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What is                                                              Continuing Professional Development?                 ...
1. Three clear stages of masteryWith access to continuing professional                           in professional developme...
Members are encouraged to ascertain the stage of mastery         3. Continuity of relationship and respectthat should form...
5. Clearly defined                                                    OUR TEAM OFapplication requirements                 ...
of experience in the higher education space covering    OUR MANAGEMENT TEAM                                      operation...
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totus HR School Corporate brochure


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totus HR School Corporate brochure

  2. 2. What is Continuing Professional Development? Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the conscious updating of professional knowledge and the improvement of professional competence throughout a persons working life. It is a commitment to being professional, keeping up-to-date and continuously seeking to improve. It is the key to optimising a persons career opportunities, both today and for the future. The Chartered Institute of Professional Development (2000) WHAT DOES TOTUS HR SCHOOL DO? WHY CONTINUINGtotus HR School promotes continuing professional develop- PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT?ment for HR professionals so they can contribute with - The HR profession has experienced enormouscompetence and pride in the ever changing world of work. evolution, identity transformation and self-critique. - HR professionals have had to support the WHAT DOES business needs of scale and rapid growth TOTUS HR SCHOOL OFFER? - In the process, HR professionals have had tototus HR School offers to its members, amazing professional work with radically changing business models, valuesdevelopment opportunities including: and philosophies as well as socio-cultural shifts and - Application focused courses resultant psychological deficits among employees - Mentoring support - One-on-one learning application support The challenge for HR professionals of today and tomorrow is - Access to a community of learners to meet the needs and expectations of business keeping in mind the interest of employees. HOW WILL THIS HELP?This will help members to To deal with these professional challenges and constantly - Understand where they stand in their profession reinvent themselves, HR professionals need access to some - Pursue their continuing professional development very high quality, holistic and comprehensive continuing - Enhance their professional stature professional development support.
  3. 3. 1. Three clear stages of masteryWith access to continuing professional in professional developmentdevelopment support, HR professionalswill be able to find answers to critical To help HR professionals take stock of their progress in theirquestions like: professional development endeavours, we have established - What is the specialist body of knowledge three clear stages of mastery with clear stage-specific goals, for my profession? milestones to signify mastery, time orientations and skills and - How do I carve a space and identity for competencies to achieve such mastery. myself among my peers? - How do I demonstrate value & make Mastery as a a strategic impact? STRATEGIC Mastery as a HR - What are the professional values and TRUSTED LEADER standards that I should abide by? Mastery as a COMPETENT HR HR PARTNER - How do I partner with business in an PROFESSIONAL empathetic yet assertive manner? STAGE 3 - Where do I turn to for my professional development? STAGE 2 STAGE 1 OUR CREDO - THE HUMAN SIDEWhat gives life to our profession is humanness – our workwith real people, their performance, potential, needs, motives 1. The focus of the first stage of professional developmentand aspirations. This shapes our values, represents our is to gain mastery as a Competent HR Professionalknow-how and in many ways is our professional foundation. through personal effectiveness, people engagement and leadership skills.totus HR school is therefore deeply committed to retainingthe focus on humanness in all its endeavours. Our offerings 2. The focus of the second stage of professionalwill pay attention to the scientific origins of psychology and development is to gain mastery as a Trusted HRsociology and also emphasise the development of critical Partner through process excellence, partneringhuman facilitation skills. capabilities, leadership and managerial effectiveness. 3. The focus of the third stage of professional THE TOTUS HR SCHOOL ADVANTAGE development is to gain mastery as a Strategictotus HR School’s offerings come with seven distinct HR Leader for organizational effectiveness, business alignment and strategic capabilities.advantages:
  4. 4. Members are encouraged to ascertain the stage of mastery 3. Continuity of relationship and respectthat should form the immediate focus of their professional for personal responsibilitydevelopment investments. The totus HR School Professional totus HR school’s membership model ensures personalDevelopment Profiler will help come to this critical decision. © responsibility for development and also facilitates continuity and personal attention.2. A competency modelfor professional development Member BenefitsAll totus HR School offerings are based on the totus HR Access to the totus HR School Profiler.School competency model for professional development.Acquiring these competencies will help HR professionals Access to all totus HR School courses and qualification offerings.acquire stage-specific mastery and help them play thefollowing four roles effectively: Access to totus HR Schools mentors who will help address any of your professional development and/or career related - Designing and implementing HR process questions, issues and concerns. - Engaging in one-to-one helping relationships - Facilitating group and Organisational processes Receive copies of the totus HR School thought leadership journal “Under the Bonnet” - Partnering and consulting effectively and seamlessly every year. in ones work Invitation to participate in totus HR Schools webinars. Designing and implementing HR processes Through membership, you can be assured that in totus HR School you have a Standards of committed learning partner for life! Professional Professional Excellence Skills Facilitating Engaging in Group and SCIENCE one to one 4. A comprehensive range of coursesorganisational OF HR helping processes relationships totus HR School offers a comprehensive range of courses that have been designed to enhance the competencies that are Functional Leadership Competencies Competencies critical to achieve mastery in each of the three professional development stages. These courses focus on: - Functional knowledge Partnering and consulting - Leadership skills and competencies - Professional skills A competency model for professional development Please see our course calendar and brochures for details.
  5. 5. 5. Clearly defined OUR TEAM OFapplication requirements COURSE DIRECTORS & MENTORStotus HR School has established a range of workplace Some of the most distinguished HR & OD professionals in theapplication requirements for each stage of mastery. country have come together to envision the school and itsCompleting the application work enables members to gain a conceptual underpinnings, shape and deliver its offerings andfull appreciation (knowledge, skills and competencies) and be available to its members in long-lasting developmentalgain full mastery of the stage. relationships. Given below is a partial list of our Course Directors and Mentors:6. Access to powerfuldevelopmental relationships Course Directors - Members will have access to one face to face session - Dr. BJ Prashantham or phone interaction in a year as a part of the - Ganesh Chella annual membership. - G Inbavanan - Mentoring will also be offered as one of the - Harish Devarajan developmental experiences for participants when - PRN Murthy they enroll for a full stage. This mentoring support - PS Srinivasan will last for four sessions over a - Rosemary Viswanath six to seven month period. - V. Kartikeyan - Prof. Balasubramanian7. Ability to learn at one’s pace, maintain - Dr. TT Srinathcontinuity and move from courses to full - Sudha GaneshqualificationsMembers can learn at their own pace and get recognised for Mentorsevery step they take forward - Aashu Calapa - Level I - Member participants can participate in one - Ganesh Chella or more stage-specific individual courses and receive - G Inbavanan a “Certificate of Appreciation”. - GD Sharma - Harish Devarajan - Level II - Member participants can complete all - PS Srinivasan courses relevant to a development stage and - Shekar Rangarajan receive a “Certificate of Proficiency”. - Shreesh Jamdar - Vivek Patwardhan - Level III - Member participants can complete - Steve Correa all prescribed courses and application work relevant to a stage of mastery and be awarded a “Certificate of Mastery”.
  6. 6. of experience in the higher education space covering OUR MANAGEMENT TEAM operations, sales and marketing. Vani is responsible for promoting and marketing all totus HR School offerings.Ganesh Chella- Founder & CEO, totus HR School Shashwathi JagadishGanesh has over 16 years of industry experience and - Manager Content Development & Researchover 12 years of consulting and coaching experience, Shashwathi holds a Masters in HRD Psychology from the University of Madras. Shashwathi is responsible for contentstar ting June 2000. development and research insights.Harish Devarajan - Executive Director Sumathi Mohan - Manager Member RelationsHarish has over 26 years of industry experience and over 4 Sumathi is a Graduate in Commerce from the University ofyears of consulting and coaching experience. Madras with over 20 years of corporate experience. Sumathi is responsible for all aspects of member relationsG. Inbavanan - Executive Director including member enrolment, member communication,Inbavanan has over 29 years of industry experience and member services and support.over 2 years of consulting and coaching experience. K. Karthikeyan - Manager Finance Karthik holds a Masters in Management and has over 11PS Srinivasan - Executive Director years of corporate experience. Karthik is responsible for allSrini has over 37 years of industry experience and over 9 aspects of course logistics, administration in addition toyears of consulting and coaching experience. managing Finance and Accounts for the School.CV Amarendran - Director OperationsAmarendran has over 27 years of industry experience and 2 TALK TO AN EXECUTIVE DIRECTORyears of consulting experience. When you apply to work towards mastery of a full stage ofAnand Kasturi - Director in Residence professional development, you are assured of the supportAnand has over 9 years of industry experience, 5 years of and personal involvement of an Executive Director. With one Executive Director dedicated to each stage ofcoaching experience and has been a consultant trainer for professional development, you are assured of the highestover 18 years. levels of professional support and guidance.Vani - Head Marketing Please ask for a call with the Executive Director responsible for your stage and we will make it happen.Vani holds a Masters in Management and has over 12 years
  7. 7. For more detailsEmail us at: Visit us at: Write to us at: totus HR School No. 43, Bazullah Road, T. Nagar Chennai - 600 017 Call us on: 91-44-28150690 / 28150691 Tele-fax at: 91-44-4202 4154