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Group 1 evaluation question 4


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Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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Group 1 evaluation question 4

  1. 1. QUESTION 4 HOW DID YOU USE MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES IN THE CONSTRUCTION AND RESEARCH, PLANNING, AND EVALUATION STAGES?This is the planning presentationof how we would answerQUESTION 4. Alexa Ranussi Dafne Caldatto Rafaella Batista
  2. 2. How did you use media technologies in the construction, research, planning and evaluation stages?List all the technologies we used through the whole process. Research & Construction of Evaluation Panning Documentary and Ancillaries MAC PowerPoint Camera presentation Prezzi Tripod Blogger IMovie YouTube Garage band Google InDesign Photoshop IPAD
  3. 3. Research and Planning
  4. 4. Alexa
  5. 5. Blogger• We will tell people that we had to keep documented all our work virtually, by using the Blogger. Each draft and each step of everything we had to posted on the blog.• This made it easier for the examiner and teacher to access our work.• In our blogs we had to put everything we do in class and at home, and also do VLOGS to explain how the process of our work is going.
  6. 6. • Wikipedia• YouTube• Slide share Dafne
  7. 7. Web 2.0 YouTube – We will say how we used YouTube to watch different inspirational TV documentaries for our research. It helped us to get the links and to talk about the documentaries. Wikipedia – In order to access information about our topic, we had to research and the best way to find information was online. Wikipedia helped us with dates and figures, from there we could include statistics towards our research and understanding of the topic. Slide Share – This was the platform that we used to put all our presentations in our blog, it allowed us to put heavily presentations in our blogger. All of our presentations was in one place, and we could also go back and forth to change things.
  8. 8. Rafaella
  9. 9. PowerPoint We will say how you can easily use a slideshow to present your ideas and your researches.- How to embed videos- Brainstorm your ideas PowerPoint helped us to record our progress during drafts, as for example we were able to use tables to explain what have changed and what we will improve on it.
  10. 10. Construction
  11. 11. Alexa
  12. 12. IMovie•IMovie is one of the main software we used for ourconstruction. IMovie helped us edit our documentary andEvaluation.•Since the beginning we had to learn step by step how to useIMovie because last year we used an older version.•We learnt how import and export videos , how to put thevideos together in older for everything to have a meaningwhen finished.
  13. 13. Dafne
  14. 14. Camera For this year we used a different camera, allowing us to have a better quality image. The camera that we used was Cannon EOS 1100D. The image was in HD allowing us to have a great quality The camera could take picture and also record, the sound was the weakest point from the camera because it didn’t include a microphone, only an internal microphone. The camera also had two lenses, one from 18 to 55 mm. Also another lenses from 70 – 300 mm. This allowed us to have extreme close ups with great image as well.
  15. 15. Rafaella
  16. 16. Garage Band We will talk about how we used garage band to record our voiceovers- No effects (to be clear and real) We can also do our own music on it, using all the effects tools that is available on garage band and by doing so we don’t need to search for copy right free music
  17. 17. Ancillaries
  18. 18. • Framing• Meaning Alexa
  19. 19. CompositionWe used composition in a lot of thing during the process ofR&P, construction, ancillaries & evaluation, but for theancillaries ,composition was an important element.We had to keep looking at framing when taking the picturefor ancillaries in older to send the right message to theaudience.We also had to manipulate the characters in the picture sothey could act well to sent the message we wanted to send.
  20. 20. Dafne
  21. 21. Photoshop We used Photoshop for quick changes in our photographs. Photoshop allowed us to change the background and to make the picture have more contrast and more brightness. Photoshop also allowed us to change anything that we wanted to take away from the picture.
  22. 22. Rafaella
  23. 23. InDesign We will talk about page size which is very important when printing it. Also we will show how to place a picture, which you need to pay attention when sizing the picture because of the pixels and quality Another important tool, is how to design graphics on the page, for example we used the gender icons in our draft 4