library helped with the making and hanging of newholiday paper decoration.Gostinya: renovation of the inscription on the monument in honor of thepeople who died during the warsDoyrentsi: cleaning and improvement of the village’s central partBahovitsa: cleaning and improvement of the village’s central part  The volunteer campaigns on 15 October 2011 were part of the 2011 NationalVolunteer Days organized by BCAF.
  12. 12. Сдружение “Знание” Ловеч VOLUNTEERS IN ACTION
  13. 13. Сдружение “Знание” Ловеч Ralitsa PopovaExecutive Director