Healthy Projects or Pigs in Lipstick?


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Are you getting the real story when you ask about the status of your projects? Check out this presentation to see how you can accurate, current, actionable information about the projects you are managing.

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Healthy Projects or Pigs in Lipstick?

  1. 1. Healthy Projects or Pigs With Lipstick? The Top 10 Questions Every Project Manager Should Ask Their Metrics Dashboard A webinar presented by: Don Baxter Distributive Management Distributive Management
  2. 2. About The Webinar You will learn during this webinar: • How to use metrics dashboards to quickly and consistently evaluate project health • How DataDrill automates the delivery of accurate software project metrics • How supporting indicators and analysis help managers achieve a greater level of insight • How DataDrill provides objective monitoring and evidence of compliance with standards and processes Distributive Management
  3. 3. Webinar Overview A few points about our GoToWebinar: • Phones are muted. • You can use the Question option in your tool bar to submit questions. Answers will be provided as the webinar proceeds. • You may also type questions into the Chat area – the moderator will address these questions at the end of the session. • You can use the “Satisfaction indicators” to let us know if the message is getting across. • Maximize your computer screen to view the slides at full size. Distributive Management
  4. 4. Webinar Outline • Introduction to Distributive Management • Purpose of Measurement • Project Health • Top 10 Key Questions • Conclusion Distributive Management
  5. 5. Who is Distributive Management? Leaders in Measurement Innovation Since 1992 For more than 15 years, Distributive Management has been leading the way . Utilizing the latest Web technologies, we give organizations unsurpassed measurement capabilities that support the most recent measurement standards and management techniques. Our Mission We will increase the competitiveness of your organization by improving your insight into business performance. Peter Baxter, President Distributive Management
  6. 6. Our Clients Distributive Management
  7. 7. Global Presence Distributive locations Distributors Distributive Management
  8. 8. Experience in Measurement Practical Knowledge • Member of the ISO SC/7 Working Group which wrote ISO-15939, Measurement Standard (which contributed the vocabulary and activities/tasks to the CMMI) • Part of INCOSE Measurement Working Group industry review team to provide comments to SEI on draft M&A process • Working group chair of INCOSE Measurement Working Group; IEEE Project Editor and WG chair; PSM Transition Partner and Trainer; ISO Editor, Reviewer and WG member; PMI MetSig member Real World Experience • Over 150 sites have achieved CMMI rating 3 or higher using DataDrill • Currently 45 sites operating at level 5 using DataDrill as the central measurement repository Distributive Management
  9. 9. Purpose of Measurement Manage Organizational Projects Initiatives Practice Process Quantitative Maturity Goals Management Distributive Management
  10. 10. Healthy Projects A healthy project delivers quality products and services to their customers within budget and schedule To make a project healthy, managers must: • Create a credible estimate of what it will take to build the required functionality • Establish performance targets and monitor them regularly • Manage risks and issues Demo scenario: Healthy Projects or Pigs with Lipstick? Distributive Management
  11. 11. Within budget and schedule? Managing Projected requirement cost to changes? complete? Measuring Understand product project quality? risks? Distributive Management
  12. 12. Credible project estimate? Compliance The size of the with corporate effort? goals? Communic- Issues to be ation to stake- worked this holders? week? Distributive Management
  13. 13. The Solution … EXPRESS automates the entire measurement process. • Creates a central measurement Process repository Definition • Generate objective evidence for management oversight and CMMI compliance • Automatically generate EXPRESS measurement documents Measurement System • Demonstrate compliance with policy, other standards/models Dashboards Data and Collection • Quickly initiate new projects Graphing • Integrate and collect critical metric data Distributive Management
  14. 14. EXPRESS Automates Your Measurement Plan Process Definition EXPRESS Measurement System Dashboards • Library captures management Data and Collection best practices Graphing • Replaces paper documentation • Provides guidance & knowledge Distributive Management
  15. 15. EXPRESS Automates Your Measurement Plan Process Definition EXPRESS Measurement System • Collector gathers required data Dashboards Data and • Integrates with Library to extract data Collection Graphing required by management policy • Generates scripts automatically – no need to develop / maintain integrations Distributive Management
  16. 16. EXPRESS Automates Your Measurement Plan Process Definition EXPRESS Measurement System • Web-based information delivery Data Dashboard • Dashboards, graphs and reports and Graphing Collection • Saves managers time with an integrated repository • Manage by exception Distributive Management
  17. 17. DataDrill EXPRESS Components EXPRESS Server Managers EXPRESS Library Management Activities EXPRESS Portal Measurement Web Data Repository Services Collection Administrators EXPRESS Collectors Application General SQL Interfaces Interfaces Interfaces Microsoft CSV Executives Oracle HP Excel SQL Server IBM/Rational XML EXPRESS Web Client ODBC IBM/Telelogic Access license types Distributive Management
  18. 18. Managing with DataDrill EXPRESS Project and Organizational Management Management Reporting/Dashboards Built-In Best Practices Compliance Project Planning EXPRESS provides managers with an integrated solution for defining and applying best practices, planning and estimating their projects, reviewing collected data then guiding projects to completion. Distributive Management
  19. 19. Summary With DataDrill EXPRESS: • automate labor intensive and error prone all aspects of quantitative management and measurement reporting. • deploy built-in Library of best practices and data collection to instantly start or accelerate your quality journey. • bring value as the central measurement repository and through the use of performance metrics, summaries and status alerts • achieve a level of management insight with content-rich, action- oriented displays and alerts • integrate directly to your data sources without scripting or reliance on IT Distributive Management
  20. 20. For More Information • Visit our web site • Read a white paper and other resources • View our product flash demos • Check product data sheets • Call one of our Success Representatives Distributive Management
  21. 21. Thank You For Your Time Distributive Management 109 Olde Greenwich Drive, Suite 102 Fredericksburg, Virginia 22408 540-891-8811 / 8885 fax Distributive Management