Social Media Realities


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An introduction to social media vehicles and which are suited to different business purposes.

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Social Media Realities

  1. 1. Social Media Realities What the heck is this stuff? Why should I care? Presented By: Tuesday May 13, 2010 Speaker: Eve Mayer Orsburn CEO/Founder, CEO/Founder Social Media Delivered
  2. 2. AGENDA 1. What is Social Media? 2. 2 What does S i l M di I l d ? Wh d Social Media Include? 3. Why use Facebook? 4. Why use Twitter? h 5. Why use LinkedIn? 6. Social Media Principles
  3. 3. What is Social Media? An ONLINE COMMUNITY shared with people who like and do similar things that you like and do A place to have a CONVERSATION with colleagues, fellow consumers, and customers , A place where people GIVE and GET information about things that interest them Social Media is simply people COMMUNICATING through new technologies h h h l
  4. 4. What does Social Media Include? FACEBOOK: The largest social media network Over 400 million users median age 26 50% of users access it daily users, 26, daily, more than 700,000 business have a fan page, more popular than Google TWITTER: A micro blog network micro-blog 105 million users; average age 31, short person-to-person text messages (140 characters) + pictures & videos, spreads any news (good or bad) FAST LINKEDIN: #1 Professional network site 65 million bus ess professionals, average age 41, t e most a ue t o business p o ess o a s, a e age , the ost affluent network (average income $109K), 80% of companies will use LinkedIn for hiring this year Other social media vehicles include YouTube for informational videos, Blogs for expert opinion articles
  5. 5. Why use Facebook? • Create brand awareness: Business to Consumer (B2C) • Build loyalty through discussions • Engage in customer communications • Identify opportunities for improvement • Release product and services information
  6. 6. Why use Twitter? • Simple to use and understand • Platform for marketing, PR and customer relations • Engage in customer communications • Monitor to gauge customer opinions – good or bad g g p g • Nip product issues in the bud
  7. 7. Why use LinkedIn? • Targeted hiring/getting hired (actively or passively) • Finds customers, forms business partnerships customers • Finds venture capital and investors • Establishes credibility with the right audience • Creating topic-centric communities (LinkedIn Groups)
  8. 8. Social Media Principles • Start with a goal in mind • You do NOT have to be everywhere all the time! • E t bli h employee usage and Establish l d empowerment guidelines • LISTEN CAREFULLY then monitor continuously • Be prepared to act quickly when required • Each social media vehicle (e.g. Twitter) requires ~32 hours/month q / • Consider out-tasking for a rapid, professional & effective start
  9. 9. Social Media Principles The social media equation© INFORMING 20% + ENTERTAINING 20% + INTERACTING 40% + CONVERTING TO BUSINESS 20% = BUSINESS SUCCESS
  10. 10. LEARN MORE GO TO FOR A COMPLIMENTARY E-BOOK: SOCIAL NETWORKING E BOOK: AND ITS GOVERNANCE IN THE WORKPLACE Got Questions? W G Q i ? Want a copy of this presentation? f hi i ? Contact: Free Social Media Tips Here: www Twitter com/LinkedInQueen Social Media is all we do