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Your basic guide on hootsuite.

How to use Hootsuite to manage social media, schedule daily updates on social media platforms Twitter, Facebook ,LinkedIn,Google+ Pages, Foursquare,Myspace,Wordpress,Mixi,App Directory.
Answers to: How to use hootsuite? What is hootsuite? How to manage social media using hootsuite, Guide to hootsuite, Getting started with hootsuite. Manage social media, Tweeting From Hootsuite,Using Streams with hootsuite.Analytics on HootSuite.

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  1. 1. HootSuite
  2. 2. What is Hootsuite? • Hootsuite is a social media management tool used to build your brand online on various social media sites while saving a lot of time and effort in the process. • HootSuite is a 3rd party application that works with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites to manage your social media presence online.
  3. 3. List of social media sites that Hootsuite allows you to share your content in: • Facebook Profiles • Facebook Pages • Facebook Groups • Google+ • Myspace • Foursquare • LinkedIn Groups • Wordpress • Mixi • Twitter
  4. 4. Getting Started Sign up for an account on HootSuite
  5. 5. Getting Started • Hovering over Settings on the sidebar will reveal a drop menu. The first option is Social Networks. • Clicking Social Networks will open a new box with the option to “+ Add a Social Network”
  6. 6. Getting Started • The house icon will reveal the link “Streams.” The house icon will always take you to your dashboard. • Hootsuite will build streams (columns of information and feeds) automatically for you when you add a network, but we’ll talk more about what you want in your dashboard.
  7. 7. Using Streams • Familiarize yourself with the streams that are built in when you begin: • Home Feed displays your news feed from Twitter • Mentions shows when people are talking about or to you • Direct Messages shows received messages • Sent Tweets shows messages you have sent • Pending Tweets will display scheduled messages • You can always add a new stream by clicking the +Add Stream button on the dashboard.
  8. 8. Using Streams • Use HootSuite to follow trending topics, lists and get updates on search keywords • Add a stream with a keyword in your industry, ex. #HR • From this stream, you can monitor that keyword in real time
  9. 9. Tweeting From Hootsuite • Compose a message in the top left corner by clicking on the text box. Choose a network to publish to by clicking the icon of the account you want to use and click “Send Now.” • You can shorten URLs within HootSuite if you paste a link in the text box on the lower left corner and click “Shrink.” • Schedule messages by clicking the calendar and choosing a date and time to publish. • Attach a file or photo by clicking the paperclip and save messages for later by clicking the floppy disk.
  10. 10. Search • Use the search bar at the top right hand side of your dashboard to navigate search in HootSuite. • Choose a keyword or company name to search Twitter and a new box will pop up with the results separated in tabs by Tweets and Users. • If the results interest you, click “Save as Stream” at the bottom right and HootSuite will add a new stream with that search term.
  11. 11. Analytics on Hootsuite • Basic analytic tools are available by creating reports under the “Analytics” tab on the sidebar. • Reports are made using proposals, Google analytics, click summaries or custom tools. • Click summaries is a simple way to see how effective your content
  12. 12. How can it benefit? • Hootsuite is a time saver. • Facebook profile, fan pages, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn profiles updates can be done with a click of a button. • Best Feature – Scheduling posts – will automatically send whatever date ant time you have posted for it to send.
  13. 13. Should you use it? • Definitely start using hootsuite. • Its perfect way to save time & effort. • It consistently builds your image & brand on various social media sites. • This tool is must for anyone’s whose business & marketing is online. • We at Grape5 use this tool to build our business & our brand online with leverage.
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