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Working Your Way Around Hootsuite Dashboard


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An introduction to Hootsuite dashboard. Presenting this presentation for the Social Media Day 2014 at HootUpBagio, Philippines. Learning the basic step on how to start with hootsuite as well as the products and services offered by Hootsuite.

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Working Your Way Around Hootsuite Dashboard

  1. 1. Working Your Way Around Hootsuite Dashboard Hootsuite Ambassador APAC (PH) Volunteer m Marites “Zheyme” Manahan
  2. 2. An Introduction to Hootsuite
  3. 3. About Hootsuite Hootsuite is a preferred and certified partner of prominent social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. Because of its amazing, convenient, and customizable features. Hootsuite is the most used social relationship platform today. Since 2008, Hootsuite recorded an increasing user database of more than 9 million in over 175 countries worldwide. Needless to say, HootSuite is best social media management tool in the market to date.
  4. 4. Working Your Way Around Hootsuite Dashboard An Introduction to HootSuite
  5. 5. That’s why Hootsuite can come very handy. Instead of opening each social media account, sharing passwords, and spending countless of hours tracking individual social media effort and activity, Hootsuite allows you to effectively and conveniently manage, collaborate, and execute social media campaigns across different platforms from a SINGLE and SECURED web-based dashboard. To help you get familiar with this awesome social media management tool, here’s a quick rundown.
  6. 6. Setting Up Your Dashboard • Adding Social Networks • Adding Tabs • Adding Streams • Navigating Your User Profile • Exploring Hootsuite Organization
  7. 7. Adding Social Networks Go to the “Streams” section, then click “Add Social Network”, select what type of account you’d like to add, and then simply put your username-password combination and you’re all set. In addition, you don’t have to connect that profile again in the future. What’s more interesting is that you can actually add multiple social media profiles (same social media network) to your dashboard!
  8. 8. Adding Tabs To create/add a new tab, simply click the “+” button at the end of your tabs list and type in your desired name for that tab. In order to remain organized, you can edit or rename the tab by simply double clicking it. In addition, you can drag and move them if you want to group them with others. Needless to say, tabs give you the power to manage and organize all your accounts and content in a very convenient way.
  9. 9. Adding Streams Simple click the “Add a Stream” button in your dashboard, choose your desired social media platform, and select your profile. In a single tab or profile, you can add up to 10 streams such as (for Twitter) Home Feeds, Sent Tweets, Mentions, etc.
  10. 10. Navigating Your User Profile Go to your “Member Overview” page as this is your central hub. In this page, you can view/edit your profile, the organization you belong to, as well as all the social networks you own.
  11. 11. Exploring Hootsuite Organization You can add people, assign them into teams, and even customize their access levels. In addition, you can easily see and manage all your created teams/departments, their team members, as well as social profiles.
  12. 12. “Let's build something great together”HOW?Community Programs Community Support Forums Be a Hootsuite Ambassador Host a HootUp Contribute to the Translation project Join HootsuiteAPAC
  13. 13. Products: Platform - Take a look under the hood and see how Hootsuite works. HootLet - Share content from anywhere on the web with our Chrome extension. App Directory - Check out hootsuite apps that improve your workflow, increase productivity, and simplify your life. Mobile Apps – Manage your social media from your iOS or Android device. Services: Professional Services – Allow you roll out your social strategy quickly and securely. Partner Programs – That are set up to help you generate new revenue. Education – Hootsuite offer best-in-class social media education and certification programs. Support – Hootsuite support team is dedicated to ensuring you get the most. Hootsuite Products and Services
  14. 14. Latest News and industry Updates More Resources Education @hootsuite /hootsuiteAPAC /company/hootsuite /+hootsuite
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