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Final presentation

  1. 1. esignntrepreneurshipppliedI Am Who I Am Joanne Magu B004518 Blog - iamjoannemaguire.wordpress.c Padraic Lyn 3rd May 20
  2. 2. This campaign is going to help the LGBTQ community, and their families. Im offering something that isn’t out there.Project Description This campaign is about helping the young scared adults that need a little help with discovering and understanding their sexuality. This campaign will let these young adults know that they are not alone and they are going to be ok though their transition. This campaign will help the families of the young adults, and help them understand what their child/sibling is going though. It will also give
  3. 3. 10% World Wide are LGBTQ More Understanding More KnowledgeMore Dynamic The LGBTQ Culture Moving Fast Coming Out More
  4. 4. 15 - 25 Years Friends Scared and ConfusedU.K. Target Market Families Young LGBTQ Adults
  5. 5. This campaignhas 4differentelements toit, eachelement will The 4 Elementsget themessageacross in itsown way. WebsiteInformational Interview Booklets Videos Posters
  6. 6. Informational and Social Online Sexual Directory Health Physical Culture of the and Website LGBTQMental Health Parental Social and Sibling Network Advice The Types Of Sexuality
  7. 7. Volunteers The Challenges Their Families TrueComing Out Interview10 Interviews Stories Videos The Faces Real Emotions Of The Campaign
  8. 8. Same Information on the Website Volunteers Strong Sexual Culture of the Quotes from Health LGBTQ Their Interviews Informational Physical Advertising and Posters 10 Posters BookletsMental Health Website Parental QR Codes The Types Of and Sibling Connecting Sexuality Advice to Interviews The Faces Of The Campaign
  9. 9. I am Bisexual.did I choose this subject my project? I am one of the young adults who are struggling to come to terms with my sexuality. I have family members that can’t understand why I am bisexual. I have experienced the hate crime and discrimination that comes with the territory. I want to change this.
  10. 10. My Coming Out Interview QuickTimeª and a h264 decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  11. 11. Was I born gay?
  12. 12. ay by nature:r Qazi Rahman “Thanks to MRIueen Mary University London scans, we also have the technology to look at the “ brain directly rather than just carry out problem solving tests on people. The studies in the last two years strongly suggest that in the adult gay brain, and ” lesbian brain, it is wired very differently to the straight brain. ”
  13. 13. Other Campaigns
  14. 14. - U.K. Based- Founded in 2008- Focuses onHomophobia inFootball- 3 Openly GayFootballers Today- Donations andFundraising- Famous People /Footballers
  15. 15. The Trevor Project is the leading national organization “ providing crisis- U.S.A. Based intervention- Focuses on Suicide in and suicideyoung LGBTQ prevention- Seed Funding services to ”Provided by lesbian, gay,The Colin HigginsFoundation bisexual,- Donations / transgender,Fundraising and- Daniel Radcliff is questioningthe New Face of youth.Trevor- 24/7 CrisisIntervention Lifeline- Volunteers
  16. 16. - Donate. - Record. - Share your Story. - Take the Pledge. - Wear your Support. - Buy the Book. - Order the Book for your Hometown. - Connect With Us. - Founded in September 2010 - Linked to the Trevor Project Help LDan Savage createda YouTube videowith his partnerTerry Miller to “ Every Video ”To date, the forinspire hopeproject has Changes A Life.young peoplereceived submissionsfacing harassment.from celebrities,organizations,activists, politiciansand mediapersonalities,
  17. 17. Good Points- They are HelpingSuicide LGBTQ.- They all have astrong statement.- They have thehelp they need.- They are raisingawareness.- Focusing on theright areas.- StrongCampaigns.- FamousInfluences.- They have aHelpLine.- Public Functions- Volunteers- GuerillaMarketing- Have Affiliatesin Austraila,Latin America,
  18. 18. Bad Points- They only focus on one area of LGBTQ.- Not for all LGBTQ Youths.- Don’t help the families of LGBTQ.- No advice on LGBTQ Culture.- No General Information on LGBTQ.- Only one HelpLine.- Not enough volunteers.- Trevor Space is not great.- Website design is poor.- Not World Wide
  19. 19. Main Page
  20. 20. Your Sexuality Page
  21. 21. Online Directory Page
  22. 22. Social Network Profile Page
  23. 23. Your Stories Pageyour stories page
  24. 24. InformationalBookletsThese are thefront covers ofthe informationalbooklet I plan onputting togetherwith theinformation I willbe putting on thewebsite.These will begreat pocketbooks for whoever need a littlehelp with them.I am also planningon have a parentand sibling bookletalso.These bookletswould be greatfor schools,universities, LGBTGroup andcommunity centersto have. Theywould also begood for medicalclinics to have.
  25. 25. Possible Funders Ireland United Kingdom £1000 £1000
  26. 26. What is the money for? Printed Poster Campaign Informational Booklets World Pride Maintaining the WebsiteProducing the Coming Out Interviews
  27. 27. Thank YouAny Question?