Inspirational and exploring ideas


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Inspirational and exploring ideas

  1. 1. The purpose of this presentation is to explore our new ideas so we can decide an idea to take forward. Alexa Ranussi Dafne Caldatto Rafaella Batista
  2. 2. Age group Teens The Media History Adults ThroughoutChild the decades Old Age Pensioner Is the LGBT Community accepted in society? Education Talking about the subject in schools (with students and teachers) Laws and legislation Homophobia People that support them: Struggles & problems • LGBT Community • Stonewall Charity The Society
  3. 3. Homophobia Media Schools & Educations- Positive and Negative - How does the media portray LGBT via: TV - How does the schools- How does people react dramas, films, guide the LGBT to LGBT community? - Stereotypes of LGBT- Are people homophobic - Is LGBT been more - Explore how it has accepted in schools and- Do people know and changed through out places of educations ? understand the term the time. “LGBT”? - Does the audience- It’s religion accept or like to see on homophobic? (explore TV the representation the extreme) of LGBT.- Evangelists – Protestants- (Society) - Positive and negative
  4. 4. Why do they choose be When do you know for sure Do they think they werechange them selves??? that you are homosexual? influenced by something/someone/ or the media ?- They don’t feel part - Problems they go - Some people think they of the society . through when they are were born to be woman or children, maybe when man.- They are not happy dont know yet if they with how they are. like man or woman. - Others people think is the - environment that change them: for example you have a older sister and you want to do the same things she does even though you are a boy. - And a small amount of people think the media influences with soap operas, films and documentaries.
  5. 5. How do they feel when People That born with How does LGBT Community they decide open their female and male contribute to emerge them gender to society? genitals into society?- What struggles do they - When they are born with have to go through. 2 genitals do they - What are their aim? consider themselves man Show a positive side towards- The limitations they have or woman? LGBT to show who they really are - How are people born - Their different with the? Is it genes, campaigns against- Where does the pressure hormones? homophobia come from:• Society - How does society• Family perceives LGBT’s project• Work• School