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F5DIGITAL DigiGen09 workshop_part3


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Published in: Technology, Design
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F5DIGITAL DigiGen09 workshop_part3

  1. 1. Creating social networking siteDigiGen 2009 WorkshopPart 3 +65 9111 6849
  2. 2. AGENDA0900 – 0930 : Introduction0930 – 1030 : Current social networking market Place1030 – 1100 : BREAK1100 – 1200 : Optimizing Audience Engagement1200 – 1300 : LUNCH1300 – 1400 : Revenue generation, goals1400 – 1430 : Legal aspects1430 – 1500 : BREAK1500 – 1600 : Future Trend
  3. 3. Quick reminder : Why doing it ?   New, trendy   Adapted medium – audience   Additional way to talk to your audience   Engagement program WWW.F5DC.COM
  4. 4. Step 1 : Quick decision metrics WWW.F5DC.COM
  5. 5. Wedding between 3 parties Today Tomorrow Brand Brand SNW SNW Consumer Consumer   Consumer evolve over time   What do you do to catch up ?   How to avoid divorce   Don’t wait to find the perfect wife   Launch it and adapt WWW.F5DC.COM
  6. 6. What needs to change ?   Content   Way to access it   Design   Engagement method   Style   Include new features… WWW.F5DC.COM
  7. 7. Focus points, first impression Technology : 7% Navigation : 12%   Links relevant Design : 18%   Easy   Taste audience   Help   Support only   Contact   Internet friendly   TsCs Content : 64%   Speed   Sitemap   Targeted   Relevant   Updated   Accurate   easy to findData source from WWW.F5DC.COM
  8. 8. Use a Web Funnel   Generate traffic   Bring people to your own site   Convert   Increase sales© With the approval of Philips Global online team WWW.F5DC.COM
  9. 9. Great tools exists, just ask , be aware WWW.F5DC.COM
  10. 10. Warnings   The idea might be simple   Time – Quality – Money   Changes   Modifications   Updates   Content   Next steps   The first step is the easiest WWW.F5DC.COM
  11. 11. Why monetize? In Second Life the•  Facebook, Skype and why •  High operations cost virtual currency a YouTube were not planned to bring in cash •  understandable that the •  Facebook: $200 million user can obtain per year for server from the beginning users received the monetization attempts maintenance and throughout his or electricity with a bit of distrust and annoyance hers experience is transferable in Initial But real life currency WWW.F5DC.COM
  12. 12. Monetizing from Social Websites
  13. 13. WWW.F5DC.COM
  14. 14. How to make money ? Be clear to your audience Same old school Share part of it Sell it ! Smile  Banners y bad   Localize / adapt part of it   Get enough traffic  Advertising   Include dedicated offer   Regular members - visitors  Subscription model   Data mining   Special offers   Affiliate   Merchandising WWW.F5DC.COM
  15. 15. You do not need direct sales impact Visibility Action Sales engagement But you need to be able to measure it   Indirect sales impact   Online sales  Generate brand visibility  Generate communication  Generate engagement WWW.F5DC.COM
  16. 16. Success keys Planning site Maintenance  Very clear objectives and stick to it   Updates  Technical background   Focus  Content   Google Analytics  Design   Fine tuning  Flow   Keep it alive  SEO  Communication  Partners  Planning  Do not aim100% perfection WWW.F5DC.COM
  17. 17. Study case   Dedicated Community   Singapore & F1   Created 2008   33 000 visits  150 000 pages views   350 members WWW.F5DC.COM
  18. 18. THANKS +65 9111 6849
  19. 19. What went wrong with  Beginning: Finding "lost" friends was a fun game but it was not meant to last  As it evolved, people did new things with it. allow users freedom to create.  Was launched in 2002 when economy was slow and many web-minded 20- somethings slacking at work  Was seen as a dating site  server slowness discourage members to log in regularly  Did not grow with users, restricted its users notably Fakesters and those with more creative non-photorealistic profiles  Did not try to understand its users WWW.F5DC.COM
  20. 20. Background Info  Set up in WWW.F5DC.COM
  21. 21. Case Study: Why F1GPSG did not getthe ‘hoo-ha’ that was expected?Relating to the success factors of social networking website, did achieve  - Content: Yes. Updated news on F1, relevant and informative details on Singapore Grand Prix during the race season. Clear text, images and links.  - Design: Yes, pretty cool and stylish.  - Navigation: Not really, gets pretty confusing on 1st visit. There’s no presence of directed surf/exploration routing.  - Community: f1 fans scattered but exists. Where do f1 fans in Singapore gather before Singapore Grand Prix?  - Technology: forum based, stable but has yet to establish other more interactive applications. WWW.F5DC.COM
  22. 22. Contrast with the Steps of setting a socialnetworking website" Failed to capture good 1st impression" Didn’t entice members to refer others" No objectives for members to make repeat visits. Current member size is <400. Regular contests are set up but only a couple of active members are participating. No value add for passive members" Blocked out intrusive advertising." Did not source out existing f1 fan base and tap from them" Lacked entertainment, only forums to let them express their opinions but lacked visual and audio stimulation." Invited the right people. Start from outside circle and still remain outside. Where is the core?" keep it small and private" viewed members as advisors to the community" Social glue is missing after race season" Managed in sporadic functions; lacked control and planning" Focus on building the portal this year on, with goals and objectives set across and resources allocated." Rewards and reciprocity; but doesn’t encourage community building WWW.F5DC.COM
  23. 23. Recommendations  Create a purpose. If forum is the core activity, it should be positioned at a ‘eye-catching’ location.  Currently, the ‘forum’ link is hidden under ‘community’ tab  Create a logical navigation flow. Current site is too ‘haphazard’ & ‘crowded” & confusing, 1st time user is ‘lost’  Statistics doesn’t reflect well on the site, affect visitor’s judgment. WWW.F5DC.COM
  24. 24.   Design & layout of site is not visually appealing (maybe a bigger font size)  Element of ‘Personality’ is missing. Other than posts by members, the site seems to be merely ‘copy & paste’ or feeds from other site. Can have a section on f1gpsg activities.  Assess the needs of functions such as inbox, search, member list, user groups as they are not optimized.  Gallery should be organized.  Pre-requisites for downloads should be made known. WWW.F5DC.COM
  25. 25. THANKS +65 9111 6849
  26. 26. API based sales  eBay allows members to trade on their own sites rather than forcing them to set up their stores on eBay. Their revenues increased by 86%.  40% of Salesforce revenue comes from external sites that use their API, not their own website.  $490 million per quarter comes from Amazon’s API, not their site.Virtual Worlds  Gigaom forecasts Virtual World revenues to be $6 Billion by 2012. Anything from Virtual goods, virtual real estate, & product placement and endorsements can be a great source of revenue. WWW.F5DC.COM
  27. 27. CPC (Cost Per Click) Campaignstraffic personal/lifestyle blogs haveare of value to advertisers different targeting method to bring the best out of its audienceVarious levels of CPM (Cost Per Impression)“Audience Targeting” campaigns WWW.F5DC.COM
  28. 28. Sponsored Philantrophic Multi-Layered Advertising PollsLess intrusive Demographics Artworkvisually Targeted Guidelines & Advertising UnintrusiveMinimum SophisticationRequired Visitors ISP-backed GeolocationPer Day = ZERO Visitors Can Comment On Ads,Full Support and Rotate WhichSystem Ads Are Being Show WWW.F5DC.COM
  29. 29. WWW.F5DC.COM