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Prezentacja z III Międzynarodowej Konferencji "Kultura czytelnicza młodego pokolenia", Łódź 16-17 października 2014

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  1. 1. III INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE Reading culture of the young generation Lodz, 16-17 October 2014
  2. 2. The Role of Reading and the Book nowadays 0 The book is an ingenious invention of thinking man. It stimulates the spiritual activity of the people. Book’s power is not only a cultural symbol; it preserves the past, reveals, interpret and preserve cultural tradition. 0 The Book also transfers knowledge and messages between people; it has a socializing function. 0 Reading provokes our active and analytic thinking and it stimulates our creative abilities.
  3. 3. “Book’s Fairs” (twice per year) Award ”Knight of the book”, “March of books”
  4. 4. 1 Под игото Иван Вазов България 2 Време разделно Антон Дончев България 3 Тютюн Димитър Димов България 4 Железният светилник Димитър Талев България 5 Малкият принц Антоан дьо Сент-Екзюпери Франция 6 Майстора и Маргарита Михаил Булгаков Русия 7 Властелинът на пръстените Джон Роналд Толкин Великобритания 8 Осъдени души Димитър Димов България 9 На изток от рая Джон Стайнбек САЩ 10 Граф Монте Кристо Александър Дюма Франция
  5. 5. Exchange plastic scrap for Books
  6. 6. INVESTBANK campaigns in Sofia – Metro and Park
  7. 7. Our University’s Initiatives • Celebration of the World Book and Copyright Day – 23th April • Project ”New policies for stimulating the reading. Research of the Bookcrossing practices in Bulgaria”
  8. 8. Week, dedicated to the World Book and Copyright Day Book collection with scientific reports The Book – more sensual present The Initiatives •students read American poetry; •rhetoric students read stories to kids; •a round Table, where Bulgarian writers and famous directors discussed issues related to Book and Reading; •contests for essays and posters on theme "The Book of my life"; •an exhibition of antique, rare and valuable books; •a workshop- students made their own hand-made books.
  9. 9. Our team Young scientists and students; Different professional fields; Enthusiasts; Love books.
  10. 10. Days of the Book and Copyright in SULSIT •Scientific conference on the book and copyright involving students, teachers, publishers, booksellers, journalists and specialists; • Presentations by authors of books-games; •Presentation of a film-portrait of Prof. Peter Parijkov– an example of the boundless love for books And…
  11. 11. Student’s and PhD student’s forum about the books and the copyright
  12. 12. Workshop–students made their own book
  13. 13. Book-cafe 21 We invite famous Bulgarian authors to talk with students and discuss the role of the book in our society
  14. 14. Student’s Competitions for essay “The Reading…” and poster dedicated to the World Book and Copyright Day
  15. 15. Students read to children
  16. 16. Drop everything and read!
  17. 17.
  18. 18.
  19. 19. •The “bookcrossing” is a network for free books which may exchange its readers. •The philosophy of this project is clear: not to own, only to read a book. This is the main worth of the online community - a reading society. •We organized a bookcrossing zone in our university
  20. 20. Bookcrossing
  21. 21. We’ve made a movie
  22. 22. Film-portrait of Peter Parijkov
  23. 23. Results of our inquiries 45 6 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 Age to 30 Age up 30 Age female 65% male 31% no answer 4% Distribution by age Distribution by sex
  24. 24. Results of our inquiries Very useful 73% not very useful 16% no answer 11% How do you estimate the benefits of our initiatives?
  25. 25. Estimation of our initiatives 69 13 18 Yes No no opinion Do you think that is necessary to organize Reading Stimulating Initiatives in our University? The data - in % Yes, definitely 91% No, there isn't connection 5% no answer 4% Do you think initiatives like these can raise the prestige of the Book? Yes, definitely No, there isn't connection no answer Before After
  26. 26. Scientifically and theoretical results • Analysis and synthesis of scientific literature and information; • Detailed study of Bulgarian sites and blogs, related to books and reading. • The expected effect is to achieve a complete picture of the phenomenon "bookcrossing" in Bulgaria and compared with some countries in Europe. • Recommendations for new strategies and policies to promote reading; • Dissemination of new knowledge by organizing web seminars, lectures and presentations; • Expanding knowledge and acquaintance of new trends in books and reading; • Reports’ publication on the topic; • Enhancing the culture of reading in the university environment.
  27. 27. Scientifically applied results • The Materials became the basis for a textbook; • The captured video during meetings with authors will become an integral part of the seminars and lectures; • PhD students from the team could use the results for their dissertation theses; • Building a solid partnership between educational institutions, unions and representatives of organizations associated with the book; • Participation of our university in the development of educational policies that promote reading; • Working in interdisciplinary teams will lay the background for future partnerships and projects and will be in line with European science policy; • Integration of students to the scientific achievements
  28. 28. Associate Professor Lubomira Parijkova, PhD Facebook: Lubomira Parijkova Department Library Management State University of Library Studies And Information Technologies BULGARIA