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The Green Workplace

The Green Workplace



Green initiatives in the workplace: Optimizing the workplace for people, planet, and profits.

Green initiatives in the workplace: Optimizing the workplace for people, planet, and profits.



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    The Green Workplace The Green Workplace Presentation Transcript

    • Improving how we work for people, planet, and profits. by Joey Shepp, Green MBA
    • About the Presenter • Joey Shepp, Green MBA • Sustainable Business consultant • Principal at Earthsite Web Strategy for Sustainable Brands JoeyShepp.com
    • How does the workplace adapt The Story of our Time to the information age?
    • The Changing Workplace In the last 50 years, the information age has radically changed the workplace. This change has happened so rapidly, our notion of what it means to be an information worker is just starting to catch up.
    • Information Overload: Feel all too familiar?
    • Mountains of E-Waste • 113,000 computers are discarded every day in the US. • Only 18% of computers are being recycled • About 80-85 percent of discarded electronics were disposed of in landfills EPA 2008 Study
    • Energy Waste & Emissions • Nearly half the power coming out of the wall is wasted and never reaches the processor, memory, disks or other components • A computer that rarely gets turned off can produce close to a ton of C0² emissions per year
    • Rethinking how we work The Green Workplace
    • A Green Workplace takes a holistic and integrated approach to enhancing work culture, improving place of work, and reducing environmental impacts.
    • Energy Efficiency Applying energy efficiency measures is the easiest and most affordable way to cut energy costs.
    • Energy Efficient Lighting Saves Money • CFL Bulbs • Payback in less than 1 year • Contains Mercury, special disposal • LED (Soon OLED) Lighting • Even more efficient • Non-toxic and recyclable
    • Energy Efficient Computer Practices Optimize Power Unplug from Buy Energy Star Management Vampire Power Settings
    • Resource: Climate Savers Computing • Energy efficiency resources • Carbon Calculators • Membership Benefits
    • E-Waste Recycling Electronics have the potential to cause the most environmental damage, because of their hazardous ingredients.
    • Locate Local Electronics Recycling
    • Staples E-Waste Recycling Program • Available 7 days a week at all stores • $10 Fee for large items such as computers, laptops, monitors, and printers. • Small items like keyboards, mice, printer cartridges are free • All brands accepted, doesn’t matter if you purchased it at Staples.
    • EPA Plug-In Partners • Many manufacturers and retailers have already committed to collecting, reusing, or recycling old electronics. EPA recognizes the following Plug-In To eCycling partners for their efforts
    • Green IT the study and practice of using computing resources efficiently
    • Green IT Reaches Tipping Point in Europe • Almost half of European enterprises are addressing the green and sustainable challenges facing them • 34% have a green IT strategy in place now • 14.5% real cost savings in 12 months • Company saves nearly 23.2 million euros per year Source: 2008 IDC survey sponsored by Dell
    • Virtual Servers Makes Use of Unused Resources • Private ‘slices’ of a physical server. • Quick start new “servers” • No lost resources
    • Green Web Hosting • Renewable Energy Credits • Renewable Energy Powered
    • Cloud Computing Accessing programs and data through the web rather than locally.
    • 20 Reasons Why Web Apps are Superior • Never installed • Low-cost support and • Updates are seamless maintenance • No legacy • User’s data is kept safe in • No admin rights required hosting environment • Available anywhere, anytime • No Viruses • Platform independent • Low cost global distribution • Less environmental conflicts • Lower software price entry point • Enables social possibilities for customers • Lower cost of sale • Access to the entire assets of the • Usable from inexpensive PCs Web (APIs, widgets, messaging, • Piracy-proof collaboration) • No bad debts • Mobile is here • Widest potential audience Source:Vinny Lingham
    • The Age of the Netbook • A netbook is a laptop computer designed for wireless communication and access to the Internet • Cheap and available. • Software and Apps Accessed Online • Inspired by One Laptop per child
    • Online Storage Makes File Sharing Easy • Secure backup, sync, and sharing made easy.
    • Micro-Enterprise Near free internet tools allow small business to be as efficient as big business.
    • Near Free Business Software
    • Open Source Open source is a development method for software that harnesses the power of distributed peer review and transparency of process. The promise of open source is better quality, higher reliability, more flexibility, lower cost, and an end to predatory vendor lock-in.
    • Open Source Software Benefits •Transparent •Collaborative •Low Cost
    • Open Source Success Stories • 50%+ of servers run on Apache • 44% of browsers run Firefox Oct. 2008 W3Schools
    • Open Source Website Building Platforms •Joomla •Most Popular CMS •Wordpress •Best for Blogs/Publishers •Drupal •Best for Communities
    • Virtual Meetings As travel costs increase, more meetings are going virtual.
    • Telecommuting Reported Benefits • 78% of companies allow some telecommuting • 68% of companies report increased productivity • 60% of companies report decreased costs 2008 Study by CompTIA
    • DimDim $20/month
    • Fuze Meeting $30/month
    • GoToMeeting $49/month
    • WebEx $69/month
    • Cisco Telepresence Room $350,000
    • Reducing Transportation Carpools and public transportation benefit both the environment and employees.
    • Carpools and Public Transportation • Carpool Matching: Offer carpool-matching services that allow employees to find co- workers that live near them. • Bike Racks: Encourage biking and walking to work by providing bike racks outside of the office. • Parking Incentives: Provide parking incentives such as closer/shaded parking spots for carpoolers. • Telecommuting: Consider telecommuting to allow employees to work from home one day a week work. • Four day workweek: What about a workweek with four 10-hour days instead of five eight- hour days?
    • Paperless Office Digital information moves beyond the bounds of paper, saves trees and expanding the possibility of information organization and presentation.
    • Ephemeralization: Do More with Less • Reduce Clutter • Increase Accessibility/Collaboration • Discrete/Embedded Computing
    • Advanced Paper Scanners Save Time • Character Recognition Software • Organize/Search Documents
    • Virtual Fax Send Fax to Email • Send Word/PDF documents to Fax Numbers • Receive Faxes, digitally without printing.
    • Kindle is the New Book The next evolution of digital paper. Many books now being published in ‘Kindle’ format.
    • If you must print, print only what you need • GreenPrint makes it easy to print only the pages you want saving you around $100 a year on paper and ink, as well as helping to save millions of trees.
    • Green Purchasing Many common office products can now be bought green at cost effective prices.
    • Green Office Products are Competitive Today • CFL Lighting • Recycled Paper • Compostable Eatery/Cups • Furniture from Sustainably Harvested Wood • Natural Cleaning/Janitorial • Refillable Ink Cartridges • Low Toxicity Electronics
    • Office Depot The Greener Office
    • The Green Office Innovative ‘Green Screen’
    • Ergonomics Interfacing with technology in a way that is intuitive, transparent, and ergonomic.
    • “Sitting is Hard Work” • Author Galen Granz examines the role of the chair in modern work culture. • “Human beings bodies are not designed to hold any single posture for long periods of time”. • Arguement against the modern ‘chair- desk complex’.
    • Ball Chair Swopper Stool Hag Chair Examples of Chair Alternatives
    • Keep in Motion, Change Position
    • Same Old QWERTY • Designed to slow typists down as to keep pace with the hammer/stamp technology • Repetitive Stress and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Emerged
    • The Near Future: Multi-Touch Interface
    • Importance of a Greening Manager To ensure Green Initiatives take hold, it is important to have a leader to champion it within the company or organization.
    • Greening Manager Saves you Money • Hire an Greening Manager. It will be beneficial to have someone in the office whose sole job is to initiate, engage, and monitor greening initiatives. • The money spent on paying somebody to hold this position will be well worth it when you get your utility bill and help save our planet.
    • Go Further Green Workplace Resources
    • If you liked this presentation... • Leave your business card and I’ll email you this presentation. • Provide me with a testimonial • Connect with me through social media
    • Visit my Website http://JoeyShepp.com
    • Follow me on Twitter http://Twitter.com/JoeyShepp
    • Become a Fan on my http://facebook.com/JoeyShepp/ Facebook Page
    • Become a Connection http://linkedin.com/in/joeyshepp on Linked In
    • Web Strategy for Sustainable Brands • Sustainable Business Consulting • Web Design and Development • Social Media Marketing Fairfax, CA 415.259.4546 info@earthsite.net www.earthsite.net