Clean-tech & Innovation Learnings From Silicon Valley


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Collection of notes from a recent trip (January 09) to Silicon Valley where the goal was to understand the current status of clean-tech innovation from a variety of perspectives; political, entrepreurship, and venture capitalists.

More on sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation at

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Clean-tech & Innovation Learnings From Silicon Valley

  1. Notes from the Valley Oriol Pascual 20 - 1 - 2009
  2. Good News... Clean-tech is the next big thing!!
  3. Outline CA Recipe for success Innovation & Incubation The VC’s perspective Clean-tech to follow
  4. CA Recipe for Success Political will & smart policy Entrepreneurship & innovation Money; Ca 40% of global VC in clean Circumstance
  5. San Jose green vision 2015 25.000 new clean-tech jobs 50% energy reduction per capita 100% renewable electricity Green buildings; 50 m. sq. feet
  6. San Jose green vision 2015 100% re-use of waste water Development general plan 100% public fleet using alternative fuels Smart, zero-net street-lighting 100 miles interconnected bike trails
  7. Innovation: IDEO Product & system Innovation through design Approach to sustainability; social impact Aquaduct purifies water while biking
  8. Aquaduct by IDEO
  9. NGO; The Climate Group
  10. The Climate Group Focus on promoting leadership on climate & influence change Best practices, low- carbon prosperity Network & incubator:, Smart2020
  11. Incubation; EBC - Plug & Play
  12. San Jose’s EBC Focus on energy & env. technology commercialization 120 start-ups since 1994 Public & non-profit Incubator of the year 2008
  13. EBC Scope Clean energy Clean transportation Technology commercialization
  14. EBC services Space Shared facilities & office equipment Front office 24/7 access Business consultations
  15. EBC services Commercialization of tech Network Financing assistance Education & coaching
  16. EBC requirements Clean-tech product or service Start-up, early stage dev. or re-structure Viable BP Market identification & knowledge
  17. EBC requirements Technical capability Financial plan Potential for creating new jobs
  18. EBC criteria Business potential Quality BP Clarity market focus
  19. EBC criteria Reality assessment competition Quality management team Ability to utilize cluster services
  20. Plug & Play 3 years; 3 centers 220 start ups; 70% internet-based Goal; 1000 start-ups by 2010 Private & for-profit Scope; tech oriented product & services
  21. Plug & Play services Space (cubicles), adaptable, monthly fee In-house data centers Recruiting; talent acquisition Corporate development Product development (China, Latin Am)
  22. Plug & Play services Funding; monthly deal review session with 20+ VCs Events; demos International; goal 40% int start-ups by 2010
  23. Plug & Play criteria “As long as they innovate” BP reviewed by 2 board members 6 months to 2 years (non-fixed)
  24. Plug & Play goes green Just started 3 months ago Goal; 30-40 by end 2009 Energy intelligence (software) Need to re-define services
  25. The VC perspective
  26. VC in Silicon Valley 740 funds in the Valley 20+ angel investors groups 2930 deals = 22 b (2008)
  27. VCs & clean-tech 40% decline investments in 2008 Q4 Used to be the fastest growing Good news; everybody feels confident that IT IS the investment to be in
  28. VCs & clean-tech Winners Efficiency process (software) Enhancement of clean energy (i.e. solar) Carbon is getting momentum
  29. VCs & clean-tech Losers Capital intensive; wind, solar Fuels and batteries
  30. VCs; what they look for? Potential market; +1 billion Team composition; tech+bizz +marketing Competitive landscape IP strategy
  31. Innovative companies
  32. Sunpower The most efficient PVs on the planet 1985; Standford spin out First used by NASA 400 employees Vertical approach
  33. Clean Fish Premium fish from sustainable sources Farm & wild Innovation; value chain & aquaculture techniques
  34. Tesla High-end electric cars Innovation; unique engine & battery technology Partnering with Ford to provide battery technology
  35. Magnanimus Wine Sustainable, organic & “biodynamic” wines 2 years in the market 10.000 l/year (goal: 50.000 in 3 years)
  36. Wrapping-up
  37. Final notes Access to talent Knowledge+money+entrepreneurship Timing & appropriateness Fail, fail often, fail early