Mobile Engagement 2012: A Winning Strategy


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This talk was presented at the PRSA International Conference in October 2012 for the Technology Section.

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Mobile Engagement 2012: A Winning Strategy

  1. 1. Mobile Engagement:A Winning Strategy By: Dawn Yankeelov, President Aspectx Date: Oct. 16, 2012
  2. 2. Market Conditions•Everyone’s Head is in The Cloud • Peak 10, Amazon• Capture Fixation • Goggle, Serge (, and QR CodesLouis• If It’s Not Drilled Down to Local, Then Who Cares • Why Wait, RedeApp, and Scoutmob•Save Me Money and/or Time • Pinterest, FB, Linked In, Groupon
  3. 3. What We Will Cover “In the beginning, God logged on,”…. The CirculatingTXT Joke-- TECHNOLOGY impact Year 2025: Father angrily to his little kid: “Why dont u trust me...I told u a hundred times that you were really born, not downloaded.”
  4. 4. Survey Says…• Even a year ago, there were already more than 700,000Mobile Apps; estimated now at 2 Mil.•The Number Of Mobile Devices In Use Will ExceedWorld’s Population By End of 2012•In 2011, mobile data traffic was 8 times the size of theentire global Internet in 2000 (597 petabytes vs. 75petabytes)• By 2016, video will be over 70% of mobile traffic. It isalready slightly more than half of all traffic.•By the end of 2012, over 100 million smartphone users willbe using over 1 GB/month of data--source: Techcrunch, 2/14/2012
  5. 5. 7 Game Changers• A No. 1: Mobile Payments/Pay by Phone•#2: Healthcare Choices by Phone•#3: Education on Mobile•#4: Govt. Gone Mobile•#5: Localization of Everything Continues•#6: Video & Chat With the Multitudes (and Siri)•#7: The Next Really Important Social Network, And theAnswer is….
  6. 6. The Players in With You Forrester Research 2012
  7. 7. #1: Pay Now
  8. 8. NFC. Near Field Communications
  9. 9. Defined.
  10. 10. ThePlayers
  11. 11. What’s Verifone?
  12. 12. Coffee Please
  13. 13. Where is that cup of Joe?
  14. 14. Starbucks on the Cutting Edge
  15. 15. Over the Rainbow
  16. 16. New Players into Unattended Retail d
  17. 17. Govt. Apps?
  18. 18.••American Red Cross first aid•National Institute on Drug Abuse MobileWebsite••Smokey Bear•Access American Stories--a bilingual(Spanish/English) “crowdsourced” audioexperience and companion to the AmericanStories exhibition at the Smithsonians NationalMuseum of American History for low vision.
  19. 19. Localization—Here. Now.
  20. 20. Education and Healthcare too
  21. 21. Education
  22. 22. The Learning House
  23. 23. Healthcare: Hospital Use >>>A new report from health care market research company Kalorama Information estimates that the medical mobile health market was worth $84.1 million in 2010, up from about $41 million in 2009.Strate >>>According to the report -- titled "The Worldwide Market for Mobile Medical Apps" …more than 50% of physicians used PDAs or smart phones on a daily basis in their work. The average price for most medical apps was $15, the study found (Merrill, Healthcare IT News, 1/6). >>>The report found that health care apps made up approximately 1.5% of the total mobile apps market in 2009 (Byers, CMIO, 1/4). Read more: chart-progress-in-2010.aspx#ixzz2539j93rc
  24. 24. Hospitals Got Started Early•Indiana’s Columbus Regional Hospital • Added mobile version of site 2010—See that more than 13% now connect that way routinely•Athen’s-GA-based Regional Health Services • QR Codes for Mammogram Appts.—Appts. up 15% on request forms from QR Code•Baltimore’s MedStar Harbor Hospital • GeoTargeted Mobile Ad Display Campaign with Emergency Care door-to-door directions •HealthLeadersMedia 3/2012
  25. 25. From Branding to Health ManagementMobile Medical Reminder ‐ A short message (textmessages/SMS) sent to a patient’s mobile devicewith reminders… upcoming doctor’s appointment,taking medication, immunization updates, refillprescriptions, etc.• Mobile Monitoring ‐ A small patch worn on theskin capable of wirelessly linking to a patient’smobile device…could monitor heartrate, EKG, respiration, and blood pressure.
  26. 26. And MoreMobile Monitoring of Elderly ‐ A small patch worn onthe skin capable of wirelessly linking to a patient’smobile device. The mobile device would precisely trackthe location of the wearer and would be able to tell if theperson was standing, sitting, lying down, or fell down.Mobile Medicine/Administration ‐ Via a patch on theskin linked to a mobile device a patient could managetheir therapy as well as transmit information to aphysician (such as blood pressure, heart rate,respiration, etc.). ..alert would be sent to the patient orcare giver.
  27. 27. Survey for Understanding GrowthPreliminary results from a pilot test of WellDoc’sDiabetesManager system among employees of healthinsurer Health Care Service Corp. (HCSC) who had type 2diabetes.But what does it really mean that 88 percent of the 156participants called DiabetesManager “highly useful” forself-management of their condition?
  28. 28. On the HorizonIMS predicts that 4.7 million Bluetooth Smart-enabledconsumer medical devices will ship in 2016 and some10.3 million will ship between now and then.“Intel sees the approval of the Running and CyclingSpeed and Cadence specifications as an importantmilestone in the transition of low-power wireless fitnesssensors from proprietary to a standards-based solutionusing Bluetooth 4.0,” Eric Dishman, fellow and generalmanager of health strategy and solutions at Intel stated inthe Bluetooth SIG announcement. (Aug. 2012)
  29. 29. How-To: Leveraging LoyaltyGet the App Ranked:•Run an intensive CPI (cost per install) Campaign (days)•SEO/Keyword search optimization•PR•Discounting•Reviews in Blogs of Interest•Time Release at Trade Shows•To be in Top 50 of Category: 25,000 downloads per day on theapp store (as of June 2012). 10,000 to be top in China. 5,000 inUK and South Korea.
  30. 30. Loyalty is Coming Back.
  31. 31. Mobile Giving.
  32. 32. All Charities Want You Now.
  33. 33. Mobile
  34. 34. Mobile Metrics Reading
  35. 35. Video & Chat
  36. 36. Easy and Free.
  37. 37. The Next Social Network is…
  38. 38. Find The PATH…
  39. 39. Takeaways•Be Collaborative•Define Strategy•Find Call to Action in the App Or Hold on Build•Determine Audiences in Advance•Use Metrics•Do Targeted, Intense Promotions to Drive Up Usage•Experiment with Other NEW social paths•HyperLocal is Useful so Leverage
  40. 40. Links of Interest•See embedded video—SF Speakers on Mobile for the City•CDC’s Social Media Toolkit•Mobilize Your Website•9 Businesses Using Pinterest Contests••Fatfinger Factor
  41. 41. ContactAspectx, 7003 Harrods Landing Dr., Prospect, KY 40059 W: 502-292-2351; Cell: 502-548-1304 Twitter: dawnyaspectx Find me on Linked In, FB, Google+ Skype: dawny1962