Exploring ideas draft 2


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Exploring ideas draft 2

  1. 1. The purpose of this presentation is structure our ideas, now thatwe understood better the term LGBT and we had our initial ideas. Alexa Ranussi Dafne Caldatto Rafaella Batista
  2. 2. The Rainbow Society Is the LGBT Community - The Rainbow rights accepted in society? - The Rainbow research Acceptance of Society R - Respect A - Accept I - Identity N - Nation B - Be O - Out W - where The right to beIt gets better! colourful Lets Get Better Together
  3. 3. - Title of the How is society Sub cultures Break documentary. involved in the LGBT • Punk community? - what do they think about Voiceover:- Briefly what Through… LGBT? After the is the series break, we will be talking about. Our • Sub cultures • Camden town to interview about anti- aim is to homophobia inform • Anti-homophobia • Experts: Are they the minority? societies that people about communities Is that why they suffer from can help to LGBT prejudice? prevent Community. • Homophobia homophobia. through internet. • Show real statistics: are they We will also- What are we really the minority? How many show some shots of some going to focus Religion views people choose to be LGBT in scenes. on this towards LGBT todays society? episode: community Society
  4. 4. Anti- homophobia Community Break• Example: Campaigns-The Stonewall Charity: how do they help the LGBT people? Don’t miss out our next part, which we• Tell the effect it has on people that are being helped by this will be exploring communities: do they feel supported? homophobia throughout the• Interview: Ask people questions: do you think LGBT people internet. are enough supported in todays society?• Interview and Expert: Psychologist/Psychology teacher• Show real statistics : Different communities, campaigns that really exist in the world to help them.
  5. 5. Homophobia through internet Voice over: After theExample: Social networking, YouTube, break we will explore-Show people being homophobic our last topic within society, and we will• Do people feel confortable seeing people being abused in focus on Religion. that way?• Interview: Ask people questions: Do you think homophobia is a problem in todays society? Do you see happening around you? Do you think in a developed society like ours homophobia still happens?• Interview and Expert: Psychologist/Psychology teacher• Show real statistics : How much % do people get abused every day?
  6. 6. Religion On our next episode• How does religion support or isolates the LBGT Community? we will talk about the Example: show Westboro Baptist Church (God hates fag) effect of LGBT in the media and it’s effects• Public interview – do you think religion accepts the LGBT on the audience. We Community? will also discuss if the Show results through videos media influence LGBT people.• Expert interview – Priest from a catholic church saying his point of view and explaining the Christian side of LGBT.
  7. 7. - Title of the How does the media TV Break documentary. portrays LGBT ? Eastenders Through… • Example of a scene (past Voiceover:- What footage) After the happened on • TV break, we will be talking the previous • Tell the effect it has on the about how episode. • Web audience: Positive & Negatives homosexualit and how can we resolve this y is portrayed- What are we • Advertising problems in the web, going to focus through on this • Interview: Ask people questions: social episode: Do people feel comfortable networks. MEDIA watching this scenes? • Interview and Expert: Psychologists/Psychology teacher • Show real statistics
  8. 8. Web BreakSocial networking• Example: Facebook/Twitter/ YouTube Don’t miss out our- LGBT events, meeting etc on Facebook/Twitter/ YouTube next part, which we will be going across• Tell the effect it has on people that use this social dating websites for networking, positive, negative and how we can resolve this LBGTs. problems• Interview: Ask people questions: Do you see a lot of LGBT people using Facebook/Twitter/ YouTube ?• Interview and Expert: Psychologist/Psychology teacher• Show real statistics : how many LGBT people uses this social networks.
  9. 9. Dating Break• Example: Websites of LGBT dating On our next episodeShow websites : Gay dating match.com, uniformdating.com we will explore how does the media• Tell the effect it has on people that see this website and also portrays the effect it has on people that use this websites. Positive , homosexuality Negatives and solutions for the problems through advertisements and• Interview: Ask people questions: Do you think its right for campaigns LGBT people to use dating website? / Do you think is interesting that they have their own way of starting relationships among themselves ?• Interview and Expert: Psychologists/Psychology teacher (Why do they chose to use dating websites ? Is it easier?• Show real statistics : how many LGBT people uses this websites and also if they think is the best way of getting to know people from the same gender.
  10. 10. Advertising On our next episode we will talk about the effectPrint/Leaflets of LGBT in schools and• Example of how is homosexuality portrayed in billboards, leaflets institutions and magazines. Show billboards by churches (Being gay is not a gift from God)• Effect on audience: Public Interview – Does people get offended by these billboards? Does people accept these types of advertising?• Statistcs – Results of the interview• Expert Interview – Psychologist suggesting how does this advertisement has a psychological impact on audience?Videos/TV Commercials• Example of anti-homophobia campaigns (Stonewall – It gets better)• Effect on audience – does people feel confortable watching a video that promotes homosexuality? What are their opinion?• Interview someone from Stonewall – ‘Their aim/objective of these videos’• Real Statists showing the impact that these campaigns has on audience?
  11. 11. - Title of the How does schools Does school have laws to help and Break documentary. and institutions protect students? gets involved with • Questionnaire – do you think Voiceover:- What the LGBT your school have laws towards After the happened on Community? LGBT community? break, we will be the previous Through… discovering episode. • Statistics - results of the how schools • Laws to help and interviews get involved- What are we protect students with LGBT. going to focus • LGTB Teachers • Expert interview – school on this association counsellor “do your school episode: • Violence supports LGBT community?” – SCHOOLS & towards LGBT in How can they help more? INSTITUTIONS schools
  12. 12. Are teachers trained to help LGBT Community? Break After the break, we• Examples of how does teachers support LGBT Community will explore the last School counselling part that will focus on University communities violence towards LGBT community, and how• Public Interview – do you think they help to prevent people suffer from homophobia? that. Results• Real statists – Is homophobia seemed as a type of bullying in schools?• Interview teachers/school counsellor about the LGBT teachers association
  13. 13. Violence towards LGBT Community This was the last topic we explore with LGBT• How does schools protect against physical violence? Community.• Case study of person who suffered from violence As we analysed (homophobia) through out the documentary LGBT• Public Interview – Do you think it’s fair that people suffered community is accepted violence because they’re member of LGBT Community? in different ways Results from interview, statists through graphs within society, media & schools.