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Most Digital Chamber Network in the World


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Finland Chamber presentation in the World Chambers Competition 2013, Best unconventional project finalist

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Most Digital Chamber Network in the World

  1. 1. The most digital chambernetwork in the worldSenja Larsen, Head of CommunicationsFinland Chamber of CommerceDoha World Chambers Competition 2013Best unconventional project finalist
  2. 2. Modern communications landscapeResearchersScientistsAnalystsGovernmentMediaStakeholdersConsumersPotentialmembersLost membersReturning membersPoliticiansConsultantsSuppliersOfficialsLocal governmentNGO’sTrade unionsStaff SocietyMembers InfluencersChamberBusinessesCEO’sSchoolsUniversitiesColleges
  3. 3. Requirements of success for anetwork organisationSuccessInteractionOpennessInspiringcontentUsing thelatesttechnologies
  4. 4. • Cloud computing, smarter mobile devices andtools change the consumer landscape andorganisations.• The future is always synced, always accessible,multi-device searchable contents.• We must be able to deliver and receiveinformation anytime, anywhere, on any device.Safely, securely, with fewer resources.Opportunities and challenges
  5. 5. • Mission drives Chambers. We must deliver morevaluable services to our members, moreefficiently and at a lower cost.• To succeed and flourish, every chamber mustlook for digital solutions.• Chambers must be as effective as our membercompanies. Better yet, we should lead the way.Lead the way!
  6. 6. Socialmedia(offsite)Wikipedia, LinkedIn,YoutubeSlideshare,Facebook, TwitterSuccesful communications are acombinationYourinternetpages(onsite)SearchSEO Search EngineOptimisationSEM Search EngineMarketingInternalCollaborative tools:Google Apps,Sites, Hangouts,Drive, FormsPersonalNothing beats faceto face!
  8. 8. • Our aim was to renew the brand, reshape howwe think and retool how we work.• Increase effectiveness, speed, collaboration andthought leadership status.• Campaign-oriented tone and active participationin social conversations.• Measuring success and effectiveness of keymessage delivery and tone of communications.Digitalisation of 19+1 Finnish Chambers
  9. 9. • Google Apps cloud tools are used for internalcollaboration.• Externally we have a presence in all major SocialMedia channels, which our Newsroom ties together.• We actively use Search Engine Optimisation andMarketing eg for finding new members.• All logos, photos, corporate gifts are available online.Most print layouts such as visit cards and simplebrochures can be edited online by browser layoutformatting.Digital revolution changed everything
  10. 10. • Press releases are edited in real-time andlocalised by chambers by adding locally relevantquotes and figures.• Regional CEO’s and working groups hold regularvideo meetings between face-to-face meetings.No travel, only laptop and headset.• Social media postings are generated from newsand events and shared daily to all chamber staff(“three topics everyone should know today”)Examples of our new ways of working
  11. 11. • All channels and processes were renewed in 1 year, costof 30,000 euro and staff of 2, fully involved in normalduties.• Open source and free or reasonably priced solutionswere used.• We saved 20,000 euro per year by producing mediamonitoring inhouse.• From the Finnish solution chambers can adopt anycombination that supports your strategy.• These tools can be implemented with minimal use ofoutsourced resources or consultants.1 year, budget 30k€, team of 2 people
  12. 12. Use ApplicationCollaboration Google Drive & DocsDropboxInformation storaging DropboxGoogle DriveIntranet Google SitesGoogle PlusInternet pages WordPressUnified calendars Google CalendarQuestionnaires/Gallups DigiumGoogle FormsDoodleCommunication Our own e-mail solutionsGoogle ChatGoogle PlusVideo conferences Google HangoutWebexSocial media Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, LinkedIn. Google+, Wikipedia,Hootsuite, SlideshareE-mail newsletter EmaileriEvent registration LyytiDoodlePhotobankMarketing materialsCompany contactinformationFlickrDigtatorFonecta B2BInternet analytics SnoobiPress releases CisionMedia monitoring Digital searchWordpress as database
  13. 13. EXAMPLES
  14. 14. Finnish chambers ofcommerce 2011
  15. 15. Finnish Chambers ofCommerce 2012(Design cost 10 k€)
  16. 16. Identity and logo use guide onlineACTION:Identity guidelines arepublished on theinternet only, for easeof updating andsharing.RESULT:Complete self-service,all partners fromadvertising agents tothe media use theguidelines on internet.
  17. 17. Logos and pictures on FlickrACTION: All logos andphotos on Flick for easyaccess.RESULT: Cost-efficientsearch engine friendly,easy access, nomanagement needed,has resulted in widephoto use and givingChamber staff and ourissues a face.
  18. 18. Logo items available in digital shopACTION:All standardised Chamberlogo items such as pens,folders, gifts, rollups,mousepads are handledefficiently through a digitalstore.RESULT:Lower prices throughbigger volumes and bettercontrol over storagesituation and ordermanagement.
  19. 19. Print-ready professional uselogos onlineACTION:Professional use logos in4 formats from web toprint, negative/ positive,blue/white, black/white in3 language versions =1200 logos for 19chambers.RESULT:Excellent efficiency ofdelivery and use across allprojects, chambers andpartners. No emailingattachments or wrongversions in use.
  20. 20. Campaign materials in 20 sizesand 4 formatsACTION:Campaign material in20 sizes and 4formats from postersto banners availablethrough digitalcontentmanagement siteRESULT:Use of materials hasincreasedexponentially
  21. 21. Digital layouts for localisedprint materialsACTION:Extensive identity renewalsaved costs through localisationof logo materials with browserbased layout formatting of itemssuch as envelopes, businesscards, invitations, flyers, simplebrochures and invitations.Layouts and addresses areready in the database.RESULT:DIY. Everyone can do anything.Less use of advertising agenciesfor simple layouts.
  22. 22. ACTION:Browser based layoutformatting withtemplates for flyersand brochuresRESULT:Anyone can produceprofessional-lookingbrochures with thesimple tools.
  23. 23. Interactive 5k€ Wordpress internet siteACTION:Concentration on KeyMessages. Highvisibility of social mediachannels. Searchengine optimised.RESULT:Interactive presenceconveys image ofactive, modern andcommunicativeChamber group.
  24. 24. Weekly video on youtubeACTION:Weekly video blogRESULT:“The medium is themessage”. Moderninteractivepresence gainswom, prestige andvisibility. Fabulousfor SEO!
  25. 25. Main events tweeted and archived innewsroomACTION: Interactivetweeting of all news andat major events.RESULT:Amount of followersincreases continually.Same content used onFacebook, LinkedIn andGoogle+.
  26. 26. Social media newsroom connectschannelsACTION:Regional andnational issuesraised daily andweekly in socialmedia newsroom.RESULT:Search EngineOptimised visibilityEnsures coverageof important issues.
  27. 27. Campaign sites with storiesACTION:Campaign sites withvideo story contentRESULT:Video is an excellentfor visualisingchallenging issues,and has givenexcellent visibility toimportant campaigns.
  28. 28. Geolocated praise from membersACTION:Geolocating membershipcampaign site. SearchEngine Marketing used tosupport findability.RESULT:Excellent for locatingnew leads. It is far moreconvincing to have themembers praise usinstead of the chamberspraising themselves.
  30. 30. 1k€ Google sites -intranet workson a wiki basis
  31. 31. Google Apps collaboration tools usedacross 19 chambers:• Drive for collaborative editingof content• Spread sheets for collecting data.• Forms for internal questionnaires.• Groups for exchanging ideas.• Calendars for coordinating events• Hangouts for small meetings• Google Plus for internal buzzCollaborative Google Apps toolsinternallyACTION:Google Apps Corporatetools used for internalcommunication. Allmaterial can be editedby anyone before beingpublished.RESULTIncreased efficiencyand collaborativeculture.
  32. 32. Online editingACTION:Information acrosschambers is collectedby use of collaborativespreadsheets and forms.Texts are edited together.RESULTNo emailing, version-juggling or copy-pasting of information.Collective intelligence infull use.
  33. 33. Monthly stakeholder email newsletterand daily staff newsletterInformation has tocome to you!
  34. 34. Continual support andtraining for use of new toolsACTION:Internally producedTraining for using newtools offered on a monthlybasis: everyone isencouraged to attend.RESULTTools have been takenwidely into use in manyareas where collaborationadds value.
  35. 35. Documented processesACTIONAll communicationsprocesses aredocumented toensure quality andefficiency, and can bereferred towhen necessaryRESULTEfficiency, opennessand collaborativeculture
  36. 36. • Media monitoring was highest yearly communicationsexpense. We saved 20k year by producing it inhouse.• Referats are saved into our own database.• Following criteria is used to evaluate each news item:– Visibility of the news item in the media and the role of thechamber in the item.– Importance: how the article relates to our key messages.– Tone of voice: neutral, negative or positive with regard toour agenda.– Coverage: local, provincial or national media.Turning media monitoring into astrategic tool
  37. 37. Virtual awards motivate and showcase• Results are analysedmonthly. Bestchambers andpersons, in proportionto the chamber size,with most strategicmedia visibility areawarded.• Aim is to motivate andshowcaseachievements ofusing key messages.1113302534244431218871114671114172435464952636884898992951061421441711750 50 100 150 200Satakunnan kauppakamariHelsingin seudun kauppakamariTurun kauppakamariKaikki kauppakamaritLänsi-Uudenmaan kauppakamariKeskuskauppakamariKymenlaakson kauppakamariEtelä-Karjalan kauppakamariKuopion kauppakamariKeski-Suomen kauppakamariEtelä-Pohjanmaan kauppakamariEtelä-Savon kauppakamariOulun kauppakamariTampereen kauppakamariPohjois-Karjalan kauppakamariRiihimäen-Hyvinkään kauppakamariPohjanmaan kauppakamariHämeen kauppakamariLapin kauppakamariRauman kauppakamariYhteispisteetOsumia
  38. 38. Winning news items are shared monthly29.4.201338
  39. 39. Media person of the month!29.4.2013 Esityksen nimi / Tekijä39
  40. 40. WRAP-UP
  41. 41. • Keeping happy 19+1 demanding chamberCEO’s• Overcoming change resistance 2.0• Giving up content ownership, going from ”mine”to ”ours”.• But we just renewed our webpages, intranet, magazine, flyers, stickers etc etc!• Could the world remain same and change at thesame time?Biggest challenges
  42. 42. 1. Definition of the strategic core processes2. Selection of tools and creation of channels3. Creation of processes to support a culture ofopenness, sharing and innovation4. Training and support offered personally andonline, one-on-one and in groups5. Making sure that all chamber staff had access tothe tools and were empowered to participate6. Publishing guidelines to support the use of tools7. Making it easy to reach, share, comment andmodify materials8. Making key performance measurable.Digitalisation: how we did it in 8 steps
  43. 43. • 19 chambers were able to collaborate toreach a common goal.• Change takes a huge bulk of work but itbecomes a tiny chunk when everyoneparticipates.• We did it together, thanks to our fantasticstaff!• If we can do it, you can do it and we will behonoured to help!Change is about people,not technology
  44. 44. Thank you!