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Unit 30 AO2 Presentation

  1. 1. Unit 30 - Design for GamesAO2 – Produce an Initial Game Concept
  2. 2. AO2 asks you to create an initial game concept. You are going to do this by:-i) completing a standard form which summarise your game concept ii) supporting the information on your standard form with additional writing, design and illustration
  3. 3. Elements of the Initial Game Concept●Twenty-five word summary of the concept●Genre and Audience●Game Setting●Game Story Idea●Main Characters●Game Structure and Levels●Game Play including Game Mechanics●Player Perspective●Visual Design●Success and Failure Criteria●Multiplayer and Online Potential
  4. 4. Allow me to state the obvious... Youve just completed AO1 on key concepts in game design. Use what you learned there in your design ideas here.For example – a three act narrative structure?
  5. 5. And a bit more of the obvious...In this unit you are working on your game –the one you are designing. Not the games you wrote about in AO1. Not one example youve chosen. Your own game design ideas.
  6. 6. Twenty Five Word Summary Get the absolute basics down A first person stealth game, using shadows andGenre POV Story silence. In a steampunk Setting Gameplay metropolis, a thief trained by a secret society undertakes missions to steal valuables.
  7. 7. Genre and Audience Name your genre and subgenre as appropriate Identify your core audience In the additional information:- ● What narrative, iconographic, sound and game play conventions will identify your genre ● Write a more detailed analysis of your core audience and identify secondary audiences, explaining how the game will appeal to them in different ways.
  8. 8. Game SettingWhen and where is yourgame set?In the additional information:-● Describe the setting in more detail, including visual and/or audio visual material (a short film clip to illustrate what you want your world to look like?)● Justify your decision with reference to your genre and target audience
  9. 9. Game Story Not a blurb but a full summary of the story of your game In the additional information:- ● Three act structure ● Scenes within acts ● Interactive Narrative
  10. 10. CharactersWhat kind of character are they –what is their role in the narrative?In the additional information:-For all playable characters and at least one NPCWhat stereotypes do the characters embody?What mythic role do the characters fulfill?Visual and possibly Audio – Pictures ofcharacter design and costumes, and possiblytheme music / voice / sound effects
  11. 11. Game Structure and Levels Describe the different levels of your game and explain how you progress through them In the additional information:- ● A large scale map of the whole of your games playing area ● Detailed maps of key playing areas (at least one in each level – I suggest three levels) ● Identify start and exit points in each level ● Describe ways to fail within each level ● Describe ways to succeed within each level
  12. 12. Game Play inc Game MechanicsDescribe the essentials of game play– what is it like to play the game?What do you do?In the additional information:-● Use the game mechanics headings from AO1 to analyse your game ideas. How will your game use luck – strategy and skill – diplomacy – resource management – territory control?
  13. 13. Player Perspective What do we see on screen – what view of the action do we have? 1st or 3rd person? Can we control it? Are there map screens? In the additional information:- ● Do we know more than we can see? How do we learn things about the game? ● If 3rd person is it omniscient or focussed? How? ● Draw/Design a typical screenshot showing player perspective.
  14. 14. Visual DesignDescribe the essential features ofyour games visual design – what is itgoing to look like.In the additional information:-● What are your influences● How does your visual design fit the genre● Sketches and designs for different screens/levels
  15. 15. How can you fail? Describe the different ways you can lose In the additional information:- ● Explain the general ways you can lose at any time ● Explain the specific ways you can fail in the different levels ● Explain how you can protect your progress with saving opportunities ● How will the game tell you youve failed?
  16. 16. How can you win?Describe the ultimate goal - what doyou have to do to win the game?In the additional information:-● How do you succeed in each individual level?● How is your success rewarded● What potential is there for your ultimate win to carry over to an expansion or a sequel?
  17. 17. Multiplayer and Online Gaming Explain what potential there is for multiplayer gaming and online gaming. In the additional information:- ● How can your game use different styles of multiplayer gaming? ● What opportunities are there for focussed online gaming (XBox Live style) and for more general online gaming (on the web) ● How else might your game make use of the possibilities of an online environment?
  18. 18. Presentation All of your work needs to be posted on your blog. Some work will need to be scanned, with the .jpg files uploaded as images.You can link to other images, audio and video content which is already online as well as uploading your own content.
  19. 19. Assessment All of the above work is required to complete AO2Pass - Mostly completeMerit – Competent, well thought through design. Creativestory, interesting characters, works as a gameDistinction – Outstanding originality and flair. Wellpresented. Excelled in a number of areas.These tasks are designed so that if you complete them in full you should be working to Distinction