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Consumer Engagement in the Digital Age
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Consumer Engagement in the Digital Age


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Published in: Business, Art & Photos

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  • 1. Consumer  Engagement  in  the  DIGITAL  AGE  Insights  on  Philips  Family  Rewards   1  
  • 2. 2  
  • 3. Exercise  1:    WRITE  A  MESSAGE  SEND  IT  TO  ME  
  • 5. 5  
  • 6. Exercise  3:  WITH  THE  TECHNOLOGY  &  THE  INSTRUCTIONS  
  • 7. CHANGES   7  
  • 8. 8  
  • 9. 1    INTERNET   9  
  • 10. 10  
  • 11. 11  
  • 12. ✗   TRADITIONAL   MARKETING   APPROACH       12  
  • 13. 2    DATA   13  
  • 14. 14  
  • 15.   1 5  
  • 16. ✗   16  
  • 17.  3    SOCIAL   17  
  • 18. Consumers  do  not  believe  us   anymore   18  
  • 19. They  believe  their  friends   19  
  • 20. ✗   20  
  • 22. I  have  no  Sme  I  have  access  to  all  informaSon   I  am  connected   NOT  loyal   I  am   22  
  • 23. YOU  have    less  ?me  than  before  to    convince  me  IF  I  Do  not  see  the  immediate  value,  I  will  switch   23  
  • 24. DIGITAL  CRM   Consumer  engagement   24  
  • 25. ✗   ✗   ✗  Data   Rewards  Points   Systems   25  
  • 26. ✗   ✗   ✗  Design   Emails   Products   26  
  • 27.  Is  about   Engaged  over   Through  Consumers   Time   MulSple     Touch  points   27  
  • 29. Proven  results  leading  to  expansion   Members   target   Products  registered   2009  comp  CP  48,000   +50%   61,000   X2.3   Re  purchase   Redeemed   Site  visits   2010  growth  2.5M€   61K€   215k   66%  +   higher   25%  SG  traffic   30  
  • 30. 31  
  • 31. Iceberg  concept  approach   TRADITIONAL  CRM  APPROACH   CreaSve,  Points,  Rewards…..   WHERE  THE  DIFFERENCE  IS   All  the  invisible  parts   32
  • 32. Do  not  compromise  your  chances  of  success   33  
  • 33. 2F5DIGITAL  CRM  METHODOLOGY   F5DIGITAL CRM Methodology Analysis Recommendation : Cookbook Deployment Ongoing Evaluation of what Implementation of the Maintenance once F5DIGITAL recommendation based on results needs to be done recommendation implemented CRM Strategic Implementation Toolkit Engagement 1 2 3 4 6 Hologram Direction Blueprint Set program!  Consumer insights !  Engagement !  Actual chosen !  Resources !  Activities!  Trade structures program core concept !  Planning !  Editorial calendar!  Benchmark element !  Measurement !  Templates !  Tactics preparation !  Approach !  KPI set up !  Briefing!  CRM Status and !  Strategic direction !  Contact Strategy !  Checklists workflows!  CRM hologram Actual 5 7 Maintenance Production !  Creative direction !  Technical !  Wireframe !  Content !  Protosite !  Discussions !  Consumer journey !  Measurement !  Coding !  Programming !  Design Platform LIVE 34   !"#$%&(#) Consulting methodology approach V2.1 1
  • 34. CONTROLLED  PROCESS   35  
  • 35. Detailed  contact  strategies   Update Contents and push customized contents Reminder if voucher is not Cross Sell and Up-Sell redeemed within a Membership  Phase   Member DB Week  1   certain period of time. Ongoing   1st  Month   Each  Months   Contents  TargeSng   High  Traffic  Sites   Initiate Philips Purchase Generate Flagship Member  Status   Online  Banners  on  high   consideration redemption Contents  TargeSng   Store Traffic  sites   Customized through point voucher Interests   personal interface redemption Member  Status   Purchase  Probability   !  News Search   Interests   Personal  Events   !  Offers Philips Online Key  Word  Search   !  Highlights Store Purchase  Probability   !  Point Status Customer  Value   PFR Product !  etc. Personal  Events   Website Drive Sales Registration Point  Status   Initiate and PointExperience Purchase Accumulation Customer  Value   Philips  Website   consideration Journey General member Point  Status   Mul?ple  banner   through contents member placement  across  the   Customize  and  Assemble   promotions Offline Member !  Products Website   Contents   !  Offers Sales Channels DB TransacSonal  E-­‐Mail   !  Events Corporate  Program   !  Promotions Initiate Customize  and  Assemble   Program  News   Purchase Follow-­‐up  of  member   Contents   Access  of  larger   !  etc. consideration online  ac?vi?es  and/or   Sales  Offers   Consumer  Pools   through Online Sales Channels update  members  about   Member Program  News   Point  Status   general promotions new  points  being   through Drive Point generated.   product Sales  Offers   Redemption and  Products   Brand   Define and Retail   registration customize next New  Member   ConfirmaSon  eDM     Point  Status   Personal  Events   eDM contact and Informa?on  and   Customer  DB   Up-Sell Cross Sell and Mail  leads  instantly  to   Brand  and  Products   contents Reminder  of  Family   Confirma?on  and   Single etc.   website  visit.   Member Drive Rewards   Welcome  contact  Social that   Personal  Events   Thank you online Point Media leads  to  the  Program  Site.   Redemption Philips  Databases   eDM to etc.   registrants Use  of  the  full  poten?al   Adding within  Philips   Family Members Drive Register offline POS Monthly  eDM   Customer  Care  Center   Purchase Monthly  eDM  that  builds   Analyze Personal  Engagement  and   a  strong  rela?onship  with   Results, PFR Monthly  eDM   Member Acquisi?on   Program   Philips Website Member the  brand  and  drives   channel Member interaction Website   Website Experience DB Monthly  eDM  that  builds   eDM program  engagement.   DB performance Journey a  strong  rela?onship  with   and member Experience  Showroom   behavior the  brand  and  drives   Drive Website re- Informa?on  and   program  engagement.   visitation – push Register Reminder  of  Family   contents Adding Rewards   Family Members Reminder Offline eDM to non- Drive Social POS registrants Media Single Experience Mul?ple  Touch   Immediate   Member Define and Points   Engagement   Simple member Drive Engagement customize next eDM contact and contents registration Actions
  • 36. Share  Come  back   Convert   WHY  ?   Join     Buy     ©  F5DIGITAL  Consul?ng  2010  –  Why  syndrome   37  
  • 37. Understand  consumer  triggers   38  
  • 38. Active And  long  ?me  reten?on  Members 100% Objected Lifecycle with targeted interventions 75% 1 50% 2 25% 12% Assumed Lifecycle without interventions 3 6% Membership X weeks 2x weeks 3x weeks 4x weeks 5x weeks Time 2.5 Membership Years © F5DIGITAL Consulting, 2010 long time retention 39  
  • 39. I  ONLY  NEED   GIVE  ME  A   1  TV   REASON  TO   1  SHAVER   1  CAR   COME  BACK   40  
  • 40. Non  members   Members   InvitaSon  e-­‐mail   TransacSonal   Booster   Monthly  • Drive  new   • Automa?cally   • Automa?cally   • Ac?vi?es   registra?ons   generated   generated   • Offers  based  on  • Increase   • Interac?on  with   • Reminder   profile   awareness   the  site   • Rela?onships   • Personalized   • Personalized   41  
  • 41. It  is  not  just  about  product,    it’s  about  usage   Cooking   High  Value   Customers   Baby  Care   TV   Home  Audio   42  
  • 42. 2010  –  Key  ac?ons  Roadmap   Feb   March   Apr   May   June   July   Aug   Sept   Oct   Nov   Dec   Jan   Monthly  eDMs   Go  Live  Online   Invita?on  email   Social  media  quick  wins   InvitaSon  email   Online  RedempSon   Blast  to  100k  consumers   Na?onal  Day  campaign   GO  LIVE   Website  live   Facebook  Connect   Reminder  to  join   Teaser  to  Philips  employees   Share  /  Like   1to1  MulSchannel   Voucher  reminder  Test   POS  set  up   Carnival  Sale   Carnival  Sale  Offline   Showroom     Special  treats  for   Materials  in  retail   Special  treats  for   set  up   Promoters  brief   members   members   System  implementa?on   Staff  brief  and  support  Engagement  acSviSes   Breaseeeding  talk   Carnival  Sale+   Carnival  Sale   Meet  F1   Breaseeeding  talk   Cooking  Class   Cooking  class   Special  treats  for  members   driver   Cooking  class   Special  treats  for   members   Test  Drive  Program   Test  Drive  Program   Test  Drive  Program   Test  Drive  Program   Test  a  product  home  for  free   Test  a  product  home  for  free   Test  a  product  home  for  free   Test  a  product  home  for  free   43  
  • 43. TARGET   Time  Engagement  level   interac?on   interac?on   interac?on   interac?on   interac?on   44  
  • 44. YOU  KNOW  ME   PROVE  IT   45  
  • 45. ✗   Dear VVIP customer! 46  
  • 46. Dear  valued  golfer   Not  yet  the   opportunity   Friendly  reminder   6  steps  47  
  • 47. ✗   ✓   NOMINATIVE   REAL  1-­‐1   48  
  • 48. 49  
  • 49. August  eDM  example  Main  offer  •  Na?onal  Day  offer  •  Birthday  Product  offers  •  BluRay  Player  •  Vacuum  Cleaner  Points  status  –  Personal  Cash  Points  and  Family  Cash  Points  Products  –  3  products   Member  status  •  Baby  Care   •  Complete  your  •  Culinary   Registra?on  •  Grooming   •  Share  on  Facebook  •  Lifestyle    •  Sound  And  Vision  •  Home  and  living  •  Healthy  Living  News    •  Baby  Care  •  Culinary  •  Grooming  •  Lifestyle  •  Sound  And  Vision  •  Home  and  living  •  Healthy  Living  •   Generic   50  
  • 50. Monthly  1-­‐1  eDM   Fully customized 9 modules 5000++ combinations 51
  • 51. ✗   ✓   PRODUCT   USAGE   BENEFITS   RELEVANCE   53  
  • 52. Select  the  offer  that   suits  me  best   54  
  • 53. Tradi?onal  approach  starts  from  products   Companies  usually  talk  at  a  Product  or  Business  Unit  level  to  Consumers   Product  life  cycle  differs  from  each  others   One  company   Sectors   Sectors   Sectors   Sectors   BU   BU   BU   BU   BU   BU   BU   BU   BU   BU   BU   BU   BU   BU   PRODUCTS  §  Confused  Consumers   ?   §  Non  relevant  offers   ?   ?  §  Overloaded  by  offer   ?   ?   §  Not  aligned  with  consumer  needs  §  One  ?me  rela?on   §  Focused  on  new  product  intro   55  
  • 54. Our  approach   CONSUMER   PROFILE   PRODUCTS   NEEDS   56  
  • 55. It  is  not  just  about  product,    it’s  about  relevance  
  • 56. 58  
  • 57. Integrate  Offline  &  Online     59  
  • 58. LET  ME  VOICE   IT  OUT   61  
  • 59. En?re  plalorm  is  opened   §  Product  reviews  and   ra?ngs  and  provide   Test  Drive  Feedback   §  Product  ra?ng   §  Ac?vi?es  review  and   feedback   §  Facebook  Integra?on   for  easier  registra?on,   login  and  content   sharing   62  
  • 61. REACTION  ACTION   64  
  • 62. Long  term  rela?onship  crea?on   Any  kind  of  acSon  PROFILE   PROFILE  UPDATE   UPDATE   Improved   CommunicaSon   CommunicaSon   65  
  • 63. New  eSHOP  launched  Nov  2010   66  
  • 64. ✗   ✓   MULTIPLE   CHANNELS   MULTI   CHANNELS   67  
  • 65. Voucher  reminder  email  customiza?on  examples   Customized  page   First  name   Product   Price   Alterna?ve  offer   Link   with  Map  and   direc?ons   Dear  Candace,   $104   Dear     Link  for  direc?ons  to  Philips  Shop   John,   $799   Dear     Natalia,   $169   Dear  Evelyn,   $98   Dear   Vincent,   $111  68  
  • 66. Example  :  Personalized  QR  code   69  
  • 67. EFFECTIVENESS   70  
  • 68. Communication relevance Member acquisition Referrals Program sustainability The average click through rate of members of At least 36,000 members have been For every acquired member, 4.2 xxx in its current stage has proven to be 54% clearly indicates that xxx has been naturally acquired through referrals, additional consumers are a strong platform that initiates product relevant throughout their entire membership at POS and through organic site introduced to the program. consideration and drives purchase. period. traffic without further investments. One member Even though re-purchase values,Acquisition Existing Members recommends xxx to caused by xxx, can only be assumed, it 88% of all 4.2 other consumers can be clearly said, that a substantial portion of these repurchases are members triggered and caused by the Open rate Open rate are naturally engagement activities of the xxx grown. 88% program. The following facts, support this statement: 65.0% 35% 39% + 11% Value per re-purchased product !  93% of all members are looking for a special sales offer. Click Click The redemption of vouchers is only used for smaller products. In general we !  At least 66% of all members consider through through can assume that members continue to accumulate points until the point the program as relevant and are status grows to a more substantial amount. visiting the site frequently without the need of being reminded. + 31% 54% Voucher redemption SGD 112.58 / per voucher 74% !  Being engaged, in average a Online store redemption SGD 142.60 / per redemption consumer recommends the program to 4.2 other people.Content relevance Repurchase SGD 241.40 Finally, the fact, that xxx has already66% of members re-visit the site simply because achieved an ROI of 256.6% in its basic form, it is clear, that with a slightthey are looking for new sales offers. The high clickrate on products clearly indicate that theses Return on invest (ROI) increase of member acquisitionmembers are likely to consider a purchase. This xxx has achieved in its first year an ROI of 256.6%, which can be considered as initiatives and program deliverables, theconsideration has, to a large degree, been an outstanding result. Given the current status of the program and its added ROI of 2011 will definitely exceed thetriggered by the xxx program. values for the consumer, this result is very likely to be increased within 2011. 300% mark. 66% of Incremental IVM – Voucher redemption 90,361 Recommendation members visit xxx Incremental IVM – Online redemptions 17,608 The xxx consumer engagement naturally platform has proven its value regarding 66% without an e-mail Incremental IVM – Repurchase 923,365 driving sales but also regarding its power to inspire consumers and to drive reminder product consideration. Total incremental IVM 1,031,335 This ultimately translates in the full Total costs – F5Digital, Production, xxx 659,000 achievement of acquiring consumers and to engage them with the xxx brand 93% search Total net return 372,335 and its products. for special Given the high ROI in the first year, we sales offers 93% ROI - 2010 56,50 % strongly recommend to continue the xxx program in 2011 with an 71   program deliverables. increase of 1
  • 69. We  checked  if  results  were  really  good  ?   •  Maybe  consumers  already  promote  the  brand  ?   •  Maybe  consumers  are  already  ac?ve  ?   •  Maybe  brand  recall  is  already  high  ?   •  Maybe  Philips  customers  are  already  recep?ve  ?  We  want  to  know  if  the  PROGRAM  itself  has   a  posi?ve  impact  on  consumer  and  Philips   consumer   72  
  • 70. 1)  Test  the  recommenda?on  increase   +83.43%  On  a  scale  of  0  to  10,  how  likely  would  you   like  to  recommend   +24.59%   Philips  to  your   friend  ?   Passive  members  Ac?ve  Members   Survey  made  in  April  on  626  consumers.    Based  on  your  experience  with  the  brand,     how  likely  will  you  recommend  Philips  to  your  friends  
  • 71. 2)  Test  the  involvement  Same  offer  sent  to  2  groups  
  • 72. 2)  Test  the  involvement   Specific  Carnival  eDM   53%  §  Family  members  §  One  to  One  offer   42%§  Personalized  message   30% YTD  Delivered   11,025   14%Open   53%  CTR   30%  #  purchased   370   CTR   Open  Rate  Value   $95k   Normal  eDM   Family  Rewards   Comparison  made  between  Family  Rewards  members  and  none  Family  members  
  • 73. 3)  Test  the  brand  impact   TOP  OF  MIND  RECALL   +150%  GENERIC   20%   PFR   48%   76  
  • 74. 4)  Compare  to  tradi?onal  Philips   Philips   eDM  results  PFR   Open  rate   CTR  avg  =   Open  rate   Unique  CTR   avg  =  39.1%   12.3%   60%   50%   40%   30%   20%  Open  Rate  =  18%   10%  CTR  =  4%   0%   Invita?on   April   May  eDM  Carnival   June  eDM  July  edM   Aug  eDM   Aug   Sep  eDM   Oct  eDM   Carnival   Nov  eDM   Xmas   Xmas   Jan  eDM   eDM   Invite   Reminder   77  
  • 75. ✓   •  •  •  Increased  sales   Increased  brand  awareness   Increased  brand  loyalty   •  Increased  registra?on   78  
  • 76. Do  we  know  how  to  fly  ?   Old  CRM   •  YES  it  is  a  plane   BUT   •  Different   technology   •  Different  speed   •  Different  pilots  New  CRM   •  Different  teaching   •  Different  training  
  • 77. 80  
  • 78. Thank  you   Visit  us  at  :     hmp://  hmp://   81  
  • 79. Companyintroduction ! "# $ % Dentsu Summit April 2011 ! "# $% F5DIGITAL Group introduction March 2011
  • 80. WE ARE F5DIGITAL GROUP! "# $% F5DIGITAL Group introduction March 2011 83
  • 81. © F5DIGITAL "# $% ! Group 2010 – All rights F5DIGITAL Group introduction reserved March 2011
  • 83. F5DIGITAL Group §  ONE stop Holistic Approach §  3 dedicated companies §  DIGITAL INNOVATION MARKETING HUB §  Focus on - MARKETING EFFECTIVENESS §  Handle any DIGITAL activities as your partner §  HOW and WHY, not the what §  BUSINESS NEEDS Knowledge §  International MNCs expertise ! "# $% F5DIGITAL Group introduction March 2011 86
  • 84. We are consumer focused2010 engagement paradigm consumer is the center of strategy consumer strategy is the center of the tactics strategy tactics innovation tactics is the center of the innovation © F5DIGITAL Consulting, 2010 Consumer Paradigm ! "# $% F5DIGITAL Group introduction March 2011
  • 85. DIGITAL INNOVATION MARKETING & STRATEGY AUDIT INSIDE OUTSIDE TRAINING / COACHING MARKETING CONSULTANTS CAMPAIGN GOVERNANCE CONCEPTS / BLUEPRINT§  Team of senior consultants§  F5DIGITAL concepts§  F5DIGITAL approach§  Deliverables based on men hour or brain time ! "# $% F5DIGITAL Group introduction March 2011 88
  • 86. Ways of workingF5DIGITAL Methodologies Deliverables§  Integration global to local needs §  Digital Strategy (Social Media,§  Digital organization setup mobile, eShop, CRM, web, SEO, etc)§  Process on digital assets §  Digital Asset evaluation§  Methodologies for CRM §  Contact Strategy§  Coaching and training §  Consumer Relationship Management§  … Blueprint §  Social Media CookbookF5DIGITAL Concepts §  Digital Relationship Management§  Facebook fans and Kids§  Impossible trilogy§  8DD§  Consumer engagement paradigm§  … ! "# $% F5DIGITAL Group introduction March 2011
  • 87. Concept examples Objective §  Explain the behavior of Social Media users, ie Facebook Concept : §  Treat them like kids Impact : §  Agency planning §  Brand engagement §  Calendar activities ! "# $% F5DIGITAL Group introduction March 2011 90
  • 88. Consulting deliverables extracts Personal Life relevant themesIntegration of products profile page Projectin all contents §  Touch point Invited friends competitive mapping Various subjectComprehensive related forumslifestyle information hub Extract: Registration isLink to online sales sites mandatory §  Visual one page summary Consumer feedbackIntegrated point system and ratings Complete branding of the program Positioning of products Free product within themes trials ! "# $% F5DIGITAL Group introduction March 2011 91
  • 89. Public appearance and recognition ! "# $% F5DIGITAL Group introduction March 2011
  • 90. Public Speaking Portfolio Training Catalogue 2011_Layout 1 9/11/2010 10:33 AM Page 1 SME Ad ditio Sa 30 !""#$%&()$&*+ na If S$ l1 yo 2-Day Conference on 0% u ve 0 ,%-$./0$"11$ ! pa Social Media Dis y co by ! 15 -23#%-$423%56$ ! un t fo rG De c 20 7*-2($8$9&3:$;/..$ ! ! ro up s of 10 Prices, packages and ! ! 3 or Summit 2011 booking form on back page m Marketing ore ! Hear from: Conference | 13 – 14 April 2011 Exhibition | 13 – 15 April 2011 Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre Elevating Your Social Media Strategy for Ryan Chioh Dynamic Brand Building & Engagement Managing Director profitable internet business for all business Learn Best Practices & Pitfalls to Avoid with Case Studies of: Pamela Lin Team Leader and Owner Technology creates a level playing field for enterprises of all sizes Kooshi Learn and take away successful strategies on how to reduce cost and increase revenue IF!J;,&+!GKII! just like big companies, through the help of the internet LMNO="!L&$-*;#,(!B$)(,$*)&#$*+!"#$P($)&#$!Q!=R4&5&)&#$!"($),(! Marketing has been made affordable and effective with the internet! Discover how online marketing can help you drive business, generate quality leads and increase market share !"#"$%&%&()*"(+,-%&"--(.$(#%%)/0(1/23")%&( Dr Leong Mun KewChief Technology Officer, Director,Digital & Knowledge Infrastructure Learn how to apply the latest technology trends to your business at the summit! Hear from industry leaders on their insights to cloud computing, social media, digital ! Training Also featuring B2B and B2C case studies of: Maxis, HTC, Earth Hour, Text 100 and the F&B, Petroleum, Education, Automotive, Fashion, Consumer, Financial Services & Consumer Electronics Industries National Library Board, Singapore advertising, mobile marketing and the future office! Catalogue Programme Highlights *Certain case studies will be specific to a single venue only. The French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore Trend Analysis Digital customer adoption rates & segmentation Gold sponsors: Networking bar sponsor: Nokia, Text 100 Incorporating social media into the B2B sales cycle Intel Scalable intelligence for a cohesive brand strategy Richard Wee Marketing Director Petopia International Main registration Welcome bag sponsor: Innovation sponsor: 2011 McDonald s, Watsons, Pfizer, Volkswagen, Johnson & Johnson Crisis Management Creative viral social campaigns connecting people and brands Dealing with negative social media backlash counter sponsor: HP, Canon, Earth Hour Driving brands with social to encourage populism & community participation John Hardy Leveraging on SEO for community awareness of a social cause webvisions w w w. w e b v i s i o n s . c o m Social Influencer Relationship Management Gaining actionable branding insights through social conversations Silver sponsors: WiFi sponsor: Engagement Cultivating an active consumer base through meaningful content SMRT Integrating social & traditional media to engage the community & empower customers ! The Wall Street Journal Digital Network Accurate platform selection for content aggregation Rob DePinto "#$%&($)&*+!,*%)!*-($*!$#)!.(*$)!%#,!/&,/0+*)&#$1!2+(*3(!$#)(!)4*)!)4(!*-($*!&3!3056(/)(!)#!/4*$-(31 ! Chief Technologist 7771&$)(,$()34#71/#.13-!8!9(*!#0,!5+#-:!5+#-31)(,,*;&$$1/#.<&$)(,$()34#7! ! Measurement Important metrics for campaign benchmarking Tribal DDB, Asia Pacific Entrepreneur sponsor: Supported by: Produced by: Held in: =.*&+>!?*&3&(1)*$@)(,,*;&$$1/#.!8!ABA>!CDE!DFGG!GHFI! ! Organiser: Endorsers: Supporting Organisations: Media Partners: BOOK NOW! online | email | phone +65 6322 2770 | fax +65 6223 3554 Discounts are available for some of the members of event partners. Ad 2-day Practical Workshop on dit Ad io THE DYNAMICS OF dit Sa na If io Social Media !" & yo na 2-Day Conference on S$ l1 u l !% 0% pa 10 ve If yo y % #$ Dis by u MULTI-CHANNEL MARKETING Dis 30 pa co 4 co y un Au by t fo gu un 23 st t fo 0 rG 20 Ap ro rG Marketing & 10 ril up ro 20 s up 10 of MARKETING s 3 of or 3 m or ore m ! ore Mea$urement !"#$ ! 20-21 May 2010, Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, Singapore 2 2 J ULY 2 0 1 0 , TH U R S D A Y 6 . 3 0 – 9 . 0 0 P M , M IS EXEC UTIVE CLU B M IS M E M B ER - $ 2 0 TO %YOUTH Cutting-edge Digital Campaign Strategies & Performance Measurement Framework N O N M E M B ER - $ 3 5 ENGAGING THE DIGITAL 6 - 7 September 2010, PARKROYAL on Beach Road, Singapore • 9 - 10 September 2010, Regal Hongkong Hotel, Hong Kong M IS STU D E N T – CO M PLI M E N TA RY GENERATION THROUGH INFLUENCE, CHOICE & VOICE Unique Features • Essential know-how in operationalising Social Media (SM) Marketing campaigns Most companies have jumped on the modern marketing Gear Up to Market Alongside Youths bandwagon but keeping up with the ever-changing with Compelling Insights From: • Comprehensive approach to enriching consumer engagement trend, it’s another set of challenges. This workshop will through Social Media present an opportunity to expand your understanding • Applicable SM Marketing measurement & optimisation techniques on the myriad of marketing channels available today, • Interactive hands-on group exercises on SM Marketing & how you can integrate it into your marketing strategy. Be aware of the different tools in place and how best measurement strategies you can maximise their usage to increase your business • Case studies including the Philips Family Rewards & Philips MP3 and enhance staff productivity too. ‘LYED’ and from the consumer electronics, travel, consumer households, retail and more • What are the marketing channels today and tomorrow? • Evolution of new media channels and revolution of traditional channels Led by: Gregory Birge, Founder & CEO, F5 Digital Consulting • Marketing Technology: whose responsibility? • Acknowledged leader in Social Media marketing & Measurement • How not to be lost amongst the ever-changing technical with over 16 years of success in both traditional and internet solutions in the market? Also Featuring Case Studies of Gillette, Lenovo, MapleStory, marketing • Multi-channel marketing: How do you approach them as Jones Soda, DiGi, & MTV! • Worked with MNCs like Apple, Phillips, Sony and conceptualized a whole package to leverage on the combined benefits? innovative digital campaigns for Phiilips Electronics, Fuji Xerox and more • Possesses dual-perspectives and holistic view with both Agency • For SMEs: How do you manage and maximise your marketing budget? • Review and analysis of local industries/case studies. We Heart Youth Yo Pane uth-L l Di ed scus sio PROGRAMME HIGHLIGHTS Straight up, uncut. Not for the faint of heart. n & Client experiences • Specific Case Study: Fuji Xerox Transpromo Portal Hear youth’s verdict of what works, and what doesn’t Be equipped with skills to: • Identify and capitalise on Asia’s social media market behaviour & landscape Decoding Youth : Pitfalls & challenges in engaging youth • Integrate social media with existing marketing channels locally & regionally A bout t he Spe ake r Changing Teen Shopper : Key trends affecting digital landscape & youth consumption habits • Leverage on online social communities for effective market research & CRM Branding for Youth : Creating brand guidelines when engaging youths in co-creation • Boost offline campaign with social media marketing and vice versa GREGORY BIRGE is a visionary architect of customer includes launching of the first iPod in Europe and developing engagement innovation. With the explosion of consumer- the initial iTunes partnership. Gregory has the opportunities Digital Marketing : Youth social responsibility & how it fits into online marketing efforts • Plan, implement & effectively drive an integrated campaign with social media generated media, marketers struggle to maintain the old to work across the world while with Sony, Yamaha, Packard • Allocate budget, time and human resources optimally for social media marketing campaign economy paradigm of brands-led consumerism. In 2007, Bell, Philips and Wunderman. Being adept in developing Social Media Marketing : Integrating listening insights into marketing mix & leveraging engagement platforms effectively • Analyse free & paid tools tailored to different social media attributes & metrics Gregory founded F5 Digital Consulting to leverage on end-to-end ecosystem, channel network and worldwide Mobile Marketing : Building brand presence through tools that have high touch-point rates with mobile interaction this reversed paradigm. Groundbreaking bottom-up and product creation from concept to production cycles, Gregory • Quantify intangible attributes including engagement, awareness, reach and attention customer-activated strategies with astounding results have developed a solid sense of business marketing and consumer Collaborative Marketing : Capitalising on multi-faceted collaborations with youths • Convert non-financial impact to monetary value in social media marketing campaigns been implemented for leading companies like Philips and Fuji knowledge. Gregory contributes regularly to regional Youth Ambassadors : Identifying & appealing to brand passionistas • Validate social media effectiveness for management buy-in & overcome corporate resistance Xerox. During his 16 years of marketing experience, Gregory publications and involved in various conferences, workshops has achieved a tremendous track record with Apple that and seminars across the region. Youth Engagement : Creating campaigns that provide interaction & promote effective WOM Researched & Developed by: Endorsers: Supporting Organisation: Media Partners: Experiential Marketing : Developing distinct & compelling youth experiences for brand differentiation PROGRAMME HIGHLIGHTS I 6.30 – 7.30PM REGISTRATION & NETWORKING (LIGHT DINNER WILL BE PROVIDED) I 7.30 – 8.30PM PRESENTATION TALK I 8.30 – 9.00PM Q&A SESSION Strategic Partner: Researched & Developed by: Endorsers Supporting Organisations Media Partners Strategic Partner RSVP TEL EMAIL WEBSITE 2 June 2010 6327 7593/592/591 Discounts are available for members of our endorsers and supporting organisation Seats available on a first-come, first-served basis. Payment must be received prior to confirmation of your seat. Please make your cheque payable to “Marketing Institute of Singapore”. 10% discount for members of the above endorsers & supporting organisation ! "# $% F5DIGITAL Group introduction March 2011 93
  • 91. What THEY are saying “Gregory Birge has spokenPaul Beckley numerous times at both ourVice President - ad:tech & iMedia Summits attended by Senior Marketers fromTechnology - Asia across the region. Gregorys delivery of content was precise, relevant and entertaining that brought a key message home to our audience. If you need an experienced speaker for your marketing events internally or externally, Gregory will do a superb job.” - April 2010 ! "# $% F5DIGITAL Group introduction March 2011
  • 92. What THEY are saying Presentation Content: 4.64(SG) / 4.38 (HK)Session: “Linking Delivery: 4.54 (SG) / 4.45 (HK)metrics with (Highest score for all)Objectives to justify - “Gregory was controversial and insightful”Digital Campaign” -  “Insightful, useful, practical and honest!” -  “Very entertaining and captivating” - “Hit the nail with this topic. It’s all about sales” -  “let us see social media in another angle” -  “Excellent material” ! "# $% F5DIGITAL Group introduction March 2011
  • 93. In-house workshops and conferenceFormat delivery Deliverables§  Short term breakfast talk §  Presentation§  2-4 hs conference §  Print hand out§  1 Day workshop §  Mobile version optional§  2 Days training §  Digital version optionalFully customizable content§  Actual presentation§  Organization§  Personalized invitation§  Survey and lifts ! "# $% F5DIGITAL Group introduction March 2011
  • 94. MARKETING EFFECTIVENESS, CONSUMER ENGAGEMENT ROION GOING COMMUNICATION INTEGRATED PLANNING SOCIAL, WEBSITES, MOBILES, UNIQUE BUSINESS MODEL TOUCH, APPS§  Sounds and looks like an agency but not an agency§  Deployments, tactics and creative are the easiest for us§  Activation Engagement Conversion ! "# $% F5DIGITAL Group introduction March 2011 97
  • 95. Join touch points ! "# $% F5DIGITAL Group introduction March 2011
  • 96. How we do it : Les Pleiades We believe OLD model in 1:Many 1:1 1:1:Many Client with one Client handles Client only selects partner ensuremultiple agencies one Agency of Marketing directly Records effectiveness ! "# $% F5DIGITAL Group introduction March 2011 99
  • 97. YOU CLIENT US F5DIGITAL THEM AGENCIES Objectives Strategy Production work Planning Metrics Activation Engagement Conversion ! "# $% F5DIGITAL Group introduction March 2011 100
  • 98. How we implement it PLANNING PRODUCTION POST CAMPAIGN F5DIGITAL FLEXIBLE F5DIGITAL Strategy F5DIGITAL Campaign report Planning AGENCY Campaign Metrics Contact Strategy F5DIGITAL + AGENCY Recommendations KPIs setup DELIVEREDContact Strategy doc Actual campaign or Report KPI doc tactics Recommendation Case Study ! "# $% F5DIGITAL Group introduction March 2011 101
  • 99. The only certified 1-1 Agency in AsiaBecauseEvery clientEvery solutionEvery consumer ! "# $% F5DIGITAL Group introduction March 2011 102
  • 100. Case study: Kimberly-Clark, Kotex “Why Only White” was a pre-developed concept and design WOW F5DIGITAL leveraged on concept and created “WOW” Implement to Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia 1 Issue 2 What We Did 3 How§  Launch of new product §  Create a new movement §  Leverage on product concept§  Go beyond tactics and create §  Generate social engagement as fulcrum to engage engagement §  Generate digital engagement audience §  Connection of all assets §  Empower them to create their §  Long term engagement own new world 4 Methodology 5 Work Done 6 Results§  Teaser: Based on designs §  Concept §  Facebook fans increased 360%§  Engagement §  Strategy §  Website membership grew 40%§  Conversion §  Measurement in 20 days §  Social media campaign set up and management!"#$#!%!"& Credential F5Digital Engagement March 2011
  • 101. Case study: Kimberly-Clark, Kotex 7 Campaign Flow & Consumer Journey Mapping!"#$#!%!"& Credential F5Digital Engagement March 2011 104
  • 102. Case study: Kimberly-Clark, Kotex 8 Reports 9 Examples of work!"#$#!%!"& Credential F5Digital Engagement March 2011
  • 103. What THEY are saying F5Digital consulting is to the world ofHelene Blanchette marketing what luxury boutique hotels are to the world of hospitality.  Go-to-Market You will find the latest technology, the latestStrategy Manager trend in marketing adoption, the most efficient and dedicated team, high quality service while still speaking directly with the(IBG) owner who is contagiously passionate about his strategies.Fuji Xerox Asia You know from the start that everyone will deploy all they can and more to ensurePacific Pte Ltd customer satisfaction and business results. They simply know how to make you reach a level above what your original expectations were and are delivering advanced solutions ! "# $% F5DIGITAL Group introduction March 2011
  • 104. ONE STOP for DIGITAL OPERATIONS Content Management Discussion Management Metrics management Keyword management§  Service level based on tasks§  Core focus on Digital Operations ! "# $% F5DIGITAL Group introduction March 2011 107
  • 105. Digital MaintenanceMethodology Capabilities§  Akin to Digital Call Center §  Located in both Singapore and§  All the things are critical to your the Philippines business but not your core §  Solutions provider to manage business online and offline operations§  Both operations and technical effectively resources §  Specialized in understanding and managing outsourced operations for Multinational Companies ! "# $% F5DIGITAL Group introduction March 2011 108
  • 106. Philips Consumer Lifestyle – CatalogueManagement for Asia §  Management & Maintenance of online presence for Philips consumer Lifestyle over 30 countries §  Creation and maintenance of High category pages, Product pages and geolocalization pages §  Full on-site team, integrated in the Global Philips infrastructure §  Monthly tracking of business critical indicators and improvement recommendations ! "# $% F5DIGITAL Group introduction March 2011 109
  • 107. SummaryWe understand Digital,Innovations, MNCs andcan support you in thisjourney ! "# $% F5DIGITAL Group introduction March 2011 110
  • 108. Thank You! ! "# $ % I I T: +65 6536 9766 ! "# $% F5DIGITAL Group introduction March 2011
  • 109. Gregory BirgéHIGHLIGHTS GREGORY BIRGE is a visionary architect of customer engagement innovation. With the explosion of consumer generated media, marketers• Keynote speaker for iMedia brand struggle to maintain the old economy paradigm of brands-led consumerism.summit at Phuket April 2010. In 2007, Gregory founded F5 Digital Consulting to leverage on this reversed paradigm. Groundbreaking bottom-up and customer-activated strategies•  Regular speaker, panelist and with astounding results have been implemented for leading companies likemoderator at ad:tech Singapore and Philips and Fuji Tokyo During his 16 years of marketing experience, Gregory has achieved a tremendous track record with Apple that includes launching of the first iPod•  Only trainer for 2-day workshop on in Europe and developing the initial iTunes partnership. Gregory has theSocial Media Marketing and opportunities to work across the world while with Sony, Yamaha, PackardMeasurement workshop in Singapore Bell, Philips and Wunderman.and Hong Kong Being adept in developing end-to-end ecosystem, channel network and worldwide product creation from concept to production cycles, Gregory•  Regular workshop facilitator for developed a solid sense of business marketing and consumer knowledge.Philips Consumer Lifestyle (Global, Gregory is also the strategist behind the award-winning loyalty program;Central and Eastern Europe and ‘Philips Family Rewards’ and the Kimberly Clark ‘WOW’ launch campaign.APAC) C-level marketing and Gregory contributes regularly to regional publications and involved inmanagement team various conferences, workshops and seminars across the region.•  Commissioned by Philips LightingAsia Commercial to run a 6 monthsworkshop series for all their mid-level gregbirgemarketers in 8 countries around theAPAC region. gregf5dc•  Highest in rating for Social MediaMarketing Conference Singapore andHong Kong – January 2011 f5dc ! "# $% F5DIGITAL Group introduction March 2011 112