Social Media: Is Any of This Working?

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  • Dan fielding, Night Court
  • Why do we keep asking this? Recovering Radio and magazine employee
  • Flip through shows Report what they saw Did they hear your ad? Fractured attention
  • Olivia Newton John Social media to bottom line is do-able


  • 1. What am I Doing and is this Even Working? Amanda O’Brien (@amanda_pants) VP of Marketing – Hall Internet Marketing Organizer – Social Media Breakfast Maine Photo credit:
  • 2. Who I am Amanda O’Brien - @amanda_pants VP of Marketing, Hall Internet Marketing @hall_web Organizer, Social Media Breakfast Maine #smbme Blogger at large Amandapants, Guiding Stars, PROXI, SocialMediaB2B, Hall, SMBME etc.
  • 3. Take all the fun out of social media
  • 4. What we will talk about
    • Dealing with social media overload
    • Setting up a plan
    • Managing your time
    • Guidelines and policies
    • Measuring what is (and isn’t working)
    • Making unicorns cry
  • 5. You should try Social Media! Facebook is so fun! Twitter is so easy to use! Photo credit: Bob just landed a huge project from LinkedIn? Did you read the Yelp review of this place? I can’t believe she isn’t on Google+ yet! I can’t check-in to your place on Foursquare!
  • 6. How do I do all of that and run my business?!?
  • 7.
    • You HAVE to run your business
    • Don’t lose yourself in your social media-ing
    • That doesn’t pay your bills
  • 8. Tie your social media goals into your business goals! Photo credit:
  • 9. What are you participating in social media for?
    • Short term sales
    • Engage existing customers
    • Complement promotional campaigns
    • Encourage word of mouth
    • Brand awareness
    • Increase searchability
    • Spread news and information about your business
    Photo credit:
  • 10. Setting up a plan Photo credit:
  • 11. “ You've got to be very careful if you don't know where you're going, because you might not get there.”
  • 12. Do some research What are your competitors doing? What are people you admire doing? Inbound Traffic to your website Twitter search Photo credit:
  • 13.
    • Where do your people hang out?
    • Not your peers, your customers – be there!
    Photo credit:
  • 14. Managing your time Pro tip: Track your time! Photo credit:
  • 15. Is there an off and on? Photo credit:
  • 16. Pomodoro Technique
  • 17.
    • Create Guidelines and Policies
      • What as a company will you do and not do?
      • What staff can do and not do?
      • What public can do and not do?
    Photo credit:
  • 18.
    • Talk to your lawyer
    • Talk about your fears and get them addressed
    • Add to your existing communications policy
    • Confidentiality
    • Defamation
    • Intellectual property
    • Permission rights
  • 19.
    • Things you can measure
    • Traffic data
    • Fan/follower data
    • Interaction data
    • Content performance
    Photo credit: Measuring Social Media Measuring Social Media
  • 20. Where is the ROI?
  • 21. Neilson ratings suck IMHO
  • 22. The more digital we get, the more we can track
  • 23. ROI is Easy ( + ) x Return on Investment Ratio of value received to the actual cost over a base period of time Resources x Rate Return = ROI Time spent (track it) Talent & Technology Rate Money in the bank
  • 24. So what is the problem? High bounce rates| Low conversion rates | Low pages per visit | Fear
  • 25. Tippy top of the sales funnel – Discovery – Powdered Sugar Bottom of the barrel of the sales funnel – Retention - Dough Photo credit:
  • 26. Eloqua:
    • Eloqua Content Grid
    • Prospect Goals
    • Key Performance Indicators
    • Distribution channels
  • 27. Let’s Measure! Photo credit:
  • 28. Fan/Follower Data
  • 29. Twitter Analytics Coming Soon!
  • 30. Traffic Data
  • 31. Interaction data
  • 32. Content Performance
  • 33. URL Builder Google URL Builder:
  • 34. Advanced Segments
  • 35. Create Custom Reports
  • 36. Multi-channel funnels
  • 37. Social Interaction Analytics
  • 38. Social Interaction Analytics
  • 39. We still cool?
  • 40.
    • One Example
    • CruiseSource and
    • Royal Caribbean
    • Social Media contest:
    • Objective
    • Data points
      • Blog post views/shares
      • New fans
      • Views/interactions
      • Mentions
      • Search rankings
    • Summary
    Photo credit:
  • 41. The Results
  • 42. Quickest Summary Ever
    • If you are going to put the effort in you should:
    • Have a plan
    • Protect yourself, your staff and your customers with guidelines and policies
    • Measure if it works with key business metrics (not social media metrics)
    • Keep what works, ditch what doesn’t
  • 43. Questions Amanda O’Brien [email_address] @ amanda_pants Tomorrow! Local Brewers Chris Brogan