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Green Technology Trends for Apartments


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Originally presented as a Multifamily Tech Talk on October 28, 2010, by

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Green Technology Trends for Apartments

  1. 1. #mfgreentech Green Technology Trends For Apartments
  2. 2. Technology can help save energy, money and the environment.
  3. 3. • Emerging trends • Retrofit opportunities • Business processes • Your questions For Today:
  4. 4. Ryan Merkin Steven Winter Associates
  5. 5. RYAN MERKIN, LEED AP STEVEN WINTER ASSOCIATES, INC Green & Healthy Property Management
  6. 6. Topics New Construction  Emerging Technologies in Green Building Development Existing Buildings  Benchmarking  Retrofit Opportunities
  7. 7. What is a Green Multifamily Building? Rating Systems  ENERGY STAR® New Homes  ENERGY STAR® Multifamily Highrise  LEED for Homes  LEED for Homes Midrise  Enterprise Green Communities
  8. 8. Emerging Technologies: Old is New
  9. 9. Emerging Technologies Source: Reward Wall Systems Source: SeeSmartLED
  10. 10. Existing Buildings: Benchmarking is Key  Portfolio Wide Benchmarking  Indentify high energy and water wasting buildings  BTU/SF/HDD  Measure of building performance normalized for climate 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 Single Family Dweling Single Family Low- income Multi-family in NYC "rennovated" multifamily in NYC Melrose Commons BTU's/ Sq. Ft./HDD
  11. 11. A Top 10 Owner of NYC Properties: Multifamily Energy Usage 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 1 Importance of Benchmarking: Your Portfolio Can Vary Greatly
  12. 12. Top 5 Retrofit Opportunities #1: Water Conservation Sinks, Showerheads, Toilets Look for EPA Watersense Label Reduce DHW to 120°F
  13. 13. Top 5 Retrofit Opportunities #2: Lighting & Efficient Appliances Fluorescents use 1/3 of the energy used by incandescent lighting and last 10 times longer. Occupancy controls and “bilevel” fixtures LED’s on the way
  14. 14. Top 5 Retrofit Opportunities #3: Air Sealing Seal the holes! Most can be done in-house
  15. 15. Top 5 Retrofit Opportunities #4: Upgrade Inefficient HVAC Systems Maintain Central Systems Replace “Atmospheric” Equipment Look for ENERGY STAR Do Not “Replace With Same”
  16. 16. Top 5 Retrofit Opportunities #5: Upgrade Fan & Pump Motors Specify NEMA Premium Utilize VFD’s Where Appropriate Replace Centrifugal Fans With Direct-Drive
  17. 17. Healthier Living Environment Potential Programs Beyond Energy & Water  Green Cleaning with GreenSeal Certified Products  Integrated Pest Management & Reduced Pesticides  Green Carpet and Flooring  Smoke Free Housing  Recycling
  18. 18. Owner Benefits Introduce energy efficient, green and healthy operations practices at your properties-- improving the health of residents and staff and creating a more environmentally friendly community.  Lower Operating Costs  Energy & Water savings  Healthier Living Environments  Less Complaints →Less Maintenance  Reduced Greenhouse Gases  Increased Marketability
  19. 19. Joe Colletti EchoSign
  20. 20. The environmental problem • One pallet of copier paper requires approx. 24 trees, and the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper annually • Paper consumption responsible for approximately 20% of deforestation, and 25% of landfill waste (one third of municipal landfill waste) • Reducing office paper use in the US by 10% would be the equivalent of taking 280,000 cars off the road We use a lot of paper
  21. 21. We’re making progress Marketing material printed in bulk ahead of time Guest Cards to capture renter data On demand printing / e-brochures Heavy reliance on print media Greater spend on online marketing Self-service kiosks & web to lead forms Managing the business on paper Software tools– general and industry specific Traditional Current
  22. 22. We’re making progress
  23. 23. Contract Contract Joe Smith Sell Fulfill US Mail Hand Delivery Overnight Email out Fax back Scan & returnFax out We’re still using paper for agreements
  24. 24. Management • Management Agreements • Repair Estimates • Power of Attorney • Work Orders Renters • Rental Binders/ Applications • Credit Release • Lease Addendums • Disclosures (Lead Paint / Mold, etc) • Security Deposit Release • Key receiptInternal • Vendors Agreements • Contractors • HR / Compliance Where is this relevant?
  25. 25. Instead of moving paper move ones and zeros
  26. 26. Electronic Signatures In 2000, the Federal E-SIGN Act was passed with a broad definition of an electronic signature: “...electronic sound, symbol or process associated with a contract and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record…” E-Sign Act: • Ensure the Signer Knows What They are Signing • Ensure the Signing Process is Clear to the Signer EchoSign is 100% ESIGN/UETA Compliance
  27. 27. Analysts writing on it Automating Lead-To-Win: Shrinking the Sales Cycle and Focusing Closers on Sealing More Deals (May 2010)
  28. 28. - IACCM (leading non-for-profit contracting management organization) 2008 48% of insurers are now using electronic signatures (leading financial service strategic consulting firm) 07/10 Industry adopting it
  29. 29. Even the government..
  30. 30. Why are companies adopting this? 1. Reduce expenses Scanning, postage, printing,& storage 2. Increase productivity Less time spent managing paperwork 3. Customer satisfaction Easy and accessible to today’s client 4. Do business faster Signing in seconds, automatic routing 5. Centralize documents Automatic filing and document back up 6. Easy auditing Detailed audit trail built in 7. Greater understanding Easy reporting on key metrics
  31. 31. How can they be used? • Documents you send for signature • Documents you post online for signature o Integrate with your website o Integrate with your business applications o Post in minutes with EchoSign’s Widget • Documents that you need to sign • Documents that need to be signed by hand
  32. 32. Industry Example Full service property management firm in Houston and Texas Went paperless to save money and reduce ecological impact Challenges • Archiving approvals / lack of centralization • Time wasted managing paperwork • Documents missing pages / key information
  33. 33. Wins Case Study • Documents now signed, routed and filed in minutes • Staff spends far time managing paperwork • Company can track all paperwork in real time • Every signed document is filed automatically • Better able to document completed work when invoicing • Owners appreciate cost saving approach and electronic copies
  34. 34. Summary Tools are available to reduce “transactional” paper use What to look for • Quick deployment 100% web-based Use the documents you have • Simplicity Makes training rapid and drives adoption • Low cost No capital investment Subscription model
  35. 35. For more information Joe Colletti v: (877) 324-6744 x810 c: Webinar Additional Case Studies Contact me Thank you
  36. 36. • Steven Winter Associates – • EchoSign – • GreenLandlady – • Green Building Advisor – • Multifamily Technology – • EcoBuild – • EnergyStar Portfolio Manager & Building Manual • DOE Building Technologies Program More Resources
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  38. 38. Thank you!