Chatter &  Metrics    March 2011
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Chatter & Metrics March 2011

Uploaded on, Chatter, Social Networking and the Impact on Business, Chatter, Social Networking and the Impact on Business

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  • In 2009, we witnessed a seminal moment in a shift to social networking. In July, 2009, according to this Morgan Stanley report you see here, social networking users surpassed email users. And that is AMAZING. The Shift to Cloud 2 really took hold in 2009. But what does it mean?Today’s generation uses facebook, twitter, and lots of other social apps. They are logging in multiple times a day, connecting with friends on Facebook, business colleagues on LinkedIn, and everyone on Twitter.This is the future and this is the way people expect to communicate with others. This is the new norm for communications and will only get more powerful over time.
  • You can see here from the research that the top applications that people are using on the internet are Facebook and YouTube. These are Cloud 2 apps that I’m talking about. In fact, the usage of these services have surpassed search in internet usage. This is a fundamental change in what people are doing in the Cloud today.This shows that the move from Cloud 1 to Cloud 2 is already happening.
  • In 2010, the number of ad impressions on Facebook topped those from any other website in the world. People are spending more time on social networking websites than ever before.
  • Not only are the content and applications that are different today, but how people access these applications is also different. Instead of accessing these social networking apps from their desktop, people are using smartphones like the iphones, blackberry and a host of new devices like the ipad to access the internet. These new devices make it faster and easier to access the
  • As a rep it’s impossible to stay on top of the people, the documents, and the apps that you need to sell effectively.It’s hard to connect with all the right people across your company: Marketing, Engineering, Legal, Finance.Hard to track down the latest data in all your apps: Sales, Service, Finance.And it’s just as hard to stay on top of the latest documents on your in file servers, over email, and intranets
  • Chatter is a real-time collaboration app that lets you collaborate across your company. It’s private to your company, secure and includes all the key capabilities for Cloud 2 such as feeds, profiles, status updates, and mobile.
  • When you collaborate in the cloud, you’ll see measurable resultsNot only does chatter help companies find information and respond to customers faster, but also helps reduce the number of meetings and email.How does Chatter help companies achieve these results?
  • As I mentioned, we survey our customers every 6 months as a way to learn how they are doing. Consistently we find that our customers are really succeeding in the Sales Cloud 2. You can see the results of the survey of over 6,000 customers that they are improving along every major metric in Sales by using Salesforce.We’re seeing that Sales teams are improving productivity, generating high revenue and closing more deals.Uses mobile devices, customers are seeing a 28% increase in team productivity. They’re seeing an average of 26% revenue increase and 23% faster sales cycles. Now, the question is: “How is Salesforce making such a dramatic impact for these companies?”
  • We at Salesforce think that there is a better way. is the platform built for Cloud 2. You don’t have to worry about infrastructure, maintenance, or upgrades. Apps built on our platform automatically mobile and social. helps application builders deliver applications five times faster at half the cost.With, it faster to design, assemble, code, configure, test and deploy your apps. By building apps in the cloud, you are freed from the traditional pains of and expenses of hardware and software. According to an IDC study, it’s 5X faster and half the cost to deploy custom apps.


  • 1. Social Networking Surpasses Email
    SocialNetworking Users
    Global Users (MM)
    Source: Comscore, 2010
  • 2. Broad Change in Internet Usage
    Top Internet Use Cases
    Share of Online Usage
    Source: Nielsen Wire, January 2011. Morgan Stanley Internet Mobile Report, December 2009
  • 3. Facebook Leads Industry in Ad Impressions
    U.S. Share of Display Ad Impressions
    Source: Comscore, November 2010
  • 4. Next Generation Devices Changing How We Access the Internet
    Device Shipments
    Source: Gartner Research; Smartphone, Tablet, and PC Forecast, December, 2010.
  • 5. Today, It’s Impossible to Stay on Top of Everything
    Competitive Expert
    Sales Ops
    Price List
    Product Expert
  • 6. Real-Time Enterprise Collaboration
    App Updates
    File Sharing
    Security & Sharing Model
    Status Updates
  • 7. Dell Manages a Global Organization with Chatter
    100,000 Chatter Subscribers
    15,000 Sales Subscribers Across 20 Countries
    10%Increase in Sales Productivity
    $1 Billion in Approved Partner Deal Registrations
    Michael Dell
  • 8. Motorola Keeps Everyone Aligned on Chatter
    +1,000 Chatter users
    Legal, finance, and operations collaborate on partner contracts
    Device Selector App instantly Chatterized
    Royalty payments Chatter to executives
    Elias Dayeh
    Sr. Manager, Business Operations
  • 9. Phenomenal Success with Chatter
    Average Percentage Improvements Reported by Customers
    Source: Customer Relationship Survey conducted Nov. 2010 by an independent third-party MarketTools Inc. on 6,000+ customers randomly selected, representing organizations across the globe, of all sizes and from a diverse set of industries. Response sizes per question vary. Data is intended as a guideline based upon historical results from a sample set of customers. Results are dependent upon many different factors that are customer-specific. Therefore, actual results will vary.
  • 10. Customers Succeed Across Every Major Metric
    Average Percentage Improvements Reported by Customers
    Source: Customer Relationship Survey conducted October-November 2010, by an independent third-party,MarketTools Inc., on 6,000+ customers randomly selected. Response sizes per question vary.
  • 11. Average Percentage Improvements Reported by Customers
    Source: Customer Relationship Survey conducted October-November 2010, by an independent third-party,MarketTools Inc., on 6,000+ customers randomly selected. Response sizes per question vary.
    Customer Success Across Every Major Metric
  • 12. is 5X Faster and Half the Cost to Build Apps
    Deliver Apps 5X Faster
    Point and Click for Business Users
    Coding for Developers
    Half the cost
    Fewer IT Resources
    No Hardware/Software
    On-premise Software
    Includes: staffing, infrastructure, licenses, IT support, and changes.
    IDC White Paper sponsored by “ Cloud Platform Drives Huge Time to Market and Cost Savings”,
    Doc # 219965, September, 2009