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Ebn E Mag Q Light 13


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In this issue

IT, it’s time to talk about tools! Right Tools, Right Now!
IQ, some comments on the country observatories!
QI, greeting two new BICs!
IT, meet some of the tools that will be showcased at the 1st EBN Tools Exchange Forum!
QS, EBN’s Quality services, where to find them!
We hope you enjoy the reading! Comments welcome!

Giordano & Chiara

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Ebn E Mag Q Light 13

  1. 1. 13 04|10|11 The European BIC Network Quality eMag Q-light: “Spending Quality Time on Quality Issues”In this issue IT, it’s time to talk about IT| Innovation & Tools tools! Right Tools, Right Now! IQ, some comments on the country observato- it would be more interesting Right Tools, Right Now! ries! if we could talk about tools T o o l s We have been asked by QI, greeting two new BICs! before, giving us a chance Exchange many members and non- to provide our members Forum in Berlin in IT, meet some of the tools members to create a tool- with a more reasoned an- the WISTA MANAGEMENT that will be showcased at box, a reference for all the swer to the famished re- premises, the 28th and the 1st EBN Tools Ex- Business and Innovation quest for tools. 29th of November not only change Forum! Centers networked by EBN. to find tools but also to ex- QS, EBN’s Quality ser- Excellent, says the wise Looking, assessing, under- hibit tools, and to let us vices, where to find them! man, then do it! Of course, standing and putting to a know if you are looking for as everything, things are test the added value ofWe hope you enjoy the something specific. easily said, brain-stormed, tools developed by BICsreading! Comments wel- and outsiders for all inter- Indeed, if you have created imagined, programmed, butcome! ested Innovation-Based interesting tools, please not easily done! Indeed to fill a toolbox with useful and Incubators. contact us, show us what relevant tools that can be you have and let’s talk. Giordano & Chiara We have then created an utilized by the staff mem- occasion dedicated to tools, Follow the links below for bers of our BIC community to exchange tools among more info: to better support the inno- BICs, to give a chance to vative entrepreneurs of * The program of the 1st talk to tool developers and today and tomorrow has EBN Tools Exchange Fo- see whether useful instru- proved to be a gigantic rum. ments can help you do your task, which needed to be job better. The toolbox will * The Infopack, to conven-Editors: Giordano Dichter and ChiaraDavalli . tackled from a different follow. iently find the location, angle. A reversed angle to hotels, etc.Responsible for the publication: PhilippeVanrie, EBN CEO. be precise. We just thought So yes, we invite you all to participate in the 1st EBN * The registration form. Tools Exchange Forum   for Innovation Based Incubators and BICs Berlin, 28 - 29 November 2011 WISTA-MANAGEMENT GMBH Rudower Chaussee 17 D-12489 Berlin
  2. 2. 13 04|10|11 IQ| Innovation & Quality “The Some comments on the observatories challenge for entrepreneursThe observatories are on-line customer. As for fundraising directors what could we expecton the EBN website as already we know that an investor from the BIC communities of is now toannounced in the last issue of doesn´t really care of all the their respective countries! reach the market and fit theour eMag. EBN’s quality team details of technology, he wantsproduces the observatories of to see the marketability and "The Belgian BIC community — product/service to the needs says Jean-Claude — is in thecountries where there are a the upside potential of the of customers” - process of increasing the qual-minimum of 5 BICs, hence, we products. There is a gap be- Franz Glatz ity level of services by identify-can now point out the specifici- tween entrepreneurs and in- ing and disseminating the bestties of the BIC communities of vestors and German BICs are practices within its network asBelgium, France, Germany, bridging the gap better and well as organizing access toItaly, Spain, Portugal and the better". mutual resources such asUK. And some BIC directors Crossing the Channel, the databases, communicationhave kindly accepted to reply 2011 UK BIC Observatory campaigns,…"to some of our questions, pro- shows remarkable perform-viding us with some comments Geoff Riley does point out ances when assessing theabout the data. some of the difficulties the work undertaken by the UK BICs in the UK are facing. "In “TheJean-Claude Ettinger, director BICs for existing SMEs. It ap-of Solvay Entrepreneurs high- pears that they are experienc- the UK business support Focus is arena — states Geoff —all re-lights the need for cooperation ing a shift of the attention from gions of the UK are working on now onwith funding partners which entrepreneurs to other olderhas been pursued in Belgium. and more consolidated compa- their own individual problems higher value jobs being with little national focus. AllSpecifically, according to Jean- nies. When asked to confirm new business start-up support created in higher valueClaude, “the remarkable result the statement, Geoff Riley, director of the Staffordshire is to be delivered on-line by businesses” -in terms of fund raising of the Business Link and no face toBelgian BICs is due to an in- and Black County BIC, replies face support is to be provided. Geoff Rileycreased collaboration with the "There has been a shift away Obviously this does not fit withWalloon business angel net- from (but not completely) en- the ethos of the BICs andwork (Be Angel) and their trepreneurs and start-up busi- strenuous effort is being putcounterparts over the French nesses in favour of more ma- into identifying funding to re-border through a network ture businesses due, in part, to source the assistance to entre-jointly created and managed the realisation that wealth preneurs".by Walloon BICs (WABAN)”. creation comes mainly from identifiable high value/ high We like to conclude this smallTwo features appear to be the growth businesses andthese article with the same optimismmain characteristics of the are seen as the way out of the expressed by Franz when heGerman BICs: (a) the level of present depressed market states that "The EBN commu-technological innovation (b) situation. Even more important nity can expect a deeper col- “Thethe success in raising capital than ever is the BICs role as a laboration of the German BICs Belgian BICfor the entrepreneurs, espe- detector of new products or between each other. There willcially venture capital. community is in the process processes that can progress to be the first German BIC meet-"Germany — says Gategarching this stage" . We have also noti- ing in autumn this year. And of increasing the quality levelBIC director in Munich — is ced that UK BICs have a lower EBN can hopefully expect of services by identifying andfamous for its engineers and value for money when conside- more members".developers. That is why the ring the cost per job created. disseminating best practices ”level of technological innova- "The focus is now on higher - Jean-Claudetion is high. Engineers develop value jobs being created inthe best products and they do Ettinger higher value businesses andthis well. The challenge for therefore it results in a higherentrepreneurs is now to reach cost per job".the market and fit the prod-uct/service to the needs of Of course we couldn’t miss the occasion to ask the three BIC
  3. 3. 13 04|10|11 QI| Please, meet 2 new EC-BICs! “If Innovation Two innovation-based incu- “Innovation Zone Portal” as of Greenwich in the UK. To Center Medway bators have been proved an interesting tool aimed at say it with Mr. Olivier To- is not a BIC, compliant with the BIC opening inflows of new in- mat, the designed evalua- then no one is!” Quality Mark Criteria and novation ideas achieved by tor of the BIC, “If they areOlivier Tomat, evaluator of have therefore been mobilizing and orchestrat- not a BIC, then no one is!”.ICM. granted the use of the EC- ing the intellectual capital Indeed welcome to the new BIC trademark in Septem- of all employees and part- BICs. If you need to contact ber. ners. The tool will be pre- them you can find them in sented in Berlin on 28-29 So we welcome them as EBN’s membership direc- November. full members of EBN! tory on EBN’s homepage.“It is my strong The first of the two newbelief that Flying from the Slovak Re- BICs is Novitech, located inNovitech is one of the best choices public to the UK to greet Košice, in the Slovak Re-as a BIC member in Slovakia!” the other new BIC: the Inno- public. We would like to vation Center Medway lo-Jan Jacob Hilberdink, highlight the excellent cated within the Universityevaluator of Novitech. Another reason why to join us in Berlin at the Tools Exchange Forum: "Digital Analytics Tools for Start ups and Incubators" Led by Nicolas Malo, a digital ana- lytics expert with 15+ years of experience in digital marketing, this workshop will guide you into the practical steps and indispensable tools that you need to measure and optimize your digital strategy. No technical knowledge is required to attend and enjoy!” - “As the world is becoming more and more digital with the explosion of social media, online videos and mobile Internet, no company can any longer afford to be careless with the measurement of their digital strategy, or at least their digital presence. How can this apply to start ups and incubators? Where should we start? What could be the expected ROI?” Nicolas Malo, on web analytics, Come talk to him in Berlin 28 — 29 November. Do you want your website diagnosed by Nicolas Malo? We are looking for 3 BICs who accept to unveil their data at the workshop! Apply by sending us an email within 11 November to
  4. 4. 13 04|10|11IT| Please, meet the first tools! The Pandora Risk Management Tool, Developed by BIC Business Development Friesland. In Greek mythology, Pandoras Box is the box carried by Pandora that contained all the evils of mankind - greed, vanity, slander, lies, envy, pining - and hope. After Prometheus theft of the secret of fire, Zeus ordered Hephaestus to create the woman Pandora as part of the punishment for mankind. Pandora had been given a jar and instructed by Zeus to keep it closed, but she had also been given the gift ofcuriousity, and ultimately opened it. When she did, all of the evils of mankind escaped from the jar, although Pandorawas quick enough to close it again and keep one value inside, and that was Hope.As the undisclosed risks of organisations and enterprises might be considered as threatening as the evils of the box ofPandora, risk management could be the ultimate tool to prevent the risks getting out of the box putting the companiesin hazardous situations . The StartupWheel Developed by StartUp Company Inc.The StartupWheel is a visual toolbox for decision-making and action planning for start-up and growth companies.It helps entrepreneurs build their businesses through a simple action-oriented process that stays true to the way mostentrepreneurs think and work.For the business advisor, the absolute flexibility of the toolbox means that it can be fully adapted to existing advisorytools and client needs, and it can even be used by clients themselves, thereby saving time for the advisor. 360° Perspective Made Simple Everything about business in one single toolbox.The StartupWheel was designed around the observation that all businesses – in all industries and life stages – havefour lasting challenges in common: They must create an attractive Business Concept, build astrong Organization behind it, develop lasting Client Relations, and do so while maintaining profitable Operations. The IBCS incubator management software Developed by ra information systems. ibcs is the perfect software solution for managing your Innovation or Incubation Centre, Business Centre, Conference Centre, Science Park or any other serviced office or managed workspace environment. ibcs creates a centralised access point for the management of all the features related to your incubator (e.g. Enquir-ies & Prospects, License, Lease & Service Charges, Meetings, Conferences & Events, Ad Hoc Service Provision, Peri-odic Invoicing’ Forecasting & Sales Analysis, Contacts Management & Document Storage, Facilities Maintenance, Sur-veys & Questionnaires…)With over 10 years of multi-centre use, ibcs has been successfully implemented into many businesses . ibcs provides amodular solution to the management of your workspace by giving you a seamless flow of real-time information.In using ibcs, you can significantly reduce the number of manual interventions required and increase your productivity,freeing up your valuable time to focus on your clients
  5. 5. 13 04|10|11IT| Please, meet the first tools! The Innovation Zone Developed by BIC Novitech, Slovak Republic.New rules for better collaboration! ... achieved by mobilizing and orchestrating the intellectual capital of all employeesand partners regardless of their formal role in the an open and informal atmosphere.BENEFITS: Improved ecosystem performance Open inflow of new innovation ideas. Equal opportunity to information access. Improved participation of ecosystem members in projects.... Bottom line: improved performance of an incubator’s ecosystem! Innocall Developed by BIC Innotek, Belgium. Innotek, BIC since 1987, has experience with providing added value solutions to tenants of business centres. Innotek decided to create a new concept, an internet based toolcalled ‘Innocall’, based on all lessons learned. The concept allows managers of Business Centres and Incubators toprofessionally handle incoming calls for tenants, do project management, CRM... This tool also offers : Integrated tele-phone answering system, Project management and follow up, Time sheet management, Meeting room reservations,CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Contact center software (outbound), and more. The Benchmarking Tool, Developed by the European BIC Network . What is it all about? Collecting data to return data through a sophisticated analysis of the profile, the perform- ance and the value for money of an incubator compared to those of BICs selected through the application of previously defined criteria.What information can be found in a benchmarking report? A PowerPoint presentation (raw data are made available upon request in excel format) containing information on themain characteristics of the benchmarks (country, catchment areas, income and expenditures ecc.) the key expertise,the utilization of human resources, process indicators (e.g. enquiries, feasibility studies), performance indicators ( plans, start-ups, existing SMEs supported, types of support, IP, access to funding) and value for money (e.g.cost per job created, start-ups created per 100K of BIC expenditures or of BIC staff).
  6. 6. 13 04|10|11 The EBN Quality Team supports the European BIC commu- nity to ensure compliance to the EC-BIC quality mark crite- ria. Initiated in 2004, powered by a community-based self- assessment protocol, a routine web application, a com- bined set of both process & performance indicators, and a “peer-to-peer” audit system, this initiative has enabled the EC-BIC brand & label to be highly respected in private and public circles. The EC-BIC Through the development of the quality process, the EBN Quality team has engineered and now delivers: trademark, a sign of * Production of benchmarking reports of innovation- quality and distinction based incubator among the European * Production of peer reviews of innovation-based incu- innovation-based incubators. bators * Design of road-maps and provision of technical as- sistance to become an EC-BIC Consult EBN’s website to check terms and conditions to benefit from these services, or contact us directly. Interested in showcasing your tool at the 1st EBN Tools Exchange Forum? You still have time! Contact us! Giordano Dichter Chiara Davalli +32-2-7611083 +32-2-7611094 gdi@ebn cda@ebn Skype: g.dichter Skype: Ebn.Helpdesk One more new place for our community to meet EBN joined FACEBOOK TODAYGo here and like it (us) Join us also on our Linkedin group (click here)