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iBeacons: the future of content marking

All you need to know about iBeacons.

- What they are
- How they work
- Why they are the future of content marketing

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iBeacons: the future of content marking

  1. 1. Image @ Flikr. Creative Commons.
  2. 2. By the end of 2014 Image @ Flikr. Creative Commons.
  3. 3. The growth in mobile technology has created a fundamental shift in the way we: Behave Communicate Do business
  4. 4. The average person now checks their phone 110 times a day (about 9x an hour, gulp). (Source: Locket)
  5. 5. You probably knew that though, didn’t you? But what about this…
  6. 6. June 2013 WWDC Apple made a little announcement about a new function in iOS7
  7. 7. It turned out to be a pretty BIG deal. “It may change the world forever” - The Washington Post
  8. 8. So what the hell is this iBeacon thing
  9. 9. It’s a technology that allows SMARTPHONES AND TABLETS to become even more LOCATION-AWARE
  10. 10. With a low cost transmitter, a business can broadcast tiny Bluetooth Low Energy radio signals to a device that features iBeacon. [The technical bit]
  11. 11. Allowing Based on how far the device is from the transmitter.
  12. 12. And it’s not just an Apple thing… Windows Android Apple
  13. 13. All too much gobbledegook? Here are some examples.
  14. 14. 1. The movie lover passing a poster for a new release can gets pinged an offer for discounted tickets via their cinema app on their phone – along with a link to the trailer. 2. The punter in the vicinity of their favourite store can receive a VIP offer via their phone’s store app, trying to entice them in. 3. The motorist using an iBeacon equipped car park can be navigated to an empty space using their Car Park App – and then directed back to their parking space on foot.
  15. 15. So basically you can pinpoint where people are And push them relevant content and offers. Cool, huh?
  16. 16. And it’s HERE and NOW.
  17. 17. Thanks to iBeacons… Customers at Bar Kick, London taking a break between games of table football, find digital editions of two magazines in the Newstand app of their phone – delivered free of charge. Image @ Flikr. Creative Commons.
  18. 18. Thanks to iBeacons… Visitors to a museum in Antwerp can interact with the ancient works of Rubens using their smartphone or tablet instead of clunky audio guides. Image @ Flikr. Creative Commons.
  19. 19. Thanks to iBeacons… Visitors to Major League Baseball in the US can get directions to their seat and find the shortest queue when buying a bear or a hot dog. Image @ Flikr. Creative Commons.
  20. 20. The fact is loads of businesses are already enjoying the exciting possibilities brought about by the iBeacon... All over the globe. Image @ Flikr. Creative Commons.
  21. 21. Yeah, but I’m in B2B marketing and this really isn’t for me, is it? Image @ Flikr. Creative Commons.
  22. 22. YES, you too.
  23. 23. Take events. Whether you’re hosting your own or exhibiting- iBeacon could help you stand out from the crowd.
  24. 24. Direct customers to stands Deliver incentives along the way On arrival at the venue you can: Image @ Flikr. Creative Commons.
  25. 25.  Alert customers to your content via their mobile device  Let them browse, choose and collect the content they like  While you get to capture the details of who they are and what they’ve collected Once at the stand you can:
  26. 26. But it doesn’t stop at the event.
  27. 27. Post-event visitors can read and share their collected content anytime, anywhere, with anyone they like
  28. 28. Psst. We’ve even developed an App that can help you make it happen. Aka. EVENT WALLET Check it out here
  29. 29. Not into events? What about…
  30. 30. Using iBeacons to engage with employees around your offices? Turning internal posters into iBeacons that enable you to push new announcements and content to their phone?
  31. 31.  Using iBeacons to transform the visitor experience at your HQ?  Delivering welcome videos to visitors phones and alerting staff to the arrival of their guests on-site?
  32. 32.  Using iBeacons to turn static billboards into highly targeted comms?  Only activated when your specific target audience walks past. Image @ Flikr. Creative Commons.
  33. 33. Is this the future of content marketing?
  34. 34. YES! YES! We say, yes! Image @ Flikr. Creative Commons.
  35. 35. So where do you stand? Image @ Flikr. Creative Commons.
  36. 36.