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Webinar: Is the Cloud Right for You 2016-10-18


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Wondering whether cloud-based software is right for your nonprofit? Not even sure what "the cloud" is or if it has a silver lining? Join Tech Impact's Linda Widdop to understand which cloud computing options make sense for your nonprofit. This 60-minute webinar will help you understand and analyze the benefits and features of cloud-based products.

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Webinar: Is the Cloud Right for You 2016-10-18

  1. 1. Is the Cloud Right For You? October 18, 2016 Linda Widdop, Tech Impact
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  5. 5. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved5 Objectives 1. Understand and analyze the benefits and features of cloud-based products 2. Access TechSoup cloud-based products 3. Answer your questions
  6. 6. 6 About TechSoup
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  10. 10. Cloud Solutions: HowThey areTransforming the Way Nonprofits Work
  11. 11. ABOUT US Providing high impact services to nonprofits since 2003 Tech Impact Philosophy & Team
  12. 12. OUR MISSION Empower communities and nonprofits to use technology to better serve our world.
  13. 13. • Just like you, we are a 501c3 Nonprofit • Capacity building organization • Workforce development in technology for at-risk-youth • Providing IT Services to Nonprofits since 2003 • Serving 100+ NGO’s with Managed IT Services nationally • Network engineering and implementation nationally • 600+ Office365 Assessment & Implementations globally • VoIP Phone Services nationally • Data Analytics and Support Services Solutions.Integration.Support.
  14. 14. DIRECTOR OF TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Linda Widdop I manage all aspects of client relations for Tech Impact including educating nonprofits about technology solutions. I work with local, regional and national partners to provide the nonprofit community with increased knowledge of technology through speaking engagements. I have been using Office 365 since it was first introduced and have helped over 600 nonprofits get on board with it. I’m an obsessed birdwatcher and head coach for a women’s ice hockey team when I’m not helping nonprofits get on board with cloud computing.
  15. 15. Typical Needs Solutions for Nonprofits
  16. 16. Scenario My nonprofit needs to be able to work whenever, wherever, and on-the-go. Benefit/Value • Track tasks, edit reports, and access information from anywhere, allowing your staff and volunteers to spend more time on programmatic issues. • Capture data that you can turn into information through analytic tools
  17. 17. Scenario My nonprofit needs to communicate with staff and volunteers. Benefit/Value • Save time, connect and share knowledge in a highly secure environment • Allow people from across your nonprofit to have input on critical decisions and quickly get stuff done. • Communicate even when power or network is down
  18. 18. Scenario My nonprofit needs to engage with and retain donors, members, and volunteers. Benefit/Value • Enable your staff to find new donors, strengthen existing relationships, and align donors or volunteers with your organizational needs • Increase revenue by using data to connect with constituents
  19. 19. Scenario My nonprofit needs to understand and drive impact. Benefit/Value • Enable your staff to make more informed decisions by giving everyone powerful new ways to work with data • Access dashboard views with interactive visualization to evaluate trends and analyze data.
  20. 20. 20 Making the Case for Cloud
  21. 21. Non Profit Technology Adoption Over Time 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 2000 2005 2007 2010 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Nonprofit Business The Bad Old Days
  22. 22. Why The Sudden Spike? 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 2000 2005 2007 2010 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Nonprofit Business Hint: it’s in the sky, puffy and looks like this
  23. 23. • Nothing to own • Low cost • Rapid deployment • Ability to scale • Availability • Mobility • Security • Backup/Disaster Recovery • Ability to use less powerful clients How Does Cloud Impact Nonprofits? 23
  24. 24. How can Cloud be Affordable? One Word - Competition –Internet bandwidth, speed, pricing –Data Center Infrastructure in place –Cloud solutions developed for commercial use –Vendors want market share –Philanthropic commitment 24
  25. 25. Philanthropy • Microsoft – committing $1 BILLION in donations of Microsoft Cloud – Microsoft Office 365, Azure, Dynamics CRM and more • Google – Google Apps, Ad Words, Earth, YouTube, Analytics • • Many Others
  26. 26. Moving from In-house to Cloud • Hardware/software/licensing – CAPEX: – Major expense – Can be funded – Capitalized/Depreciated • Using Cloud – OPEX – Constant subscription cost – Adjusted based on usage – Predictable
  27. 27. IT Expense Example Expense IT Support Hosted Cloud Server Purchase $3,000+ $0 $0 Server $100+ per month $300+ per month $0 Server outages Varies Rare Never Email Exchange support $100+ per month, spam filter $2/mailbox/month, backup $100+/month Exchange support $100+ per month, spam filter $2/mailbox/month, backup $100+/month $0 File storage $0, plus backup costs $1/GB/month $0 - ?? Depending on volume
  28. 28. Cloud Cloud Solutions for Nonprofits
  29. 29. Grow & Transform Run Focus on evolving the business Focus on maintaining the technology Maintain Evolve  Reduce TCO  Extend Capabilities  Reduce Time to Market = Increased IT ROI IT ROI
  30. 30. Outcomes and Performance Board and Funders want to support high performing orgs 1. Mobility – users are on the go – need access to information 2. Agility – programs are changing – need systems to be flexible 3. Metrics – org, consumer and community – need reports and dashboards Nonprofits need systems to support and report on their work!
  31. 31. Why Does Cloud Advance Nonprofit Performance? 1. Mobility – users gain access to information hosted on cloud, accessed by wifi or mobile device 2. Agility – subscribe to cloud systems paying for usage. Vendors upgrade and adapt to customer requests eliminating the need to replace in- house server and systems. 3. Metrics – data systems tuned to provide dashboards and flexible reporting
  32. 32. Benefits of Cloud Computing • Availability – Access from anywhere – Host provides SLA – Business Continuity and Disaster recovery • Security – Provider responsible for physical hardware, operating system, application security – User/group permissions set by admin – All information stored in one location – not emailed around • Reduces Capital Expenses – No more server purchases! • Scalable – Add users and data on the fly 32
  33. 33. Benefits of Cloud Computing • Eliminates or reduces maintenance costs – No more servers to maintain! • Better collaboration – Work on the same doc/data with coworkers • Agility – Ease of adoption – Pay as you go, move when something better comes along • Access to Cutting Edge Technology – Vendors are faster to market – Competition drives down pricing – Initial investment is reduced 33
  34. 34. Inside the Cloud
  35. 35. Microsoft Data Center Dublin Ireland 35
  36. 36. Inside the Cloud 36
  37. 37. Scalability: Microsoft’s Global Footprint
  38. 38. Types of Clouds
  39. 39. SaaS, IaaS, PaaS • SaaS – Software as a Service – provides a system or application that you connect to via web browser. Paid per license or user as a subscription – Office 365,, Google Apps, Box, DropBox, NetSuite, Adobe Creative Cloud • IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service – provides cloud based servers that you can use to host your applications. Paid per month priced based on amount of server power – Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, • PaaS – Platform as a Service – allows you to develop, run and maintain your own applications without building infrastructure – Microsoft Azure, (underlying Salesforce), Amazon EC2 Beanstalk
  40. 40. Which Tools? • Wifi or Cell Signal are required • Any Internet Connected Device - SmartPhone/Laptop/Tablet • Productivity using Office 365/Google Apps • File Storage and Sharing using SharePoint/GoogleDrive/Box • Cloud Server using Azure / AWS • Communications with Skype, Groups and Hangouts • Online meetings with Skype for Business/Webex/GoToMeeting • Voice Communications with Hosted PBX and Remote Office features
  41. 41. Cloud Productivity Solutions Low Cost/ Productive/Secure/Accessible Solutions for Nonprofits
  42. 42. Which SaaS is Right for Us? Microsoft Office 365 • Familiar – it’s Outlook, Word, Excel, etc • Robust – Exchange email, integrated calendars • Secure – HIPAA, ability to add security features with E3, EMS • Available – cloud and sync to local Google Apps • Familiar – for gmail users • Robust – more than just productivity – Adwords, earth, analytics, YouTube • Simple – easy file sharing • Integrates with Office 365
  43. 43. Work anywhere, anytime, on any device with the latest version of Microsoft Office: Get the latest tech, like real time tracking and multiple authoring for your board reports. Collaborate with your volunteers with video conferencing and instant messaging. Work seamlessly across devices, like iPads and PCs. Office 365
  44. 44. Microsoft Office 365 – Free for Nonprofits • Outlook Email – Hosted email using Exchange • 50 GB of storage space per user • Shared Calendars and mailboxes • Office applications – Latest version of Office Professional Plus • Web app versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook • Installed versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc. ( requires upgraded licensing) 44 • File Storage & Collaboration • Simple file sharing using SharePoint • Easily share files internally and externally • Use Office Web Apps to create and edit docs online • Personal Cloud Storage using OneDrive Pro • Unlimited personal storage, synced to local desktop • Communications • Web conferencing, presence, and IM using Skype for Business • Web-based meetings with HD video conferencing • Screen sharing • Instant messaging • Group conversations with Yammer
  45. 45. See Demos of Office 365, Box and more • Register for a free online demo – scheduled biweekly • View a recording of previous demo 45
  46. 46. More Cloud Platforms
  47. 47. So, What’s Left in the Server Closet? • Active Directory – server or Azure AD • Network Services – router/firewall • Print Services – direct IP printing • Legacy Database – server Run Grow & Transform Focus on evolving the business Maintain Evolve IT ROI
  48. 48. Azure offers an integrated suite of cloud services – analytics, computing, web and mobile apps, networking, storage, and more – to empower your nonprofit organization to achieve more – more insight, more efficiency and more impact. Azure delivers deeper insights to enhance decision making, supports a broad selection of operating systems, and provides industry-leading security. It also integrates seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure and scales as your nonprofit grows - giving you the ability to harness the power of Microsoft’s data centers for a wide range of capabilities and scenarios. • IaaS - Host Active Directory • IaaS - Host Legacy Applications • Paas - And so much more
  49. 49. Microsoft Azure for Nonprofits
  50. 50. Questions?
  51. 51. How Tech Impact Can Help • Strategic Technology Planning – work with your team to create a plan that aligns tech with mission/business goals • Tech Consultation – specific to cloud solutions available through Techsoup • Office 365 Implementation • Ongoing Support • Analytics and Report Generation
  52. 52. Thank You! Contact Linda Widdop, Director of Technology Services for more information | (215) 557-1559 x 111
  53. 53. 53 Questions?
  54. 54. Learn and Share! Chat in one thing that you learned in today’s webinar or will try to implement. Will you share this information with your colleagues and within your network? Please complete the post-event survey that will pop up once the webinar ends!
  55. 55. Cloud-based products computing
  56. 56. Box
  57. 57. Docusign
  58. 58. Tableau subscription--G-49474--
  59. 59. Online Courses from TechSoup! catalog
  60. 60. Upcoming Webinars and Events 10/19: Microsoft Azure 10/20: Broadband Planning for Libraries: Enough Is Never Enough 10/25: Show Your Impact! Introduction to Data Visualization with Tableau 10/26: Idealware Technology Planning for Nonprofits and Libraries 10/27: What Microsoft's Cloud Services Can Do for Your Nonprofit Explore our webinar archives for more!
  61. 61. ReadyTalk offers dedicated product demos for TechSoup organizations 4 times per week. For more information: Please complete the post-event survey that will pop up once you close this window. Thank You to Our Webinar Sponsor!