B2B Marketing: The Evidence crunched - Afternoon session


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All the facts, stats and quotes from the afternoon session of #theevidence.

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B2B Marketing: The Evidence crunched - Afternoon session

  1. 1. B2B MARKETING: THE EVIDENCE CRUNCHED All the facts, stats, quotes from the afternoon session of The Evidence. ♯theevidence
  2. 2. ● Ideas and learning from the best- of-the best in B2B marketing ● Exclusive insight into challenges facing b2b brands ● Inspiration for the year ahead The Evidence www.earnest-agency.com 20 March 2014 b2bmarketing.net/the-evidence ♯theevidence
  3. 3. www.earnest-agency.com We came, we saw, we crunched… Image: © visualpoint, Creative Commons
  4. 4. To be able to build a dynamic and effective marketing team you need to explicitly understand your customers and your market. Image: © Canonshot mole, Creative Commons “ ” Gareth Case, Xchanging
  5. 5. The greatest innovators are typically fearless. If you want great rewards, you need to be willing to take risks. Image: © Jenny Downing, Creative Commons “ ” Gareth Case, Xchanging
  6. 6. For a true marketing oriented business, everyone is the brand. We need people to realise that internally. Image: © Ines Njers, Creative Commons “ ” Jade Tambini, DS Smith
  7. 7. Negative feedback from sales are buying signals that they want to be involved with marketing. Image: © JD Hancock, Creative Commons “ ” Jade Tambini, DS Smith
  8. 8. Chinese proverb: Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and I'll remember. Involve me and I'll understand. Jade Tambini, DS Smith Image: © Givseppe Milo, Creative Commons “ ”
  9. 9. Markets are more competitive than ever before. The need to differentiate is vital to the success of your organisation. Innovation unlocks potential. Image: © Thomas Leutard, Creative Commons “ ”Gareth Case, Xchanging
  10. 10. Do a ride along. Understand the life your sales people live and how you can make their life better. Graham Wylie, AppNexus EuropeImage: © Diego Carannte, Creative Commons “ ”
  11. 11. If you're looking to build an effective marketing team, recruit generalists and specialists to support them. Gareth Case, Xchanging Image: © geezerweezer, Creative Commons “ ”
  12. 12. 54% of the sales decision comes down to the rep they meet, even though they’re 70% of the way through the sales cycle Image: © Bev Goodwin, Creative Commons “ ” Graham Wylie, AppNexus Europe
  13. 13. Integrated processes give you commonality of knowledge and speed – little changes reduce friction and make a big change. Image: © Simon Hoskins, Creative Commons “ ” Graham Wylie, AppNexus Europe
  14. 14. Identify key stakeholders from every function - get them all on the same page. These are the people you need to be your brand champions. Jade Tandini, DS Smith Image: © Kenneth Dooles, Creative Commons “ ”
  15. 15. What’s the worst that can happen? You fail. If you’re not going to do it anyway, you’ve failed before you started Graham Wylie, AppNexus Image: © Illum, Creative Commons “ ”
  16. 16. That was The Evidence crunched by: www.earnest-agency.com earnest-agency.com @earnestagency And a big thank you to: b2bmarketing.net