Providing Business Value With Digital - Bridge Worldwide Measurement Services Overview - non-NDA version


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Michael Stich of Bridge Worldwide shares their perspective on digital analytics and measurement challenges and solutions

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Providing Business Value With Digital - Bridge Worldwide Measurement Services Overview - non-NDA version

  1. 1. Providing Business Value With Digital Bridge Worldwide Measurement Discussion
  2. 2. Digital Measurement Discussion - Agenda 1. The Way It Is 2. The Way It Should Be 3. How To Get There 4. How We Can Help 5. Getting Started
  3. 3. Consumers Are Comfortable With Digital Media
  4. 4. The Marketer’s Digital Challenge: More Important, But More Confusing! We Hear Common Trends: • I Saved My Budget, But Where Should I Spend It? • Which Emerging Capabilities Are Right For My Brand? • How Can I Better and More Quickly Act On The Data? 42% of marketers are dissatisfied with ROI measurements and metrics – up 7 percent Y/Y Source: ANA/MMA study of 200 senior marketers from member companies including IBM, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, ING, and Nestlé USA (2007)
  5. 5. Marketers Struggle With Measurement In Four Fundamental Ways Action without data • High-level goals without supporting metrics to define them • Measurement intended, but not delivered (technology, budgets…) Context without action Data without insight • No plans for improvement, • Unread reports (everyone gets continue as before seven…) • Actions “miss the window” to be • Data used to justify current effective activities, vs. guiding new ones Insight without context • Confusion on which measures are “right” and deserve focus – • Little proven business value from web behaviors (“engagement”)
  6. 6. “Informed decision-making comes from a long tradition of guessing, and then blaming others for inadequate results.” – Dilbert
  7. 7. The Result: Indefensible Spend on Marketing 86% of Global C-Level Execs Assign Marketing Budgets Qualitatively Even Worse, 62% Of Those Execs Are Slashing Their Marketing Budgets In 2009 Source: 2009 McKinsey & Company Survey of 529 C-level executives globally
  8. 8. Meanwhile, Digital Continues To Evolve.. Rising Costs and 2013 Recall Every Complexity Waking Moment Semantic Increased Expectations Web of ROI 2009 E-Promotions Mobile Behavioral Modeling 2005 Search Social Media Syndication Sharing Immersive UI eCommerce Video Websites 2001 Email Social Social iMedia Newsletters Commerce Commerce
  9. 9. ... and Keeping Up Becomes Increasingly Complex •What To Measure? - Behaviors, Outcomes, Impact •Where To Measure? - iMedia, Mobile, Search, Social Networking, Video… •When To Measure? - Pre-Market, In-Market, Post-Market •How To Measure? - Tools, Budget, Methodology
  10. 10. It’s Time to Get Serious About Measuring Digital Impact
  11. 11. The Way It Should Be: Our Beliefs 1. Measurement should be holistic, insightful, and actionable. 2. Marketers should integrate digital measurement into their objectives to optimize business decisions. 3. Decisions should be based on clear, objective results, and complemented with smart business instinct.
  12. 12. How To Get There: A Framework For Digital Measurement • Implementing Tools And Policies Automation That Optimize For You • Planning And Refining The Optimization Experience For Improved Impact • Translating Behaviors Into Business Measurement Business Outcomes And Impact • Capturing, Integrating And Digital Analytics Reporting Behaviors On The Web
  13. 13. The Framework Helps Grow Relationships Relationship Analogy • Anticipate Changes Based on Automation Mutual Experience • Try Ways To Grow and Improve Optimization Business Measurement • Discover What’s Really Important • Listen and Observe Each Other Digital Analytics
  14. 14. How Marketers Should Use The Framework – Examples Example Marketer Resulting Marketer Activities Benefits • Defining Business • Compounded Impact From Rules Reduced Expenses And Automation • Deciding on Tools Incremental Revenues • Multivariate Testing • Improved Customer • Scenario Planning Experiences Optimization • Marketing Spend Effectiveness • Aligning Metrics To • Know Which Programs And Business Objectives Customers Drive Impact Business Measurement • Assessing ROI • Eliminate Unnecessary Programs • Creating Measurement • One Place To Clearly Track Plans Progress and Gauge Digital Analytics • Establishing Integrated Performance Dashboards
  15. 15. How We Can Help: Supporting Services From Bridge Worldwide Supporting Services • Automated Personalization Automation • Site Optimization • E-mail Design And Subject Line Optimization Optimization • A/B And Multivariate Testing And Analysis • Predictive Forecasting • KPI’s/Dashboards, Digital And Cross-channel • Market Mix Modeling Support/Consulting Business Measurement • Program/Campaign ROI Analysis • Campaign Analysis • Web Reporting/Scorecards Digital Analytics • Site Surveys • Media Reporting
  16. 16. At Bridge, Strategy and Measurement Are One We marry measurement with strategy, and lead clients to smarter business decisions. Our client backgrounds lead to better understanding, simpler discussions, and more actionable recommendations. We use insights from analytics to make the relationships between our clients and their customers more meaningful.
  17. 17. And We Have Partners Who Can Help… • Bridge Worldwide is part of the WPP Group network, the largest agency holding company in the world with more than 2,000 offices in 106 countries. • For situations where particular expertise is needed, Bridge will be a single-point of contact to bring in niche partners. Some examples:
  18. 18. Getting Started • Free analysis of current measurement activities against measurement framework Automation • Includes recommendations on simplifying your measurement initiatives to drive business Optimization value from digital marketing Business Measurement Digital Analytics
  19. 19. BWW Measurement Services: Our Impact Leading Clients To The Right Spend On Digital •The Right Budget •The Right Mix •The Right Changes Over Time
  20. 20. Thank you Michael Stich Director of Strategic Planning Bridge Worldwide