Designing the Digital Branch: it's Everyone's Job


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Who “owns” your Digital Branch? Who makes decisions about your library’s website? Is it: a. the techie folks, b. the marketing staff, c. librarians d. administrators e. all of the above. If you answer “e”, you’re right. Developing the library’s digital presence is everyone’s job. This presentation will introduce you to how the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library staff works as a team to provide the best digital library experiences for our customers.

You’ll hear:

- How the creative process works on a daily basis, including integration of social media
- How to set administrative, technical, and service and content goals and expectations
- How the organization needs to flex and change to recognize and utilize the strengths and unique skills of all staff involved in the creative process.

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Designing the Digital Branch: it's Everyone's Job

  1. Designing theDigital Branch it’s Everyone’s Job!Gina Millsap & David Lee King | Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library |
  2. Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library
  3. auxiliary unitpermanent basiccollectionpermanent paidstaffregular schedule
  4. Digital Library Quiz Who owns the Digital Branch? a. Digital Services b. Collections c. Administration d. Marketing/Communications e. Public Services f. Customers g. All of the above
  5. 3 Goals:1. all services will be physical & digital2. we’ll use the web to build unique stuff3. to some, the digital branch will be theironly branch
  6. Value Map use our stuff - physical & digital donate connect with staff attend programs Digital Branch Main Topic feel part of "library club" help themselves have a better life, e.g. get healthy Librarys Call to Action - meet work, life, educational needs, e.g. find a job ask us stuff What do we want them to try new experiences do? solve a problem learn more about what we have to offer Customer Benefit - Why use the find something fun to do choose their options for library service, Digital Branch? get a meeting room e.g. building, bookmobile, mail find something good to read, view, etc. join the Friends convenience eat and shop TSCPL.ORG library service their way my library is there for me easy communication connect the dots habit simple, but lots to do value-added info no industry jargon Dont leave them hangingessential info always available User Experience - why our librarys website? trust easy transactions conversation instant membership meet convenient Customer Experience - Why come back? friends connect to a larger community local flavor one-stop shopping transparency currency & new stuff fun sense of "whats next?" and "theres always more convenience
  7. Call to Action
  8. Customer Benefit
  9. User Experienceeasy communication connect the dots ...simple, but lots to do no industry jargon essential info always transparency available easy transactions instant membership convenient local flavor
  10. Customer Experiencedon’t leave them fun habit meet friendshanging conversation value-added info sense of “what’s trust next?” & “there’s always more” convenience connect to a larger community one-stop shopping currency & new stuff
  11. It takes a libraryto build a digital branch.
  12. What do we do?
  13. Team-based
  14. go wherepeople gather
  15. How didwe gethere?
  16. Rob’soffice[I sit here]
  19. TextCurrent Goals
  20. Stuff Text
  21. TextStaff
  22. customers
  23. How do weManage it?
  24. everybody
  26. Goals
  27. mobile-friendly
  28. Know yourcustomers!
  31. We thought: people wholive in east Topeka aregenerally underserved and arenot big library users. We learned: 77% of the segment “Inner City Tenants” are Library customers and have the 5th highest check out per customer.
  32. We thought: customers livingfarthest from the Library use themailing service the most. We learned: distance is not a good predictor for how certain services are used.
  33. We thought: peoplein rural Shawnee Countyprefer films over books. We learned: they check out more books than films.
  34. Why?
  35. Come visit! vote 4 Gina!