Leatherstocking AEA: Marketing Focus from Fund Development and Marketing Partnership
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Leatherstocking AEA: Marketing Focus from Fund Development and Marketing Partnership



Leatherstocking AEA program presentation by Tara Collins, Communications Director, Watershed Agricultural Council, on Fund Development and Marketing Partnership: Increasing Your Nonprofit's ...

Leatherstocking AEA program presentation by Tara Collins, Communications Director, Watershed Agricultural Council, on Fund Development and Marketing Partnership: Increasing Your Nonprofit's Success.



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Leatherstocking AEA: Marketing Focus from Fund Development and Marketing Partnership Leatherstocking AEA: Marketing Focus from Fund Development and Marketing Partnership Presentation Transcript

  • New York Council of Nonprofits Fund Development and Marketing Partnership: Increasing Your Nonprofit's SuccessApril 20, 2011Oneonta, NYTara Collins, Communications Director Watershed Agricultural Council
    Looking south from Route 10, Stamford, Delaware County
  • Who is the Watershed Agricultural Council?
    Incorporated in 1993 following the success of a 10-pilot farm initiative in 1991
    2010 Annual Budget ~ $18M
    Often called “WAC” or “The Council”
    Concerned with
    farmland protection through land conservation best practices,
    improving economic viability of watershed farm and forest industries, and
    water quality protection
    • Protect water quality for nine million New Yorkers
    • PES: Payment for EcoServices model recognized worldwide
    • Collaboration with agency and third-party business contractors that comprise a watershed management industry
    • 3 offices: Hamden, Walton, Yorktown Heights
    • Staff of 50
    Neversink Reservoir @JoshDickPhoto.com
  • Council’s 7 Core Programs
    Conservation Easements
    East of Hudson
    Farm to Market
    Farmer Education
    Neversink Reservoir , Sullivan County
  • The Watershed Agricultural Council is funded in part by:
    along with other federal, foundation and private sources.
    The WAC is an equal opportunity employer and provider.
  • Keys to Our Program Success
    • 100% voluntary participation
    • Locally controlled
    • Fully funded by the City of New York
    Mission: Support the economic viability of agriculture and forestry through protection of water quality and promotion of land conservation in the New York City Watershed region.
    Nutshell:We’re all about farmland protection through land conservation practices; we look to protect farms, forests and their natural resources by keeping them in a working landscape: Watershed, Viewshed, Foodshed.
    Pepacton Reservoir, Delaware County
  • NYCON’s theme for the year:
    Entrepreneurial Strategies for Running a Nonprofit
    Fund Development and Marketing Partnership: Increasing Your Nonprofit's Success
    Define the role of marketing and fund development
    Discuss what defines success in these areas
    Discuss how these two are connected/work together
    Discuss overlap/partnership between the two areas.
    Share tips, experience, and resources
  • How many of you consider yourself…?
    The Face of the Organization Public relations professionalCommunications specialist Outreach personnel Executive DirectorSpokespersonFundraiserEducator…any Marketers?
  • You’re ALL Marketers!You’re “selling” your organization’s experience, benefits and investment to volunteers, participants and donors.
  • What’s this thing we call
    Marketing & Communications?
    Sharing your organization’s message
    through a variety of mediums, media and messengers
    in order to meet your organization’s goals
    and deliver a benefit to an audience.
  • Moving marketing from support function to
    Board of Director
    Mission statement
    Organization & Staff Buy-in
    Strategic Plan
    A strategic planning tool
  • Our Marketing Strategy Dictates
    How, Why and Why How Much
    Executive Director
    Budget Negotiations
    Justified Web Designer Expense
    Supporting Document for Marketing Choices Going Forward
    Work Plan Guided by a Marketing Strategy in Organization’s Best Interest
    Identifies Unfunded Liability: Easement Stewardship Endowment Fund
    Inevitable Fundraising & Donor Relationships
  • What Makes Good Marketing/Communications?
    Sharing your successes through personal stories
    Building relationships
    Helping people WANT to support your cause
    Because they know you
    Because they believe you’re delivering good results
    Creating a high-value investment scenario
    Offering a giving experience that’s easy to engage
    Asking in a variety of ways that allow people to GIVE in a variety of ways
    (doesn’t this sound like Fund Development???)
  • Multi-pronged Approach
    Traditional: Press releases Calendars
    Media kit HARO.com NewsBasis
    Email signature
    PayCheck News
    Public speaking Conferences
  • How many of you…?
    Have a written marketing strategy
    Have one in your head
    Are you kidding? time? strategy? sit down?
    A marketing strategy helps you
    Reach audiences more effectively
    Spend your time more efficiently
    Save money in the long run
  • Sample Marketing Strategy 10/19/10
    Total Focus Marketing Workshop http://nancyandkivi.com/
  • Evaluate your current marketing strategy
    Who’s your audience?
    What do you want them to know?
    How are you going to reach them?
    What action do you want them to take?
    Who’s going to do it? How much will it cost (staff time & hard dollars)?
    Don’t confuse a marketing strategy for a list of tactics/outreach tools
  • WAC Organizational GoalsDraft 10/19/10
  • Sample Marketing Strategy 10/19/10
    Total Focus Marketing Workshop http://nancyandkivi.com/
  • WAC Marketing GoalsDraft 10/19/10
    Total Focus Marketing Workshop http://nancyandkivi.com/
  • Gather up your marketing materials
    Conduct a communications audit
    What works?
    What doesn’t?
    If not, why not?
    If not, test another approach?
    If not, get rid of it.
  • Communications Audit
    Primary Audience: Who are we hoping to reach through this channel?
    Primary Uses: For what purpose are we communicating through this channel?
    Frequency: How often are we communicating through this channel?
    Content Mix: How do we vary the content? Is it user-focused? What are our primary messages in this channel? What are our calls to action?
    Writing Style and Tone: What voice do we use in this channel? What's our personality? What's the overall tone and approach to the communications?
    Writing Mechanics: Are we using good grammar and is the content free of typos? Is the length of the content appropriate for the channel?
    Micro-content: Do we make our content skimmable with strong headlines and subheads, email subject lines, linked text, etc.?
    Design: Is layout simple and clean? Do we use consistent colors and typography?
    Visuals: Do we use photos, info, graphics and/or video effectively?
    Branding: Is this channel aligned with our overall brand?
    Integration: Is this channel connected to other channels? is the messaging in this channel integrated across other channels?
    Download Communications Audit Template from
  • Look at your communications pile, Kivi says answer these questions:
    Do our communications present a unified brand to our supporters across channels?
    Do our communications present consistent messages and calls to action to our supporters across channels?
    What needs to change
    in the short-term (next three months)
    in the long-term (within a year)?
  • Ashokan Reservoir, Ulster CountyIn service since 1915 122.9 billion gallon capacity @JoshDickPhoto.com
  • What We Found
    Council web visitors wanted
    Program information
    Educational information
    Resources, data, grants, assistance
    Branding/identity issues to solve
    Materials to look more like one organization
  • Website = primary marketing tool
    Drive traffic to the website for information
  • Cross-platform Branding
    • Duplicate look & feel of website
    • eNews sends readers back to website for more information
    • Show, Tell, Like, & Share!
    • Branding in print & online
  • How many of you have…?
    A dedicated paid staffer for fund development, fundraising
    A dedicated staffer for communications, public relations, outreach, marketing
    A staffer without the title but does all this and more
    Who’s doing it all by themselves?
    Who isn’t doing it at all?
  • “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
    Make time to plan
    Create a Marketing Strategy
    Write it down
    Review it quarterly
    Remember that it is a “Work in Progress”
    Plan Is fluid: make changes, corrections, additions, deletions as needed
  • Organizational Message = Marketing
    In person:
    public speaking
    workshops & conferences
    presentations & interviews
    website &eNews
    social media/Facebook/LinkedIn
    annual report
    press releases
    3rd party coverage
  • Pepacton Reservoir, Delaware County
    In service since 1955
    140.2 billion gallon capacity
  • You Don’t Have to Go It Alone
    Find support in unlikely places
    Use Your Board as ambassadors for your cause/organization
    Provide them with guidelines, training and tools so they can represent you correctly
    Wallet card with key talking points
    Elevator pitch
    Letter to Editor guidelines
    List of ways they can help (see handout)
  • Staff = Ambassadors, Too
    Provide staff with tools so they can CONFIDENTLY represent your organization
    Wallet card with key talking points (see handout)
    Elevator pitch (organization & their program area)
    public speaking
    social media use/help set up profiles
    Ask for a favor; empower staff to contribute content, photos, stories & video for the eNews, blog, website & newsletters
  • Schoharie Creek, Greene County @JoshDickPhoto.com
  • More Tools
    Policies, Guidelines and SOPs (aka the Marketing Bank)
    Social Media Policy
    Letter to Editor guidelines
    SOPs: email signatures
    PowerPoint Templates
    Style Guide (editorial, logo usage & graphic design)
    Position statements
  • Story & Messaging Tips
    Lose the jargon
    Tell the story about someone; Remember: it’s all about THEM
    Use photos, videos
    Go to where your audience is.
  • Water & Land: Finite Natural Resources
    “Buy land, they're not making it anymore.” Mark Twain
  • I prefer: “Save land, they're not making it anymore.”
    Rondout Reservoir, Sullivan County @JoshDickPhoto.com
  • How many of you…?
    Have a Facebook Profile?
    Have a LinkedIn profile?
    Post to a blog?
    Started a Facebook Fan Page?
  • Things You Should Be Doing NOW
    Collecting emails
    Collecting mobile phone numbers
    Asking your supporters how THEY WANT you to communicate with them
    Applying for Google Nonprofits google.com/nonprofits and Google Grants www.google.com/grants/
  • Be Adventurous
    Start small
    Think long-term
    Be aware of time
    Improve your skills & confidence
    Don’t freak out
  • Be Zen at Work
    Start your day with a project
    Get away from your desk
    Eat lunch
    Identify 3 End-of-day items for tomorrow’s To Do List
  • Discounted software:TechSoup, Google, IdealwareWorkshop: Total Focus Marketing Workshop, 10/12/2011www.nancyandkivi.com $697 For Impact www.forimpact.orgWebinars: www.nonprofitmarketingguide.comwww.CharityHowTo.comJune 23, 2-3p Chronicle of Philanthropy hosts “The Art & Science of Marketing: How to Make a Big Impact on a Small Budget”  I’ll be sharing the Watershed Agricultural Council as case study with Nancy Schwartz the marketing guru.http://philanthropy.com/page/Webinar-Listing/333/Teleconferences: Network For Good www.fundraising123.comBooks: Nonprofit Marketing Guide by KiviLeroux MillerNondesigner’s Design Handbook by Robin WilliamsBrandraisingby Sarah DurhamLet’s Have Lunch Together by Marshall Howard 
  • ORGANIZATIONS: NTEN www.nten.orgFREE STUFFGood360  http://good360.org/Default.aspx opportunity to purchase close-out items at discount prices; items can be used for fundraisers, program needs and organization bottom line; free to sign up, fee for truckload deliveriesFREE COVERAGENewsBasis  http://newsbasis.com/HARO  www.helpareporter.com/Great Nonprofits (free directory listing supported by GuideStar info)  http://greatnonprofits.org/GuideStar  http://www2.guidestar.org/BLOG: Getting Attention, Duck CallVOCUS LIST:www.GreenMediaToolshed.orgVIDEOMovie Mondays www.501videos.com weekly fundraising video in 6 minutes or less; stay connected with fund development passion and board governance by hearing from peers and industry professionals. Free to sign up; free to view 
  • ENEWSLETTERS -FREEPhilanthropy Journal  http://www.philanthropyjournal.org/resources/marketingcommunications/nonsense-sensible-messagingFundraising Success http://www.fundraisingsuccessmag.comChronicle of Philanthropy  http://philanthropy.com/section/Home/172/ 
  • For more information:Tara CollinsCommunications Director(607) 865-7090, ext. 226taracollins@nycwatershed.orgOr visit us online:Website: www.nycwatershed.orgSubscribe to our Blog: www.nycwatershed.blogspot.comwww.pure-catskills.blogspot.comBecome a “Fan” on FaceBook:Twitter: @WaterFarmForest@TaraCollinsNYAdditional websites:www.BuyPureCatskills.comwww.CatskillWoodNet.orgwww.YouandYourWatershed.org
  • Multi-pronged Approach
    Traditional: Press releases Calendars
    Media kit HARO.com NewsBasis
    Email signature
    PayCheck News
    Public speaking Conferences
  • Take a seat at the Board Table…Why?
    Marketing, along with Fund Development, must be part of a strategic planning process.
    Marketing is integral in the collection of your participant/donor data, demographics, addresses, emails.
    Marketing is in charge of your messaging.
    Marketing is the face of your organization.
  • Watershed, Foodshed,
    Ashokan Reservoir In service since 1915122.9 billion gallon capacityJoshDickPhoto.com
    Saving Farms and Forest Lands That Protect Water Quality
  • Next Steps for The Council
    Complete the 2011 Strategic Plan
    Continue supporting participants across all programs
    Diversify our funding stream
    Resolve our unfunded liability regarding conservation easement stewardship
    Intensify focus on economic development of agricultural and forestry industries
    Watershed Hayfields, Delaware County @JoshDickPhoto.com
  • To date, DEP has spent $1.5 Billion on watershed management programs, best management practices and landowner incentives.The Watershed Agricultural Council has spent ~$130 Million since 1991.To build a filtration plant today would cost ~$10 Billion to construct and ~$1 Million per day to run.We can pay for it at the end, or we can up front…