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Marketing Automation Enables – Not Drives – Optimized Lead Generation Programs


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Marketing Automation Enables – Not Drives – Optimized Lead Generation Programs

  1. 1. Webinar: Twitter: #B2BLeadGenMarketing Automation Enables – NotDrives – Optimized Lead GenerationProgramsWhy Knowing the Difference Matters, and HowHuman Touch Integration Impacts Results October 24, 2012 Presented by:
  2. 2. The Panelists Twitter: #B2BLeadGen Facilitator: Bryan Ehrenfreund is VP of Digital Strategies for Televerde and provides strategic leadership for the development, growth and implementation of the agency’s marketing automation services for clients. Vince Massey is Director of Enterprise Security Sales for Dell SonicWALL and has 25+ years experience working within the channel and creating new channel development strategies to recruit and enable partners. He was recently named one of CRN Magazine’s 2012 Channel Chiefs. Maureen McCormick is Director of U.S. Region Marketing Operations for Trend Micro responsible for the capture and dissemination of marketing information for performance metrics, contact data, marketing processes, and the systems and integration points that help generate this information in a predictable fashion. Sherry Paterra is Senior VP of Televerde’s End-to-End Services Group responsible for oversight of the sales pipeline management consulting services the agency provides to clients in each of its three integrated services portfolios – data, digital and dialogue-based demand creation, lead nurturing and inside sales. Kathleen Schaub is VP of Research for IDCs CMO Advisory Practice where she provides research-based guidance and marketing best practices to clients. She works in all aspects of the CMO Advisory practice including research planning, execution, delivery, client support, and service expansion. She is a sales-savvy marketing leader with a 25+ year career serving B2B technology companies.
  3. 3. Marketing Automation Adoption  20% penetration rate of a potential $3 billion MAP software market  60% increase in revenue in past year  50% growth forecasted by 2015  Venture funding >$600M  Eloqua’s Summer IPO  Penetration rate across industries is not equal:  High-tech and software demonstrate significantly higher adoption  Life sciences, business services and manufacturing seeing increased traction  Market Consolidation Twitter: #B2BLeadGen
  4. 4. The Actual State of the Union  85% of MA users don’t believe they are using it to full potential  76% of CMO’s say their biggest challenge is “generation of quality leads”  19% reported having a MAP fully implemented  10% satisfied with results  37% didn’t mention financial effects when asked about ROI Twitter: #B2BLeadGen
  5. 5. Televerde Observations Buyer’s behavior has changed No or limited marketing process Marketing Automation enables – doesn’t drive process Inability to feed the beast  Data  Content “Auto-Magic” expectations Think big but start small Twitter: #B2BLeadGen
  6. 6. Expected MAT Investment Q: How do you expect your investment levels to change in 2012 for the following Marketing Automation categories compared to 2011? Lead Management 58% Digital Marketing 54% Website Infrastructure 48% External Social Media Monitoring 43% Content/Digital Asset Management 41% Campaign Management 41% Sales Enablement Technology 36%Internal Collaboration/Social Networking Tools 36% Customer Data Management Tools 34% Customer Data/List Acquisition 34% Marketing Business Intelligence 26% Marketing Resource Management 26% Automation Partner Portals 25% grew 13.8% Marketing Knowledge Base 13% in 2011 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% % of Respondents Increasing Investment Sources: IDC’s 2012 Tech Marketing Barometer Study and IDC’s Worldwide Marketing Automation 2011 Vendor Shares Twitter: #B2BLeadGen
  7. 7. Today’s Buyer is King  Buyers are constantly on-line whether they are actively buying or not.  Many times, buyers know more than sales people.  Buyers learned to buy as consumers and have a consumer’s expectations of service.  Buyers know and expect value and they will reward vendors that give it to them. 38.7% of IT buyers have replaced an incumbent vendor on the basis of treatment during the buying process (vs. product functionality or other reasons) Source: IDC’s 2012 IT Buyer Experience Study n= 199 Twitter: #B2BLeadGen
  8. 8. IDC Customer Creation Framework Twitter: #B2BLeadGen
  9. 9. C-Level Point of View: The Pipeline End to End  Marketing, Sales and Ops Stakeholders  Continuous Collaborative Process  Mutual Agreement to Stages and SLAs  Marketing Automation and CRM Platform Enable Only Sales Leads Interactions Opportunities Marketing Deals Leads Target Validate- Convert- Revenue- Content- Forecast Buyer Qualify Recycle Closed Loop Score SLA & Data SLA SLA SLACorporate Sales; Inside Field Inbound Outbound Channel &Marketing Sales; Support Marketing Lead Lead Direct TouchDemand Channel & Renewals Demand Gen Qualification Qualification Sales Gen Direct Touch
  10. 10. Here’s What We’ve Heard… Now at the street level…
  11. 11. Dell SonicWALL:MAT Integrated Program Challenges System integration was easy, data integration continues to be a challenge Lack of clear business requirements from sales/marketing/operations Lack of agreed upon process for handling information Sales follow-up was inconsistent because of too many unqualified inquiries Twitter: #B2BLeadGen
  12. 12. Recognition of Opportunities, Problem-Solving & Results at Dell SonicWALL Sales vs. Marketing finger-pointing Committed to dedicated Telesales resources Marketing and Sales consensus on internal process Ability to measure the demand waterfall We are now truly nurturing leads! Twitter: #B2BLeadGen
  13. 13. Trend Micro:MAT Objectives & Success Criteria Cost Savings  Reduce infrastructure costs  Reduce (eliminate) transactional costs Increase Productivity  Continue data management functionality  Enable world-class demand generation  Reduce lag time between hand-offs  Increase speed to market  Improve lead quality Increase Accountability  Enable full visibility into marketing performance and contribution to sales Twitter: #B2BLeadGen
  14. 14. Problems, Solutions, Results! Business Problem Solution Result(s)Custom integration; little to Seamless integration Flexible set-up; ability to makeno flexibility & rising costs between our MAP instance enhancements quickly. and Televerde Saved 12% of Y2012 marketing infrastructure budgetNot fully leveraging MAP Human Touch Cloud Ability to pass digital body language toinvestment Connector tele-services. Intelligence collected is passed back to MAP. PTD, 4% of AQLs updated with actionable dataLead Hand-Off Timeframes Human Touch Cloud Separate cloud connector for web form Connector enables prioritization at the call center. - Have Rep Contact Me Reduced lead hand-off by 47 hours - Marketing AQLs Contact Rate increased 102%Lead Quality & Pipeline Human Touch Cloud Agents use technology to facilitate a Connector meaningful conversation. 82% increase TQL to SAL conv% 69% decrease of TQL Reject rate% Avg pipeline deal size increased 83% Avg booked deal size increased 48% Reduced sales cycle by 7-weeks
  15. 15. What They Did Right… People Process Technology Twitter: #B2BLeadGen
  16. 16. Best Practice Integrated Program Model is Emerging Results = Increase in Uplift & Conversion % to Sales Ready Leads Tele- Tele- Sales BI Data Content Nurture Validate Qualify Opp Pipe Feedback1. BI: Target, Segment by Buyer Personas2. Data: Enrich, Segment, Match Close3. Content & Messaging: Align to BI4. Tele-Validate & Score: Pre-MQLs5. Nurture: Streams by Content Framework6. Tele-Qualify: MQLs to Sales-Ready7. Sales Hand-Off: Closed Loop to Opportunity Pipe or Nurture Twitter: #B2BLeadGen
  17. 17. Actionable Takeaways Think big, start small Buying has changed, so selling needs to change Sales, Marketing and Ops continually collaborate to align stages & processes Data needs to be smart Integration – People, process, technology alignment Tele – Human Touch is key Twitter: #B2BLeadGen
  18. 18. Q&A - More InformationThanks to Trend Micro and Dell SonicWALL for sharing theirstories, and to Demand Gen Reports for hosting!Drawing for IDC CMO Advisory Service Best Practice Report…“Realizing the Vision of 21st Century Lead Management”Televerde Contacts:Bryan Ehrenfreund Sherry Paterra+1 480-303-7078 +1 sherry.paterra@televerde.comArchived Thanks for attending! Twitter: #B2BLeadGen