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Natalia Markova from the village of Cherni Osam


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Natalia Markova from the village of Cherni Osam

  1. 1. Volunteer Based Good Practices and Innovative Services in the Library at
  2. 2. Cherni Osam Village “Huddling in the Balkan and hidden from the eyes,blossoming pretty, there’s a place of freedom and thrive. Its people are good mountaineers living with tireless labor, sadness and cheers...”
  3. 3. C h i ta l i s hte A c t i v i t i e s in Cherni Osam Established in 1906 when a group of public figures created a written statement on the establishment of an independent chitalishte which would“Create conditions for the intellectual and moral development of villagers” The chitalishte maintains a comparatively big number of members and participates actively in public development. Every year it takes part in various projects and thus it fills material and inventory gaps. Last but not least, our Board of Trustees has undertaken the ambitious task of ...preserving the healthy Balkan spirit of our village...
  4. 4. C H I TA L I S H T E A C T I V I T I E S I N C H E R N I O S A M The chitalishte library was established in 1906, right after Znanie Chitalishte was founded. Books were purchased and placed in the library bookcase especially designed for the purpose. Today, the library is hosted by the new chitalishte building in a premise of 52 sq.m. Through the years, Znanie 1906 Public Chitalishte has never kept away from new technology. In 2004, the library got its first computer. It has had internet access since 2006. In 2008, the library purchased AB software and launched electronic cataloguing of its stock, processing of all newly acquired books and retroconversion of the entire library stock. In 2007 – 2008, the library renewed its stock through projects implemented under the program “Bulgarian Libraries: Places for Reading and Information” of the Ministry of Culture which improved service provision to patrons and attracted new library users.
  5. 5. C H I TA L I S H T E A C T I V I T I E S I N C H E R N I O S A M In 2008, the Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Program was launched. We were among the libraries approved at the first stage and thus the library already has three computer configurations, a multimedia projector, a screen and a multifunctional device. A laptop was purchased under a project. A new LAN network was developed. Today, our library is an information and internet center. Following the renovation and expanded library and information opportunities, the number of library visits has grown significantly. In addition to all the equipment, an additional librarian staff position was also provided under the program.
  6. 6. V O L U N T E E R I N I T I AT I V E SIn addition to traditional book lending, the library develops numerous volunteeractivities. The most significant examples over the recent years include: Meeting with the writer Donka Petrunova and the poetesses Tsvetana Kacherilskaand Lina BordzhievaWith the help of volunteers in 2009 the library organized and conducted a nationalpoetry contest and in 2010 – 2011, the festival of amateur mountain movies “UnderAmbaritsa Skies”. The library hosts study trips organized jointly with Vasil Levski SecondarySchool, individual sessions with library visitors, and has processed hundreds oflibrary bibliographic requests.
  7. 7. Activity 1.1 – Youth Exchange Project: BG11/A1.1/486/R4“The Mountain: a Good Place for Knowing Each Other”
  8. 8. Main Project Objectives:Bring together 23 participants from Spain, Turkey and BulgariaProvide a good environment for interpersonal and intercultural exchangeImprove the dialogue and participants’ attitude toward different nations’ traditionsand characteristicsProvide an opportunity for informal education and discussion of topics ofsignificance for regional development Implement activities of public significance, thereby increasing the project’s positiveattitudeSynthesize “green” entrepreneurship ideas, good practices and attitude among localpeopleEnhance young people’s involvement in volunteer activities and their interest inparticipating in other similar initiatives.
  9. 9. Project ParticipantsThe project was implemented in the village of Cherni Osam in the period 13 – 21April and organized on a voluntary basis by the project manager and participants. It would not have been implemented without the good facilities and equipment provided by the library.
  10. 10. Voluntary activities achieved as follows:Paths and marking to the nearbyZelenikovo Monastery and Pleven chaletcleaned and freshenedFir trees planted in the garden in frontof the Museum of Natural HistoryGood practices for facilitation of theentrepreneurial development of theregion synthesized
  11. 11. For further information and cooperation:Znanie 1906 Public Chitalishte Cherni Osam 83 Stara Planina St. PO Box: 5620, 00359 879 076 726 c h i t a l i s h t e _ z n a n i e @ a b v. b g w w w. z n a n i e . y o l a s i t e . c o m
  12. 12. Thank you for your attention!