LLM in Intellectual Property and E Law


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LLM in Intellectual Property and E Law, Faculty of Law, University College Cork, Ireland

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LLM in Intellectual Property and E Law

  1. 1. LLM in Intellectual Property and E Law School of Law University College Cork
  2. 2. The LLM in Intellectual Property and E Law reflects the close connection in legal research and practice between the fields of Intellectual Property (copyright, patents and trademarks) and E-Law (internet regulation, electronic commerce and cybercrime) 2 CC BY yto from Flickr http://bit.ly/yto-ipad
  3. 3. • LLM builds upon School of Law’s considerable research and teaching expertise in the fields of Intellectual Property and e-Law. • Students can choose from a range of intellectual property, commercial, information law and e-law modules and further specialise by writing a dissertation on any one of the modern challenges presented by the practice of intellectual property law in the electronic age. 3
  4. 4. UCC Law School hosts major conferences on Intellectual Property and E Law, e.g. “Regulating Cloud Computing: Clear Skies Ahead?” in 2012 4 http://bit.ly/cloudlawucc
  5. 5. Maximising Digital Creativity, Sharing and Innovation – 2014 5 http://www.creativecommonsireland.org/dublin-event-2014/
  6. 6. Copyright Law for Digital Teaching and Learning, 2014 6 http://bit.ly/cdtl-14
  7. 7. For information on I.P. and e-Law at UCC see www.ucc.ie/law/lawonline/elaw/ Follow our staff and School on Twitter, e.g. – @ITLawClinicUCC – @dariuswirl – @MaeveMcDonagh1 – @9th_level_irl – @LawUCC 7
  8. 8. We offer a unique IT Law Clinic – Gain practical experience in IT law – Students provide information to startups on issues such as copyright law, web domain names, electronic commerce law and data protection law – See www.ucc.ie/law/IT-Law-Clinic/ 8 IT Law Clinic
  9. 9. IT Law Clinic 9
  10. 10. Creative Commons UCC Law School is the Irish Partner in the global Creative Commons Movement 10 http://bit.ly/cc-ie3
  11. 11. iLINC European Network • UCC is the Irish partner in the iLINC European Network of Law Incubators • The iLINC network aims to facilitate provision of legal information and advice to ICT entrepreneurs and start-ups 11
  12. 12. Structure of LLM in IP and E Law • 90 credits: • LLM (IP and e-Law) Dissertation (30 credits), • A minimum of 25 credits from the IP and e-Law group below, at least one of which must be Intellectual Property Law or Intellectual Property & Internet Regulation: – Intellectual Property Law (10 credits) – Intellectual Property & Internet Regulation (10 credits) – IT Law Clinic (5 credits) – Electronic Commerce Law (10 credits) – Cybercrime (10 credits) – Information Rights Law (10 credits) Continued … 12
  13. 13. • And 35 credits of optional modules – either from the modules listed above or – from the remaining modules on offer, which may include • Law of Secured Lending • Contemporary Issues in EU Competition Policy • Consumer Rights: Law and Policy • Enforcement & Sanctions in Antitrust Law • Corporate Insolvency & Rescue • International Trade & Transport Law & Policy • [optional undergraduate modules – max. 10 credits] • etc. (For full list see our website.) 13
  14. 14. Graduate Profile Kim Zara Egan, LLM (Intellectual Property and E-Law), is currently working in the Transaction Services department of KPMG I began my studies in UCC in 2008 and graduated with a BCL in 2011. I decided to continue my studies and chose to do the LLM (Intellectual Property and e-Law) as I wanted to develop my understanding and specialise further. I was drawn to the LLM because of the diverse subject range available and the wide scope of expertise held by the lectures of the Law Faculty. I was always drawn to commercially focused areas of the law and wrote a thesis entitled “Financial Exclusion: The Internet as a Means of Exclusion from Financial Services in Ireland Today” as part of my studies. I began work in the Transaction Services department of KPMG in September 2012. My work is focused on buying, selling and financing businesses; carrying out investigation and research for clients into different markets and industries. The role is quite challenging but the projects are diverse and very interesting. The knowledge and expertise which I gained while studying the BCL and LLM have proven extremely useful in my new role and I am always glad to put this knowledge to good use. 14
  15. 15. Student Profile Marcus O’Donoghoe, LLM (Intellectual Property and E-Law) Student After completing a Bachelor of Corporate Law and LLB in NUI Galway I was eager to continue my studies to masters level. I chose to complete a masters in UCC because of the high calibre of staff in the law faculty and its overall reputation for academic excellence. My great interest lies in Intellectual Property law and the LLM has great freedom to pick and choose the modules that harness and focus this energy to reach its full potential. This area is one of the few growth sectors in the current economic climate and is constantly changing and updating. The structure and content of the LLM is very impressive, as are the lecturers, who deliver the most up to date material and apply it to today’s economic environment. So far it has been an engaging and exciting opportunity and I am thoroughly enjoying it. 15
  16. 16. Jiang Ling, LLM (Intellectual Property and E-Law) Student I hold a Bachelor of Economic Law from East China University of Political Science and Law (ECUPL) in China. I am still a postgraduate in my second year in ECUPL. Last year I decided to pursue postgraduate studies in UCC because I felt that studying at a master’s level abroad was a better way to learn a different legal system for me. The reasons why I chose UCC were not only for its long standing reputation but also the good relationship between ECUPL and UCC. Furthermore, I chose the LLM (Intellectual Property and E-Law) because I studied Intellectual Property when I was in China and found the subject very interesting. I think it will be very useful to do IP and E-law in the electronic age and I will have a huge advantage after studying IP and E-law. After several months in UCC, I find it is amazing to study here because the lectures in this area are excellent and they are kind to provide assistance with all aspects of the course. The great thing I need to mention is that the library resources are really enough for me to do the related law research. I am so happy that I chose UCC to study. 16
  17. 17. Emerald de Leeuw, LLM (Intellectual Property and E-Law) Student After acquiring an honours degree in Law in The Netherlands, I made the decision to come to UCC to do the LLM Intellectual Property and E-Law. It allows me to combine my interest in modern technology with my legal background. It is great that the modules cover many issues that most students can relate to on a personal level. For example, Social Media and E-Commerce are a part of life nowadays. The lecturers are very involved with the students and keep them informed about the most recent developments in the various (rather specific) legal fields. Overall, this LLM at UCC has proven to be an excellent choice for me. 17
  18. 18. For up-to-date information on this degree, please see www.ucc.ie/en/law-postgrad/ or contact Veronica Calnan at v.calnan@ucc.ie. To apply: www.pac.ie/UCC 18
  19. 19. LLM in Intellectual Property and E Law School of Law University College Cork