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Game Development Project Management/Concept


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From keeping track, scheduling to the initial concepts this presentation covers

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Game Development Project Management/Concept

  2. 2. ManagementProject Management: Online Games
  3. 3. Project ManagerTHE GLUE that holds the Project together !Master of ceremonies
  4. 4. MS Project ManagerSpreadsheet
  5. 5. Gantt/PERT Chart
  6. 6. Development Times
  7. 7. Educate Senior ManagementFoster a culture of OrganizationSteps to Avoid Problems
  8. 8. Creative Road MapFIRST CONCEPT
  9. 9. CreatingaGAMECONCEPT The Game ConceptGame concept idea is the central piece for developmentof a game.CONCEPT, THINKDIFFERENTLY….Problems in game development arise during:Assessing the ideaDeciding on the feasibility of the ideaPresenting the concept to the publisher
  10. 10. Inspiration- Where to get ideas.Synthesis- Combining ideasResonance- Creating synergy fromideasConvergence- Finishing the conceptThe idea is the single mostpersistent entity in the gamedevelopment cycle. The four phasesof developing the game idea are:GAME IDEA having the game idea
  11. 11. Give your idea wheels.ScrutinizeDevil in DetailsDraftThe TREATMENT
  12. 12. » GenreAction, Adventure, Sim, Strategy?STYLEFirst Person Shooter maybe ?
  13. 13. »Created mostly by player ?Some ConstraintsPlotHow much story does yourGame need ?
  14. 14. »Characters,…ENHANCE GAMECharacterSometimes you are thecharacter?
  15. 15. »Environment,…3D,…2D GAMESettingPuzzle?
  16. 16. »A tragic Love Story,…Dramatic tale of rescueTHEMEWill Bob ever get hisLoafer back ? Are DreamsReal, is murder justifiedsometimes
  17. 17. Some O B J E C T I V E STasks to define before Production PhaseSteps inSteps increating Gamecreating Gameideaidea1 PAGE PITCH1 PAGE PITCHcreationcreationSteps to createSteps to createGameGameTreatmentTreatment
  18. 18. TREATMENTTHE CREATIVE PHASE !AnalysisEvaluationJustification
  19. 19. Creative Road MapRoad MapCREATIVITYCREATIVITY C R A F TC R A F T TechniqueTechnique
  20. 20. Game StagesGame StagesConceptConcept STRUCTURESTRUCTURE DESIGNDESIGN
  21. 21. What about the SHAPING the IDEADramatic effectStyle, plot character, setting, theme.
  22. 22. SWOT AnalysisSWOT analysis is used to determine the strengthsand weakness of a team.StrengthsAdvantagesWhat resources do you have?WeaknessesWhat do you think can be improved?What resources and experiences do you lack?
  23. 23. PC’s verses CONSOLE’S
  24. 24. Development DifferencesPC’s & CONSOLES
  25. 25. Features of PC’sPC’s & CONSOLESContinual evolution and improvementRecommended specificationAim for a cutting edge game: new owners buy most gamesAim for a low specification gameDifferentiate between PC & Console Development
  26. 26. Features of CONSOLEPC’s & CONSOLESStepwise evolutionFixed specification