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Level design


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Level design

  1. 1. Computer GamesDesign:Level Design
  2. 2. What happens in industry? The level design is completed by a team of level designer who decide on the challenge of the level and what elements go where to create the game player. A team of environment designs may also be involved in creating the atmosphere needed for emersion.
  3. 3.  Games designers hand over the game details to the level designer detailing what they want for the level i.e. Mood, key game play activities events. The level designer will take the design idea and then decide on: – Events that can be triggers by player action. – Props (objects that are present in the game). – Non Player Characters (NPCS) – A rough outline of the design showing the location of the above elements.
  4. 4. What needs to be considered? Layout: Where can the controlled character go or not go? Paths they can use to get there? Are some parts just simply cosmetic? Player cannot go there? Pacing: How will the intensity vary through the game i.e. Pacman speeds up as you go through the level to make it harder. Where is key events happening? Termination conditions: how does the player win or loose the level
  5. 5.  Resource Placements: is there anywhere you can renew ammo? Health? Get armor? How much is there? Player Start and end points: Same place or different each game? NPC positions and spawning points: do they spawn or move randomly or are they in a set place? Do they even move?
  6. 6.  Landmarks: Distinguishing parts of the landscape for example Lord of the Rings Online has recognisable parts from the book. i.e. Prancing Pony Destruction: Can the level be destroyed? Battlefield Bad Company 2 does this really well. Storytelling: How does it develop through the narrative? Does the Character need to get to this place? Through the maze? Etc
  7. 7. Examples