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Provadia ppt gsfip_en

  1. 1. Glob@l Libraries now in Provadia too
  2. 2. Filcho Filev, chairman of “Aleko Konstantinov 1884” chitalishte library, signing the Glob@l Libraries MOU
  3. 3. Official opening of the information and training center under the Glob@l Libraries Programme
  4. 4. Project “Citizens of Provadia – informed, motivated and able on the labor market”   Leading organization – “Al. Konstantinov 1884” chitalishte library Provadia Partner – “Modern Chitalishte” Association Sofia
  5. 5. Funding body – Grant scheme for funding of innovative projects under the Glob@l Libraries Bulgaria Programme The project in the thematic area of “Information, Training and Counceling” - employment, training for vulnerable social groups, groups at risk, lifelong learning. The project contributes to social inclusion of vulnerable groups, focusing on young people under 29 and people over 55.
  6. 6. Target groups:  Young people (16-29 y.o.), unemployed, irrespective of gender, ethnicity or religion;  Adults (over 55), active job seekers, dropped out of the labor market due to lack of ICT skills;  Librarians from chitalishte libraries in Provadia Municipality
  7. 7. Project goals:       Goal: Social inclusion of marginalized groups through employment e-services in the library. Objectives: Providing e-services that offer a solution to the existing problems of personal and career development of vulnerable groups. Providing e-services to enhance the interaction between vulnerable groups and chitalishte libraries. Using the opportunities of modern ICT to improve the availability and introduction of new services in the library.
  8. 8. Activities:        Organizing an information campaign to select the project’s target group. Increasing the employability of the unemployed by offering a professional qualification. Increasing the motivation of the target group for personal and professional development. Motivational training “Finding the job we want”. Ability to work with employment e-services users (drafting job applications). Career guidance and counseling through e-services. Providing publicity and information.
  9. 9. Information meeting Project launch
  10. 10. Training for the job position of Computer Operator
  11. 11. Motivational training Counceling
  12. 12. Seminar with librarians Online consultations
  13. 13. Awarding certificates
  14. 14. Awarding certificates
  15. 15. Results:           Young people who have acquired professional qualifications: 13 Adults over 55 who have acquired professional qualifications: 6 Librarians in chitalishte libraries who have acquired skills to offer e-services: 10 Completed trainings in the job position of “Computer Operator”: 2 Completed motivational trainings: 2 Completed trainings on working with e-services users: 1 Completed online consultations: 8 hours Completed coaching sessions: 8 hours Completed webinar Participants who found a job: 14
  16. 16. Benefits for the library      Additional capacity in providing employment e-services. Additional capacity for working with people from vulnerable groups. Cooperation and exchange of information, ideas, services and expertise with other organizations: “Modern Chitalishte” Association, Employment Office Directorate, etc. Increased social prestige and recognition. New patrons and library users attracted.
  17. 17. Thank you!