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How to Create & Manage Your Online Presence
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How to Create & Manage Your Online Presence


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Published in: Technology, Business

  • Succinct, well presented information. Thank you!
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  • very informative... thank you

    TROPPUS Web Services, Bangalore, India.
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  • This is a great help especially for small business owners who wants to promote their business online. online presence is an ideal way to inform existing clients about all of your service offerings; they may not be aware of some of the services you offer. You can also solicit suggestions for new goods or services that your clients might like. That's why it is a must that you check your ratings over the net, you should manage your presence online.

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  • 1. How to Create & Manage Your Online Presence
    Emerging Technologies and Web Services Librarian
    Barnard College Library
  • 2. Take-Aways
    Discover what your online presence currently consists of
    Develop strategies for creating a successful online presence
    Tips for maintaining your online presence
  • 3. Discovery
  • 4. Your Online Presence
    Personal “brand” established through:
    Social media profiles
    Personal Web pages
    Forum postings, etc. 
  • 5. What Does Your Current Online Presence Consist of?
    What Information is Already Online About You?
    What Kinds of Images Could a Potential Employer Find?
  • 6. Vanity Searching
    Google (
    Google Images (
    Google Blogs (
    Google Alerts (
    Twitter Search (
    Social Mention (
  • 7. Google Yourself
  • 8. Don’t forget Images!
  • 9. Search Blogs Too!
  • 10. Set up Alerts
  • 11. See What People are Saying on Twitter
  • 12. Do an Aggregate Search on Social Mention
  • 13. Online Reputation Management
    Discover it
    Clean it up
    Remove unflattering profile information
    Delete hastily written comments
    Request unfavorable content on others’ sites (photos, videos, etc.) be removed. (In a recent Pew Internet & American Life study, 82% of people who requested content be removed were successful).
    Restrict it though privacy settings
  • 14. Creation
  • 15. Creating Your Online Presence
    Channels to Consider:
    Professional Webpage
  • 16. Strategy Tips
    Use domain names & vanity URLs
    Use the same username on all social media sites
    Use the same/similar bio on all sites
    Use the same avatar/profile image on all sites
    Cross-link your profiles across channels
    See which sites come up first in Google's search results for you, be sure they look great!
    Have personality…but don’t overshare
    Use privacy settings!!!
  • 17. The Elevator Pitch
    "Master" bio statement
    Brief paragraph describing current position, achievements, or accolades
    “Blurb” based on bio statement
    Quick, one-sentence self-summary
    Save both of these bios and use in profile descriptions across all social networks
  • 18. Elevator Pitch in Action…
  • 19. Elevator Pitch in Action…
  • 20. Professional Website (Self-Hosted)
  • 21. Professional Website (Hosted Landing Page)
  • 22. Hosted Landing Pages
  • 23. Blogs - WordPress
  • 24. Blogs - WordPress
  • 25. Blogs - Blogger
  • 26. Blogs - Blogger
  • 27. Facebook
    Profile Tips
    List your current and past positions so that others in your field can identify you.
    Link to your blog, your website, your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, etc.
    Use the same profile image for consistency across networks.
    Have your profile reflect your personality, but we don't need to know everything!!
    Claim your vanity URL
    Balance the personal and the professional by using Friends Lists
  • 28. Facebook Vanity URL’s
  • 29. Facebook & Privacy
    Profile Information
    Control who can see what profile information, including:
    If people see Tagged Photos/Videos of you
    Who can post to your Wall
    Who can comment on your Posts
    The Profile Preview
    Contact Information
    Who's allowed to see what contact info & email addresses
    Applications and Websites
    What kinds of information other people can share about you on their websites
    Apps & Websites -> Public Search
    Control whether your FB page appears in Google/Web searches
  • 30. Facebook & Privacy
  • 31. Facebook & Friends Lists
    Create lists of friends such as personal, professional, school, etc.
    Use those lists to control what status updates and photo albums, etc. people can see.
  • 32. Facebook
  • 33. LinkedIn
    Find a job or just network with others in your field
    Potential employers may find you before you find them
    Recommendations from previous employers
    Full control over how much of your profile you want displayed publicly
  • 34. LinkedIn
  • 35. LinkedIn Tips
    Import your current resume
    Pay attention to LinkedIn percentage system
    Link to all of your social media profiles, website, and blog in the "Websites" section
    Request recommendations!
    Make periodic status updates & comments to stay visible in networks' streams
    Add widgets
    Join Groups
    Answer Questions
  • 36. Management
  • 37. Managing Your Online Presence
    Keep active through status updates
    Monitor your brand through periodic vanity searching
    Update all profiles at once
    Network through comments, recommendations, answers, group activities, etc.
    Keep informed of changes to networks’ privacy settings