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Social media and staff


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Social Media and Staffing for managing it. - Grape5

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Social media and staff

  2. 2. Human Capital • Capability • Engagement • Diversity • Leadership Quality Social Capital • Connections • Relationships • Conversations • Shared mindset TYPES OF CAPITAL
  3. 3. Human capital is the economic value that an employee provides to an employer. The assessment of this value is related to the body of skill, knowledge, and experience that the employee possesses. Human Capital
  4. 4. It is a set of horizontal associations between people, consisting of social networks and associated norms that have an effect on community productivity and well-being. Social Capital
  5. 5. Customers Social Capital Importance Staff
  6. 6. Social Business and HR Integration Social HR Social recruiting, learning, performance, alumni management Social customer service and knowledge management Social Capital Social Collaboration, innovations, speed, learning Social Business
  7. 7. Social Recruiting Example
  8. 8. Recruitment Engagement Management Development Deployment Reward Exit  Social Recruiting  Social Connecting  Social Contacting  Social Sharing  Social Branding  Social Motivation  Social Advocacy Employee Life Cycle - Social Media
  9. 9. HR Risks - Social Media
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