Brownbag University July 10th (Voc focus)


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Brownbag University July 10th (Voc focus)

  1. 1. Brownbag University “Improving Your Business Through VOC and VSM” VOC Focus Session Mike Pircer Dan Walker MAP Business Solutions, River’s End Consulting Inc. (248) 770-2554 (248) 379-8344 m
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda • Introductions • Voice of Customer – Background and theory – Observation skills – The process – Outcome – Next steps • Questions and Answers • Brown Bag Series
  3. 3. Can We Agree? We are unaware of many of our customer expectations? Our customers are unaware of many of our capabilities? It would be nice to: •Match our customers unknown expectations •With our unknown capabilities © River’s End
  4. 4. © River’s End
  5. 5. © River’s End
  6. 6. What We Will Do We are going to ask our Stakeholders about: •Experiences with our products and services •Experiences with competitor products and services © River’s End
  7. 7. The Process 1. Build a small team of internal experts 2. Identify what we already know 3. Identify what we do not know 4. Develop specific topics of conversation and generate questions 5. Interview select individuals 6. Sort and analyze the interview responses 7. Take the information forward to future state mapping © River’s End
  8. 8. The Team Cross Functional Cooperative Focused Committed © River’s End
  9. 9. Scope and Focus   Purpose: Why interview people To Learn What Services and Resources   Should Be Available to Maximize Alumni Involvement. © River’s End
  10. 10. What Do We Already Know? Textual Analysis (What we already know) Functions Current Events Previous Events Services Wine Tastings Campus Tours Resume Writing Interview Skills  Networking events Career Fairs training Business  Seminars © River’s End
  11. 11. What We Do Not Know? Unknown, for further investigation 1 How are stats used?? 2 Impact of cost of events 3 What events "work"? 4 What is event "value"? 5 What does "invite" mean? 6 How to market to alumni? 7 What advertising works? 8 Why do grads choose level of involvement with college Post Grad? 9 Level of involvement with other university grads? 10 What makes the Alumni feel connected to community? © River’s End
  12. 12. What Are We Going To Learn?   Objectives: What we want to know 1 Define alumni perception of value. 2 Define most effective method for communicating value to alumni. 3 Understand population definition of "involvement". 4 Define what Alumni desire in a community. 5 Understand the impact of online classes on the alumni community. 6 Understand the perception of event value. 7 Understand graduate concept of "giving back" to the college. 8  9  © River’s End
  13. 13. Selecting People To Interview © River’s End
  14. 14. What We Going To Ask? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Define most Understand the Understand Define alumni effective method Understand Define what Alumni impact of online Understand the Objectives: graduate concept perception of for population definition desire in a classes on the perception of of "giving back" value. communicating of "involvement". community. alumni event value. to . value to alumni. community. Tell me why you  How do online  Tell me what your Describe the most Describe a charity,  Please describe a  feel compelled to  How would you define classes hinder  understanding of  efficient way to  church, group, team  good Alumni event give back to  Question 1 a community of  your participation  what the Alumni  communicate info that you've been  that you've  college. alumni? in the alumni  Assoc. does. to you. involved with. attended. association? Tell me why you  How would an  Describe to me  What compels  How frequently would  Please describe a  don't feel  What would you like  established social  what the Alumni  you to act on the  you like to be involved  bad Alumni event  compelled to give  Question 2 to see in a  Alumni  networking  back to college. Association  info you  with the Alumni  that you've  community? community  should do for you. received? Association? attended. benefit you? How would you  To you, what  How well was the  would be the  value of  Tell me the value  define your  Tell me about your  What is your desire to Describe the   responsibility to   value of being a  participating in  of regularly  Question 3 involvement in other  be part of a  online class  member of the   the  Alumni  scheduled Alumni  post graduation? organizations. community? community. Alumni  communicated to  meetings. Association? you? Describe your  How would an  Tell me about how  "connectivity" to  What does being  established social  What types of  What does being a  you are involved with  How do you define a  the College based  Question 4 a  Graduate mean networking  events are   Graduate mean to  virtual/social  community? on the amount of  to you? community  valuable to you? you? networks. online classes  benefit you? you have taken. © River’s End
  15. 15. The Interview Guide? Interviewee/Objectives: _Full Time Faculty Member (5,6,7,1,2,3,4) Questions  Interview Team (___) 1 What does being a Graduate mean to you? 2 Tell me about your involvement in other organizations.  (other alumni associations)   3 Describe to me what the Alumni Association should do. (generically) 4 Tell me what your understanding of what the Alumni Assoc. does. 5 How do online classes hinder the student's participation in the alumni association? 6 Please describe a good Alumni event that you've attended.  Please describe a bad  Alumni event. 7 What types of events are valuable to you? 8 What compels you to donate money and/or time to the College? 9 Describe the most efficient way to communicate info to you. 10 What compels you to act on the info you received? © River’s End
  16. 16. The Interviews O n e in t e r v ie w O n e f o r ilit a t n o t e a c tw o o r ta k e rs W r it e n , v e r b a t im Ve r y s n o te c o n v e r s a t io n a l fo rm a t © River’s End
  17. 17. Red Dot Reduction and KJ Analysis This group reduced from 387 down to 29 individual comments/observations
  18. 18. Ways to Connect Reasons for The Alumni Getting Involved Community Community  Business  Event  Motivation to  Involvement  Building Networking Characteristics Giveback Barriers Valuable events would To contribute back to Walsh, An alumni association holds A Walsh grad needs to help It’s difficult for graduate include information and the college would have to go a body of memories and another Walsh Grad. That’s students to get involved . contacts to build a sense of back to its roots foundation , builds relationships the connection. Undergrad is a better fit. community. and ideals I liked that Stephanie I feel compelled to contribute to Walsh An alumni association Everyone expects With online learning there is , Bergeron took the time to because I wrote the college something should hold regular monthly networking to be part of on a personal level – I got good PR no way to build deep visit the networking event in from the college for business meetings events relationships. Novi. purposes via a publication /newsletter . Has liked all events he has You need a come-to-Jesus He feels the WCAA could attended but does notice , I think the Alumni meeting. Most people don’t bring new contacts and the that many of the same association is for fund know you’re trying to do chance to make sales. people attend the same raising. something. events. Reaching Out with Alumni Feeling Lack of Visibility Effective Disconnected Communication Consistent and  Methods of  Traditional  Regular Updates  Communication  Methods of  on Relevant  2.0 Communication Insights He also feels it is important to be part I was disconnected for10 Once they pass by on of an institution of higher learning . He Email and paper are good ways to In print, I’d like to see a years then got reconnected wants to be on the cutting edge of communicate with me . Email is easy graduation day there’s no , information and feels Walsh to get, paper can be shared easily and longer-term calendar of to my Alumni association at further connection. community should provide that to put on the table for reference . upcoming events . MSU. him . As a member of the Walsh I can’t recall exactly what Not involved with other I have NO IDEA what the community, I would like to brought me into WCAA but , Print, email are best ways to alumni associations all ask , Alumni Assoc. does hear about cutting edge after I started my business I communicate with me. for money or I felt no stuff. got Walsh email newsletters . connection when in school . He wants to get involved or For me, staying involved in an LinkeIn or Facebook page institution of higher learning is at least learn his options but would be a good social I’ll discard more email than important because I want stimulating has no idea how to get conversations , banter, politics, cutting networking tool for Walsh to paper mail. started. edge discussions . use.
  19. 19. Questions and Answers Mike Pircer Dan Walker MAP Business Solutions, River’s End Consulting Inc. (248) 770-2554 (248) 379-8344 m
  20. 20. Brown Bag Webinar Series Friday, July 24 (11:30am – 12:15pm) Linking VOC and VSM
  21. 21. Recommended References Books Websites • Learning to See, Mike Rother and John • The Lean Enterprise Institute (eVSM Shook software can be purchased from this site) • Value Stream Management for the Lean Office, Don Tapping and Tom Shuker Training: • Voices into Choices, Gary Burchill and • University of Christina Hepner Brodie Michigan Lean Certification Program. • Synchronous Management, • Villanova Mokshagundam Srikanth and Michael University Lean Six Sigma Certification Umble Program • Throughput Accounting, Thomas Corbett